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Hi!! My name is Sigma. Welcome to my page.

I've been a fan of Beauty and the Beast ever since the show was aired on April 17, 1997 here in Shizuoka, Japan. This is a page dedicated to Vincent and Catherine. Please enjoy!
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Episode list

Airdate in the U.S. and Japan, writer, and Japanese version's episode name translated into English, also links to my favorite Vincent&Catherine's scenes and quotes.
Awards I've got.
award Eternity award

Picture collection from the show

Sound from the show



Here are Linda Hamilton's pictures in "Murder, She Wrote", Ron Perlman's pictures and voice in "Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, and pictures of BatB guest stars, Franc Luz in "The Young Riders" and Edward Albert in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman".

link to BatB International Fan Page I created BatB International Fan Page. There are essays about how BatB is viewed
in their countries.

All of these pages are totally unofficial and for entertainment purposes only. I have no intention to infringe
a copyright. All images are a copyright of Republic Pictures Corporation. "Beauty and the Beast" is the
intellectual property of Republic Pictures Corporation.
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Changes and Updates

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  • 3/31/2001
    • Tunnel Ring on NetRing Surf added.
  • 1/15/99
  • 1/11/99
    • RealAudio format files added on the sound page to reduce your download time.
  • 1/9/99
  • 1/2/99
  • 12/30/98
  • 12/29/98
  • 12/26/98
    • Pictures of Vincent writing his love letter to Catherine added.
  • 12/10/98
    • The Eternity Award (for all you do to keep the spirit of Beauty & the Beast alive, from Terrie) added. Thank you Terrie!
  • 11/1/98
    • 30 people voted on Vincent's eyes so far.
  • 10/17/98
    • Guestbook added. Thanks for your nice suggestion, Sonia!
  • 9/04/98
    • Linda's pictures from "Murder, She Wrote" added on Miscellaneous page.
  • 9/03/98
    • Pictures/quotes from ep#30, ep#31 added.
  • 8/30/98
    • Pictures/quotes from ep#28 added.
  • 8/23/98
    • Pictures/quotes from ep#26 added.
  • 8/14/98
    • Vincent's voice "sleep well" added in sound section.
    • Miscellaneous page newly created. Pictures of guest stars moved there.
  • 8/07/98
    • More pictures and quotes from the Pilot episode added.
  • 8/02/98
    • Picture collection of Vincent&Catherine's hugs added.
  • Changes & Updates in 1998 before August.
  • Changes & Updates in 1997.