Thin Slices of Tuna

We take thin slices of tuna meat from inside the head, and close to the bones of Bluefin Tuna. There is a sweetness to these parts due to the different fat that is on them. We mostly use this in our rolled sushi. We cannot guarantee having it available every day.

Salmon Roe in Soy Sauce

Our ehomemadef raw salmon roe is taken from fish caught in October and November. We marinate it in salt, and flavor it ourselves with soy sauce ordered in from Kyushu. We try to prepare enough to have it available for the whole year, but sometimes it can happen that we run out by summertime.

Vinegared Mackerel

It is popular with our local fishermen to marinade the mackerel in vinegar, whilst retaining as much of the lean part as possible.Itfs especially delicious in the winter when the oiliness remains on the fish. Whilst we make every effort to have this available during the winter months, it is sometimes unavailable.

Our Restaurant's Tuna

The tuna that we use in our restaurant is Bluefin Tuna (Indian Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Pacific Bluefin Tuna and Young Tuna).

Conger Eel

We cook it to such a soft texture that it melts in your mouth.