Arai's Photos

Owner : Shuuichi ARAI

Arowana : Red x 2, Golden x 3

Tank: 400x60x60 (WLH cm)
Mixing 6 Red, 4 Golden, 1 platinum-silver, 1 Perch, 4 Datniodes and 3 Flowerhorn
Date: Jan. 2004

Red A
Red four years old, 50cm+

Red B
Red four years old, 50cm+

Golden six years old, 50cm+

platinum silver
Platinum Silver 60cm+
His eyes are not dropped, that's my favorite.

with tank mates
Tank: 180x90x60 (WLH cm)
Red six years old, 60cm+, male
Golden five years old, 60cm-, female
This pair once had an experience of spawing.
The sringlays are also a "pair".

golden and red
This pair have been mixed together for three years.

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