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Welcome to the "arowana-ML" web site !!

 "Arowana-ML" is the Japanese language mailing list for discussion of Asia-arowana. If you can't read and write Japanese, I regret to say that you can't join the list. Don't be disappointed. We will share some information. So jump to sections listed below.

The administrator of the "arowana-ML"

Arowana Gallery

Photos of ML-members' arowana
[update : Feb. 18 / 2006]


Frequently Asked Question in arowana-ML and mails to the administrator
[update : Aug. 15 /2000]


[update : June 15 / 2006]

If you have some questions or comments, please mail to ML's administrator.
(address changed 2010/11/6)
Correction of English is very appreciated. :-)
When you first mail to him, please make your mail's subject include "arowana" to distinguish your mail from junk mails.
CAUTION : For his safety, HTML mails and file attached mails without previous announcements will be deleted without reading.
Plain text mails, please.

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