Owner : Norihisa FUJITA

Arowana : Golden x 1, Red x 1

tank 1 tank 2
Tank mates; silver arowana, Siamess Tigerfish, Flower Horn, Eye-spot Cichlid,
Flamingo Cichlid, Sailfin Pleco., Pleco sp...
With tough fish and gravel and plants, generally unfavorable combination,
but my tank has been going well.

High-back RTG
Bread in Malaysia, given from my frieand.
I've never seen him eating for a year... but in health.

Bred in Malaysia.
After one year trial, he became to eat pellets.

His recommendation is his physique, the drawing card in my tank.

tank whole view
Tank: 2600x1200x1000 (WLH mm), handmade FRP tank with overflow system
Filter tank: handmade FRP 4 layer wet and dry
It has been "maintainance free" for two years.

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