Ikuma's Photos

Owner : Yoshimasa IKIMA

Arowana : Red x 1, Golden x 1


friendly red
Two years and 3 months old, 54 cm
She behaves as if we could understand each other.

red close up
Purple color can be seen in the scale base at some angle.
Red spots, expected future development of red color, can be seen at the edge of scales.

Cross Back Golden

x-back before operation
One year and one monthe old, 27cm.
Twelve days before this photo, he struggled much and lost some part of the tail fin.
Rest of the fin were broken, so I decided to try a surgical operation.

anestethized before cutting
Anesthetic was TANABE FA100. I used 2 cc, arowana fainted in 10 seconds.
A warp in the anal fin was caused by "jumping out" 9 monthes ago.
I decidec to cut them too.

after cutting just after putting back to the tank
Time of the operation was 2 to 3 minuites.
I cut lower parts of the tail fin and front parts of the anal fin.
He didn't take breaths, so artificial respiration was needed.

awakening after operation
I put the water flow into his mouth. Thirty seconds later, he begun to take a breath again.
One and a half minuites later, he begun to swim as if he was in no incidents.

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