Ishizuka's Photos

Owner : Kazuya ISHIZUKA

Arowana : Red x 1, Green x 1

Imported: Oct. 2003, 10cm
Double tanks over-flow system Upper tank size: 1500x450x450 (WLH mm) ; This tank id for Discus and others.
Bottom tank size: 1500x750x500 ; This tank is for Arowana.
Filter tank size: 1200x600x450
Food: worm, cricket, prawn, goldfish
red-2003/12/30tank for Red
Date: Dec. 30 / 2003
Date: Mar. 24 / 2004


(left upper)
18cm. Two weeks after I purchased. He was always hiding, so the pics quality is bad.
Red color was not developed yet, but you can see the spoon-head shape.
(left middle)
25cm. Compared with the top picture, color and body height is different very much.
(left bottom)
Color of three back fins became red.

Farm: PT. Silva Dene Aquamina (Indonesia)
Imported: Apr. 1999
Tank size: 1200x600x450 (WLH mm)
Filter: overhead and external
Food: worm, cricket

tank for green
Current tank system for the Green.

green 2002/10/14
Date: Oct. 2002
At this time, the tank size was 1200x450x450.

green 2004/03/24
Date: Mar. 24 / 2004
Over 45cm. A little too fat? But recently his appetite was poor.

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