Owner : Shinya IWATA

Arowana : Green x 2, Golden x 2, Red x 3

All photos were taken on Mar. 21 / 2003. (First anniversary of tank instrallment.:-))

First tank
Installed : Mar. 21 / 2002 Tank size: 1800x900x600 (WLH mm) with an overflow filtering system
Filter tank : 800x500x450 (WLH mm), Filter medium: Ceramics, Bamboo-charcoal
Temp: 28 degC - 32 degC(summer), pH: 6.8 - 5.4, Water change: 1/5 per week
Food: mealworm, krill, pellet, cricket, goldfish

Banjar-red    45cm
Malaysia, Shian-long (Imported: Mar. 4 / 2000)
He is three years old and the oldest one in my tank.
I bought him as a "stalking-horse" for mixing. At that time, I couldn't imagine he would become such beautiful.
He is not red, but his body shines in many color.

Green    40cm
Indonesia, Sumatra-aquaprimo (Imported: Nov. 25 / 2000)
He was also a "stalking-horse" for mixing, but now I love him.
To my regret, his right eye slightly dropped.
Recently he grew very quickly.

Green    40cm
Malaysia, Shian-long (Imported : Mar. 9 / 2001)
He is my first Asia-arowana. Sure I have an attachment to him.
His gill plate is very light gold, and spots on the scales are beautiful.

High Back RTG    40cm
Malaysia, Shian-long (Imported : June 11 / 2001)
He is the second one that I bought.
After mixing, he became bullied, but he is indomitable.
His fins were broken, but I don't want to perform an operation.
Gold color development is seen on the 5th raw, I hpoe more...

Golden (Purple-pink type)    30cm
Indonesia, Silpherdia aquamina (Imported : Apr. 24 / 2001)
His back sometimes shines in purple.
In this tank, he is also bullied and he is now lost 5 scales.:-<
I hope he will become indomitable.

Red    43cm
Indonesia, Restary (Imported : Mar. 13 / 2001)
His red color started developing.
Recently "spoon-head" red are prefered, but I love his streamlined shape.

tank No.2
Second tank
Tank size: 1200x600x450 (WLH mm) with an overhead filtering system
Temp: 28 degC - 32 degC(summer), pH: 6.8 - 6.0
This tank is used for solo raising.
chili redchili red
Red    30cm
Malaysia, Xien-leng (Imported : Mar. 22 / 2002)
Color development just began.
He only is the solo-raised one, and I plan to raise him sololy in the future.

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