Kitajima's Photos

Owner : Hideyasu KITAJIMA

Arowana : Golden x 2, Red x 3, Green x 4

Tank: 1800 x 800 x 900 (WLH mm)
Filter is the overflow system with 1200 x 450 x 450 four layer tank.

Robin's Red
Bred in Indonesia, Imported Jan. 1998, 7cm
red red
Left : just after purchsed
Right : 20cm
red's face red
Red color developed more on the gill plate. I love his green skin of head and back.

Banjar Red
banjar red banjar's scale
Feb. 2000, 40cm
Rare in Banjar Red, he has small head and big body height. I love his pink color on the second scale frame.
(I'm afraid it is indistinct with the picture.)

Cross-Back Golden & Green Pair
pair side view pair front view
Cross-Back Golden
50cm, Import date: Jun. 26/1992 10cm
50cm, Import date: Aug. 27/1996 15cm
Once they behaved courtship. At that time, they were separated.

Green white type
white green

Green another one

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