Kiyohara's Photos

Owner : Kouji KIYOHARA

Arowana : Red x 3, Golden x 6

Photo date : Oct. 2003
Tank : 2000x1500x600 (WLH mm) mixture raising

pH: 6.9, temp.: 29 deg C
"Ultra-top" Red, 39 cm
I love his thick scale-frame.

ultra-top 2006
Photo date : Feb. 2006
pH: 7.17, temp.: 27.1 deg C
The same red, three years later.

high back
High-back Golden, 52cm
Look at hid barbels. They are twice long as ordinary ones.

(Photos below were taken before 2000.)

cross back
Cross Back Golden
Date : June / 2000, 25cm
Camera : SONY DSC-F505V
He is my new x-back, having very deep blue base. He is from Xian Leng.

Following pics were taken by the digital video camera; SONY DCR-PC100

xb & RTG in the mixture tank
Cross Back Golden Purchased : Jan. 1999
I love his glamourous body shape.
Red Tail Golden Purchaed : 1998
He was thin, but now, due to mixture, he became fat.:-)

red & red in the mixture tank
Left one is from Sunbur Jar Bar Sakuti. Right one is Robin's Red.
Rghit one was so timid and other fish tormented him. So I separeted him and brought back after he became bigger.

blue base xb in the mixture tank
Blue Base Cross Back Golden.
Color of the scale base is beautiful metallic green. I'm so sorry this picture dosen't express the color tone.

solo xb
What my favorite is brightness on his nose area. He is raied alone.
I plan to bring him into the mixture tank.

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