Miura's Photos

Owner : Hisashi MIURA

Arowana : Golden x 7, Red x 6 (Four of them are shown here.)

This is 6 years old cross-back golden.

G-R pair side G-R pair front
Pair of Golden and Red
Red is 5 years old, golden is 6 years old.
They have become a pair for 3 years, spawned once but couldn't get babies.
Recently they often fight so now I separate them.

R-R pair
Pair of Red and Red
Both are "Blood Red" and 2.5 to 3 years old.
I think they are ready to breed. This picture was taken when I felt the sign of spawning, I took it without additional lights to prevent surprise them.
I want to succeed to breed until the year 2000.
Left one is male, right one is female.

What I am rasing are;
Cross-back Golden : 6 years old (60cm) x 1 (one of the pair above), 3 yaers old (45 to 50cm) x 4, 3 yaers old (48cm) x 1 (blue base)
RTG : 3 years old (45 to 50cm) x 1
Red : 5 years old (60cm) x 1 (one of the pair above), 4 years old (60cm) x 1 (not mixed, male), 3 years old (45 to 50cm) x 4 (two of them are the pair above, another one is also a blood red, the other one is hybrid of RTG and its color is orange)

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