Nishida's Photos

Owner : Shigeo NISHIDA

Arowana : Golden x 1

Blue-base Cross-back Golden
Name in the shop : "Wild Blue River" X-back
Purchased Date : Mar. 1999

x-back x-back
Left : This photo was taken in the shop with a digital camera before purchase.
Right : Date - Jun. 1999, Length - 30cm
( Camera - Canon EOSKiss, Film - FUJICHROME Velvia )
He had very thin frame, but the frame became thicker with developing the color. The golden color is my favorite.

back scales side scales
Date - Jan. 2000 (using Sony VAIO PCG-C1R)
Left : Photo from tank top. Colors of sixth row scales are almost crossing.
Right : This photo shows scale base is purple, first frame remains very thin.

Date - Apr. 2000 (using EPSON CP-900Z)
Scales at the base of "three back fins" are very clear. :-)

Tank : 1500 x 700 x 600 (WLH mm) with an overflow system, Tank mates : non

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