Owner : Tsuyoshi SEKIGUCHI

Arowana : Golden x 1, Red x 5

Red Tail Golden
Imported: Dec. 2000
Photo Date: Apr. 2004, 47cm
Camera: SONY Cyber-shot
He is my first arowana.
He is very tame and my wife's favorite.
(So she seems to regard other red arowana as nuisances.)

red 1 red 1
Farm: Kalimantan-Blood
Imported: Apr. 2004
He is the biggest one and very tame to me.
[Right] Mar. 2004, 55cm
When I move him to the bigger tank, he jumped out.
After that his top scales became rugged.
[Left] Three months later, he recovered like this.
If he didn't have such an accident, be became more...

red 2 red 2

red 2
Blood Red
Farm: Wang Boon
Imported: Dec. 2003
[Top-Left] Apr. 2004, 23cm   [Top-Right] June 2004, 30cm
In juvenile days, his scale were pale and flat.
I associated him with a saury.
[bottom] Oct. 2004, 35cm
Currently red color development is seen at the scale edge like thin frames.
Also small red dots are seen inside scales.
I hope his red color will become more bright and clear.

red 3

red 3 red 3
Blood Red
Farm: Jiu-Long
Imported: Dec. 2003
[Top] Apr. 2004, 40cm
[Bottom(both)] Oct. 2004, 45cm
I prefered his shape and brilliant scales.
Red color developed with spots (not dots).
And, he is the best gluttonous.
I was bitten by him for several times.

red 4 red 4
Blood Red
Imported: Mar. 2004
Photo Date: Sep. 2004, 25cm
He had a red mouth, red pectoral fins and deep green skin.
So I expect very much of his color development.
But he is so timid that he alway has some injuries.

red 5 red 5
Blood Red
Farm: Xian Leng
Imported: May 2004
Photo Date: Oct. 2004, 26cm
His bright color and body shape, espacially long body and small head, are my favorite.
(I'm afraid you can't see from this picture but) I can see pink color on his gills.
The shop owner said this is the sign of red color develpoment.

tank tank
Tanks: Two 1200x600x450 (WLH mm) and three 900x450x450 (WLH mm)
I know these tanks already have been small.
I should buy 2400 wide tank and mix them in the near future.
As tanks are small, water conditions are far from stable.
So I have to change water so often.

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