Shim's Photos

Owner : SHIM

Arowana : Red x 9

Tank: 2m x 1m x 60cm with overflow system (Bottom plate is mat black.)
I made the tank stand and the filter tank by myself.
Stared mixture raising from July 6th 2003.
I got one pair among these, now the pair are separated. (Nov. 2003)
Tank mates: Stingray x 2, Garpike x 1, Polypterus x 7

my first red
This is my first Red Arowana. (Two years old.)

pair 1
Pair No.1: four years old male and four years old female
This pair is separated into another tank (150cm x 60cm x 60cm).

pair 2
Pair No.1: seven years old male and six years old female
This pair is separated in the main tank.
Both are my favorite ones.

Date: Feb. 2004
A new commer
I think color on the gills is developing.

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