Shimizu's Photos

Owner : Keiji SHIMIZU

Arowana : Golden x 1, Red x 1

Cross-Back Golden

baby young
Left : Mar. 1995, 0 year old, 18cm
Right : Feb. 1997, 2 years old, 40cm

Dec. 1998, 3years old, 54cm
Tank mates: Pearl Gourami, Orange Gourami, Glass Catfish, Crown Loach, Rosy Barb
I had been feeding him pellets and crickets. Because of that, I believe so, he dosen't care little fish.

golden 65cm
Mar. 2005, 10 years old, 63cm
Ten years have passed since he came to my home.
Matured, became fat... looks like a monster fish.;-)

red young red
Left: Jan. 2001, 0 year old, 17cm
Right: Aug. 2001, 0 year old, 27cm

red 30+x cm
Apr. 2002, 1 year old, 33cm
Current tank is 150cm wide one.

red 50cm
Mar. 2005, 4 years old, 53cm
Became bigger but ... color became deeper??

tank setting
Date: Mar. 2005
Tank (both): 1800 x 690 x 500 (WxLxH mm) overflow system
I set up two tanks in the living room.

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