Owner : Katsunori TAMAI

Arowana : Golden x 3, Red x 4

This is a specially ordered FRP tank with tempered glass.
The size is 2700x1200x1000 (WLH mm).
The filter is overflow system, the size of the filter tank is 1700x1100x450.
Filter media are artificial wool (100 liter) and pumice stones (600 liter).

golden 1
Malaysia bred Red Tail Golden, 50cm
His peculiar feature is "spoon head" and blue color in the scale base.

golden 2
"Pure blood" Red Tail Golden, bred in Indonesia, 50cm
My ideal RTG!
I had been looking for him for 9 years.

golden 3
Red Tail Golden, bred in Indonesia, 55cm
I think he is male, because very tough and manner when he once paired off.

red 1
Red , bred in Indonesia, 55cm
When I purchased him, he was white.
But now, his red color is deepest in the tank.

red 2
Red , bred in Indonesia, 55cm
He is my first arowana.
Old fashioned cannon ball head, pale color, but I love him.
I think his green skin at the back and purple color in scale base are elegant.

red 3
Red , bred in Indonesia, 55cm
The contrast of blue color of scale base and red color of frame is beautiful.
Red color changes depends on his health condition.

red 4
Red , bred in Indonesia, 50cm
When he was a baby, his body was white and bright.
I love his "spoon" head and big tail fin.

mixing state
Tha tank is deep so aros can swim in triple file.
Tank mates are;
pig nose soft shell turtle (28cm), Cambodia Tiger Fish (39cm), Siamess Tiger Fish (35cm),
Eye-spot Cichlid (27cm), Queen Sailfin Pleco (38cm), albino Sailfin Pleco (18cm)

tank whole view
I set the tank in the living room.
So I can enjoy with drinking mornig coffee, eating dessert, drinking afternoon tea, having a nightcap...
my precious time.:-)

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