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Arowana : Red x 1, Golden x 1

red red
Name: Beniko-chan
Blood Red or Super Red or Chili Red (I forgot the brand name. :-))
Purchase: Jul. 24/1998
Left Photo: Nov. 16/1998, Length is 27-8 cm.
Right Photo: Jun. 18/1998, Length is 40 cm.
Photo: May 28/2000, Length is 55 cm.
She eats very well, so she has grown quickly!
I've raised her solo, recently I feel she needed a better half.:-)

rtg flash off
rtg flash on
Name : Makka-chin
Photo Date : Jun. 17/1999
Length : 30cm
Camera : OLYMPUS C400L

He eats only he likes. :-< So, he grows very slowly.
And he is unkind to his tank mate (Siam-tiger). X-<

new tank
Now I'm setting up a new 4.5m wide tank. This picture is the tank's stand. (under construntion)

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