short essays

Short Essays

by Hiroshi Hayashi

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A child bringing-up battle and here are a forefront line !   

 Now, it is under a child bringing-up battle and advance! 
 The forefront line surprised with ギョッ. Wisdom surprised with ワッ! 
 This is child bringing up and a forefront line! 

        Child bringing-up adviser Hayashi Hiroshi   

PART, 1 

An inner child, what child. 
 If it carries out what It says. 

 It is this PART and 1 to have written experience of the early childhood education for 29 
years and it. 
It may be righter to call it what collected countless persons' child bringing up which could 
say, and passed the I front until now rather than it wrote. 
If it thinks "a child does not understand ....", after any page is sufficient, please open and 
read this book. 
You should surely discover your child there. 

Textbook problem

The summer of 1967. I went over the Republic of Korea as one of the Japan-South Korea 
student exchange students of UNESCO. Those days, there were still no diplomatic relations 
between Japan and South Korea. Only for the day and one day, it will be to have been 
welcomed although it was greeted in the brass band when it arrived at the Pusan harbor. 
Wherever the rest might go, I was stood as the target of a Japanese attack. That Mr. Kim 
So-um had guided us directly. It is a man of culture representing the Republic of Korea. " It 
has not made a mistake in a Japanese textbook. Me, however, all are not taught -- " was 
keenly realized 

 And 30 years or more. This state has not yet changed. A certain man (65 years old) said 
like this. "South Korean annexation was right. Since Japan made the railroad and the road, 
the Republic of Korea has developed so far." Since there are those who say such 
anachronism, Japan is always seen by the white eye from Asia. It is not made a partner 
however it may scatter money. A complaint can be said, even if Japan will be merged into 
some country in a reverse position in the future, supposing that South Korean annexation is 
right. Japanese people -- it is not known why  With the textbook incidentally adopted in 
Japan, it is as follows. 

"In Korea made into the colony, Japan developed preparing a railroad and the institution of 
irrigation etc. and started land investigation." (the Fuso version) 

 However, the person who the Japanese government government forbade Korean use, 
forced the worship to a shrine, and offered resistance by one side was oppressed. The 
person hushed up from darkness is innumerable. If such a fact tends to be covered and it is 
going to justify South Korean annexation, isn't the man of the Republic of Korea or China 
angrily natural? With the textbook, it is as follows. "It was thought that it was required in 
order that a South Korean annexation may defend safety of Japan and the rights and 
interests of Manchuria." There, as for the remorse as a person concerned who caused war, 
one piece is not woven, either. 

 It is painful to accept one's mistake. However, since a mistake is accepted, justice starts. 
The justice is made for there to be nothing and a country is not realized. Even education is 
not realized. Do we stretch a breast to a child and what tell him we can teach? 

 The end for 99 years. There was the exchange student's class reunion. Although I was not 
able to go, the present M talked like this. "Most students of that time by the side of the 
Republic of Korea are acting as the president of a member of the Diet or a company now." 
saying [ that such men are trying hard now with much trouble the sake / of Japan ] -- why 
-- Japan -- Japanese people -- is what dares beat and break it done? 

The limit of school education

- Liberalization of educational severity - education is the solution method. An one-day visit 
day The parents who stood back are louder than children. There are even parents who have 
telephoned in the passage -- 

 Although it is the familiar spectacle in Japan, such things cannot exist in the United 
States. It cannot also be Canada. The educational structure itself is different. In Europe and 
America, the government hands parents a subsidy directly at once. For example, in 
Germany, the "child money" of 230 German marks of monthly amounts (it is about 14,000 
yen at a Japanese circle) is uniformly passed per one child to the parents with a child. The 
school ticket called voucher is passed in the United States. It is fair if it enters into a 
subsidy of house income how much. Parents choose a school, after gaining such money. A 
teacher is chosen. That is, the view toward a "school" and "education" is fundamentally [ 
Japanese parents ] different. 

 Moreover, in Canada, although a teacher takes responsibility for a lesson, a lesson is left 
and the posture in which responsibility is not taken puts into practice. Therefore, in a school 
side, a teacher's address does not teach even a telephone number. If in other words an 
untidy lesson is carried out, it will come out so much and the teacher's fired will be blown 
away. Furthermore, in many schools in the United States, the renewal system of a contract 
in every year is taken to employment of a teacher. Such severity makes school education 
the strain thing. 

 In the West, educational liberalization is already common sense. At the public elementary 
school in the United States, even the curriculum is mostly decided to be himself by itself. 
There is no textbook said of course in Japan. And after the so-called outside-the-
university club activities are prosperous and a school finishes children, it goes to an 
arithmetic club, a science club, or various kinds of sport clubs (Germany). Even from the 
Japanese government, a "day text-ized center" etc. is made in various places, and the club 
activities are supported in him, (Canada, Australia, etc.). 

 The school omnipotent principle is making it still hear in widely and this Japan. Not to 
mention education, it is forced on a teacher to morality upbringing and also a living guidance, 
and everybody is doing the calm face. If the child of active ?´?c?e is touched directly for 1 
hour, it will get tired all also by the considerably sturdy teacher. Neither bureaucrats nor 
common parents understand such "difficulty" at all. 

 Although the word "structural reform" is often used, it is the educational world to be now 
asked most for the structural reform. I consider the future of Japan and those who are 
living a peace life in structure, and those who are not so want you to take up this problem 
calmly at once. 

the heart of "oppression induces an evil spirit" and the distorted child 

 "Oppression induces an evil spirit" is in the proverb of Britain. If the oppression state of 
the heart continues, although it will say that the view of a thing becomes in evil spirit, there 
is no proverb to which this proverb is applied to a child's heart. If the fault burden which 
surpassed the capability of children, such as severe extortion of study, continues, the view 
of a child's thing will become just in evil spirit. There was such a child (smallness 4 boy). 
 The child was quiet and was a quiet child. A place which is [ to / others' mood ] always 
sensitive to the child who cares about a man's eyes very much was to be. However, when 
removing it, it was a very ordinary child. が -- being certain -- Japanese -- I was surprised 
for me to look at the child's note The figure of the human being who blood scatters, 
struggles and is in pain was drawn on what and there a lot!  There were also a "life", "殺", 
and a character to say. And the mouth split greatly and, as for each drawn face, blood was 
flowing with Tara Tara from there. A body, a bomb, etc. which do not have a head in others. 
The cause was father. By the nervous person, a duty of study of 2 hours or more was 
imposed upon the child every day. And when the workbook which is the norm of the day had 
not carried out, also midnight, the child was dragged out out of the bed and it was carried 
 Although the "淳 Mr. murder case" which occurred in Kobe is still fresh in memory, there 
is a cruel incident which makes it consider without limit on the spot. Although it was a thing 
just behind it, there was such an incident at the elementary school with a Hamamatsu in 
the city. A one child (smallness second son child) says that the kept rabbit was dropped 
from on the slide stand, and he has killed it. Of course, as for this incident, time became the 
big problem also among parents among teachers only at time. There were some children 
(junior high school student) who otherwise put the 殺虫 agent of a spray into a teacher's 
teacup teacup. The insect was put into the milk bottle and there were some children (junior 
high school student) who threw it and were playing. carry out main [ of a cat or the rabbit ] 
-- when it becomes the child who kills in a half, it is without limit There were also a child 
(small child) who otherwise wrested away the head of the caught insect and was playing, 
and a child (smallness 3 boy) who attached fireworks to the kept pigeon and has killed. 
 If parents' severe fault burden and severe excessive meddling continue daily, a child will 
abolish the power of considering personally and the so-called common sense will tend to 
become the child of a gap. It may have unusual pride and the jealousy heart. Not all the 
children of such condition can say that he became so by the fault burden or excessive 
meddling. However, it cannot be said more that neither a fault burden nor excessive 
meddling is the causes. A child is going to make it emit the frustration which accumulated 
into in a certain form. This can also explain the cause of bullying or intrafamily violence 
after all. It is known well that the heart will get cold in the child who passed through intense 
studying for an examination as general principles. It becomes rationally and calculating. What 
is necessary is just to look around your circumference, if it thinks that it is a lie. There is a 
person with the warm heart, and the person who is not so is in your circumference. 
However, you know that the heart is as warm as those who are alive in the world unrelated 
to school education. The feeling of oppression produced though it is unavoidable is one side, 
and shouting at a child, saying "study" distorts a child's heart. Don't forget it. 

- directions "with which papa will be pleased if it carries out like this" -- concrete 

 There is no meaning in the directions without concreteness. For example, saying "a friend 
and relations improve" and "a teacher's talk is often heard" has only the meaning about 
soothing of the side which says it. So is saying, "It takes care about a traffic accident." At 
such a time, it says like this. Does " it have this OO in the A? If I want a friend and relations 
to improve The A is surely glad." If I want you to often hear a teacher's talk, it will say, "If it 
comes back from a school today, what talk did the teacher do or talk later?" About a traffic 
accident, it is good to act and show the situation of the accident at once. (A car runs) ->
(child runs out) ->(car hits child) -> (a child struggles and is in pain). If it is vivid 
performance, it is good a certain degree. Although it may begin to shed tears if it is the 
weak child of mind, think that it is for protecting a child's life, and never extract a hand. Don'
t make fun. There was such a child. 
 Even if mother was careful of the child how many times, he was playing in the nearby 
brook. Then, drainage of a toilet passed along where how, and a certain Japanese mother 
showed in order how it would flow in the brook later on, walking. Henceforth, the child 
stopped playing in the brook. Tell give concreteness to the directions given to a child in 
short. Also as follows, this method is applicable. 
 For example, pride. Even if it says, "Value yourself", it is meaningless too. "How to value a 
name" is taught at such a time. Furthermore, specifically, the maximum 尊重 of that to 
which the newspaper or the magazine has also come out of a child's name is carried out. It 
keeps cutting, and it sticks on a high place or keeps in an album. In front of everybody, 
praising is also good. And it is said "your name is a good name" and "it is a wonderful name
" each time. By valuing one's name, a child studies valuing oneself. It leads to pride. 
 For example, easy. Even if it calls it "how to be kind to people it", it is meaningless too. ""
papa will be pleased with if it carries out like this" each time such a time -- -- if this is 
divided -- OO (younger sister) -- being glad -- " and a partner -- 喜ばす -- things are 
taught Moreover, it teaches that it is that it is pleasant also for itself after all. A gentle 
person says the thing of those who get it in a natural form. 
 For example, value of a life. Even if it calls it "how to value a life", it is meaningless too. if 
it is going to teach a child the value of a life -- what -- living -- a thing -- be -- perform a 
memorial service [ death / "death" / the ] carefully The child itself 味わs lonesomeness 
and sadness and turns them. For example, suppose that your pet died. Then, you wrap the 
死骸 to a paper bag or something, and if what throws away with ポイ is done, your child will 
come to think that a "life" is such a thing. And it comes to waste being the life and that it is 
further alive itself. By any religion, a memorial service [ death ] is performed carefully. Isn't 
it for reconfirming that it is alive as the reflecting effect, performing a memorial service [ 
death ]? while also considering such a thing -- death -- up to [ where ] -- solemn . In 
addition, although there are some persons who give the fear (punishment a hell theory, 
argument, etc.) to death, and teach the value of a life, this is a wrong way in the educational 
world. Never don't make it a small child or a young child. 

Parent and child who become "I having あんた take responsibility" and a rose rose 

 The A abolished the job by the restructuring of a company. Since it had the qualification 
of 企業診断士, the apartment in the city was borrowed and the consultant office was 
opened. Work has come in が and the depression from a chip box to a deadlock immediately. 
However, it was the beginning of the tragedy. 
 The eldest daughter who just became the freshman in a university first blamed the A. "I 
have only a university taken out. I have あんた take responsibility." Next, the second 
daughter also joined it, and since it was carrying out that "father was only selfish, it became 
like this." Although mother has to enter in between and has to adjust fathers and daughters 
here if it is original, even the mother said, "A life is impossible" and has run out of the 
house. Even if it calls it a family, once the gear goes mad, it will be out of order also to 
where. It will be out of order and will become a rose rose. The A said like this. "When it 
asked for help by the thing of running away from home of a wife, しょ" was told to the eldest 
daughter with "natural consequences of its own deed. The thought in which the back 
freezes then carried out." 
 The A gathered up money out of the relative somehow, and he managed the eldest 
daughter's tuition. where 吹くs, such as が and such difficulties, -- a style The eldest 
daughter has stopped approaching the A's place, although a wife returns to the parents' 
home of Mie Prefecture which is bringing near the body. If allowance is overdue, it will be 
said that a reminder of an arrow arrives from the eldest daughter. 
 Although there may be some persons who consider the A like an untidy man when it writes 
like this, it is very ordinary serious type human being typical moreover. A number of percent 
of Japanese people may call it a person like him. Any difficulties are いとわない, if it is a 
family thought harder than others and it is for a family. The A says like this. "It is midnight 
to go out for work early in the morning, and to always return. The family thought that he 
was satisfied with it. However, for oneself, since completely different how to catch was 
adopted, it is peevish, and wives and daughters are with ". 
 Now, the A of the is worrying on the second daughter's entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-
grade problem. If it starts "since there is no money ...." saying, even if the second daughter 
has such a thing said now [ "], she will be troubled." "It is troubled if I do not have such talk 
said beforehand." 
 It can go to the proverb of Britain to fish together, and " is in it rather than he buys "
child the fishing rod. Parents are buying a child some things, and I may consider it as if it did 
the duty as parents. が and the heart which is then a child cannot be held. When you want 
to hold a child's heart, it is with "go fishing." In this way, gap of parent and child's 
consciousness starts but so that it may be that there is nothing anything. Parents who 
think, "Carried out." The child who regards it as "natural." And the gap is piled up 
innumerably and becomes like the A. It is that a family's heart had become the rose rose 
when having noticed some day. It is a word in passing. 
 The post-baby boomers of the postwar period, we, know that hunger. Therefore, if you do 
not want children to carry out the hungry thought, its best will have been done in them. a 
result -- now -- children do not know the meaning of the word of "being hungry" itself 
However, it is going to backfire now at the home here and there. Although the A's home is 
also such a home, if it says that it is ironical, there is no this much ironical thing. 

- refuge "which a student needs to have and should inspect a thing" -- important 

 A thing called the last refuge is in any animals. By running into this refuge, an animal 
secures the safety of the body and relieves the heart. The same is said of man's child. A 
child's emotion will become unstable, if parents are calm and come to invade this refuge. 
When the worst, it may also become running away from home. Under those circumstances, 
if it is informed with a place [ inviolability sacredly / a refuge ] for a child and a child 
escapes to a refuge, don't do what it pursues and damages that. He cannot preach a 
sermon or scold. Although a refuge is the room of は自分 mostly for a child, if it turns out 
that safety is not securable there, a child will come to ask somewhere else for a refuge. 
When the A (smallness 2) was scolded by parents, he had run into the toilet. The B 
(smallness 4) was hiding in the nearby park. The C (seniority child) entered into the 
doghouse, and he was spending time. There were some children who escaped the inside of a 
telephone booth and on the roof. 
 Furthermore, when parents come to damage this refuge, as written also as the point, it will 
be called "running away from home." This type of child has all the things that it can have, 
and has the feature of on the other hand keeping away from a house rapidly to 向. A bag, a 
doll, a toy, etc. The D (smallness 1) put even vegetables into the inside to lower, and he ran 
away from home. On the other hand, since it runs away from home only with a required 
thing, running away from home with the purpose is distinguishable. So that it may say that 
が and running away from home which the purpose does not understand are repeated, if, 
you have to 猛省 the way that should be of home environment. It reflects on whether there 
are excessive meddling, fault concern, overbearing child bringing up, unreasonableness, 
compulsion, etc. An intense home disturbance may become a cause. 
 A child's room does not reach for saying but there are those who investigate without 
notice in a bag in a desk in が further. However, since a child's privacy will be trampled 
down, it is careful of such acts. It carries out, after asking for a child's permission, even 
when going into a child's room, if it can do. A partner also does a small child so. " I am me. 
The inside such a posture of whose is a child, Although you call it you", you raise a view. 
 Although the talk changed, when the murder incident by the knife continued in spring of 
98, there was opinion "a student (junior high school student) needs to have and inspect a 
thing." however, the teacher who gives his name in an educator needs to look [ of a child's 
bag ] in at all -- it is not る Since I etc. got married, it has not looked [ of a wife's bag ] in. 
サイフ cannot be taken out, either, even if there is permission. Mine is so disagreeable that 
doing such a thing considers as ゾッ. 
 What is necessary is just to consider in an opposite position, if this is not known. Or what 
is necessary is just to remember the time you are a child. You must also have had a thing 
called the last refuge. Moreover, privacy is invaded and the unpleasant thought had been 
carried out. It may already call it the humane displeasure exceeding reason. its own soul -- 
a crack -- the price -- れる -- as if -- it is displeasure If it is known, you must not do it to 
a child. Parent and child must not do it, either. In order to protect a child's 尊厳. 

"-- since the A is a bad child, if he associates, don't blame ダメ" and a friend -- blame an 

 If your child sees from you and begins to associate with the friend who is not desirable, 
what do you do? And it is supposing it begins to memorize the play which is not very good 
from the friend .... For even free, the ironbound rule at such times is. don't blame "friend -- 
blame an act -- " -- it comes out They are such things although this is the proverb of 
 such cases -- "-- what saying to ダメ" and a child if he associates, since the A is a bad 
child presses a child for an alternative of "whether do you take a friend or take parents" as 
They are means if your child takes you. However, if that is not right, a big crack will enter 
between you and a child. A friend is a child's character itself for the child. It is equal to 
denying a child's character desert a friend. The more you blame a friend, the more your 
child is 立たed by the plight. It is very unsavory to drive a child into such a state. Then, 
what does it carry out? 
 An act is blamed in such cases. Moreover, it stores in the range. tobacco is "bad" on the 
body, "it not being healthily good, if it carries out in 夜ふ and it carries out", there "there 
being those who cannot sleep and are troubled, if night noise is raised by motorbike", etc. 
Tips should never take out a friend's name. The child itself is made to judge, and it makes 
and turns. And the rest waits for the time. 
 If it is only written as ...., it will be finished as retail of the proverb of Britain. Then, I 
already advance with this proverb near at hand 1 step. And such a proverb was made. "
Blame an act and praise a friend." 
 In front of those who trust themselves, a child is going to show himself. [ good ] A partner'
s friend is first praised using such a child's character. "-- the B of your friend, and that 
child -- humor -- it is -- an interesting child -- " "Your friend's B 君って, and a good child. 
Does it have this present?" Such language surely travels to a partner's child through your 
child. And the child of the partner who knew it comes to play himself how to meet your 
expectation and in front of you. [ good ] That is, although you operate a partner's child by 
remote control through your child, this belongs to high technology also in child bringing up. 
However, a word. 
 good -- "-- an inner child is not bad A friend is only bad. There are parents who say [ 
that it was only invited by the friend" and ]. However, the thing for which his child is first 
suspected in such cases as the proverb of "birds of a feather flock together." There was a 
junior high school student who drinks alcohol and was admonished for the festival. Although 
parents cried [ "it was only invited" and ] and he was excused, when investigated, the child 
was a principal offender rank. There is often a case which is called .... Although it is hard to 
suspect one's child, if you think "a friend is bad", think "a cause is its child." Therefore, too 
many, even if it blames a friend, it is meaningless. It is the noted proverb which is made to 
regard it as it being the proverb which is not anything with educational advanced nation 
England ! truly but. 

There "there being few salaries of father ...." and husband and wife are monolith (he has no 
illustration) *. 

 Even if that is not right, difficult one is child bringing up. Why can child bringing up do 
husband and wife's heart with a rose rose? Slander with the taboo mutual also of it in a 
taboo. A certain mother always said to the daughter (seniority child) like this. "Probably, 
there are few salaries of father. Therefore, mother is suffering troubles." Or "father does 
not have school education and is not made into a partner in a company. You are with 
without it becomes so." Although she is so said as mother, adding that he wants to make a 
daughter an ally, a daughter's heart separates from mother soon. If it only separates, it 
stops following mother's directions better. 
 If the person who is reading this sentence is mother, father is looked up to first. And I 
have father do the role of a captain. If it is wise mother, it does so. If the person who is 
reading this sentence is father, mother is looked up to first. And I have mother do the role 
of a captain. That is, the partner of each other is put on a high dimension. For example, 
when pressed for some important decision, it says, "Shall we let's carry out after asking 
father?" (after asking "mother on the contrary, I will carry out"). Even if there is 
confrontation of an opinion temporarily, it does not carry out in front of a child. With being [ 
it / ダメ ]" mother if boiled rice is eaten, watching "television toward father and a child "
about [ that good there is nothing じゃあ and television ]" Such conversation is unsavory. In 
such cases, mother supports like this to father's having said. "Since father has said so, do 
so." And if there is an opinion as mother, it will adjust in the place in which a child is not 
present. That is right when a child speaks ill of the school teacher. A child is first rebuked "
It will be because you are bad." It cannot chime in. It processes in the world which is 
unrelated to a child when there is no child, supposing a teacher has a problem. This is Nori 
Ohara of home training. 
 There is a certain prominent professor. There is also a best seller exceeding several 100,
000 parts. In his own work, he is writing like this. "Show a child a quarrel between husband 
and wife. It is a good opportunity teaching confrontation of an opinion." However, if a 
philosophy dispute is also carried out with its wife anyway, don't show a child an unsightly 
thing like a quarrel between husband and wife. Only always that to which a quarrel between 
husband and wife etc. does not bear は見る mostly. in order that the professor may 
otherwise deepen the bonds with "child -- an amusement park -- purposely -- a missing 
child -- then, it is good -- being " and "it being good to expel a child from a house for 2 or 
3 days in order to make domestic kindness understand" -- it is writing It is surprising 暴論. 
If it is purposely made a missing child, parent and child's confidential relation will disappear. 
Supposing your child becomes missing half a day at it, what do you do? you -- also 
searching -- it may take out 
 A child builds his own husband-and-wife image, seeing parents. A home image is built. 
Furthermore, it builds to a character of a man. Supposing there is what parents show a 
child in such meaning, it discusses with sufficient relations, and, and husband and wife 
console, and are suited and needed. It helps each other and suits [ it is glad and ], and it 
drops off, and it awakes, and suits and needs. an old thing is said -- as -- but -- such of 
Mr. "-- " has sunk in into the child, and for the first time, personally, a child can build a 
good husband-and-wife relation, and can have a good home In Europe and America, it sets 
it as the greatest target of home training to make a child into "good home people." The first 
step will call "husband and wife monolith." 

an art theory of - child "in which a man is not lost [ of only this ] by any means" 

 Although study was completely ダメ, the S is handicraft and the T had shone himself also 
for the S (inside 1) and the T (smallness 3) on the skate, respectively. Although the child "
study and 1" is also in inside, once this type of child stumbles in study, as for the back, 
results will fall so that a hill may be fallen and fallen. For the reason at such a time, not 
calling it .... only gives a child an art. This art supports a child from the side. Or the art may 
establish itself. [ of the child ] 
 When the M goes into a high school, he repeats truancy and has stopped hardly going to a 
school from から soon. And in order to kill time in the meantime, only golf was played in the 
nearby park. After (が and 10 years). It came to my house unexpectedly, said like this, and I 
was surprised. "A teacher and I have earned money from the teacher." He had become the 
pro coach of golf. 
 This art does not make and is found. Even if parents are going to make by force, it fails 
mostly. Even if he took the bath, the E (2 years-old child) was calm, and he went 
underwater into hot water and was playing. Then, mother considered in "there is a talent of 
swimming" and put in to the swimming class. As expected, the E showed the talent which is 
swimming and was excellent, and at the time of junior high school two years, by the time he 
participated in the national conference, he grew. So is the S (seniority child). The solved 
thing with which father bought the new car. It gets interested in the switch of a car and the 
S is with "this is what and this is what." Then, since I had consultation from mother, I 
recommended to buy the S a personal computer. A personal computer is like the lump of a 
switch. It became, by the time the S mastered the BASIC language as a third grader in an 
elementary school and he mastered the C language after that as a first-year student in a 
junior high school. 
 This art. Parents need to consider a sanctuary. There are parents who say well, "Soccer 
(he likes) is stopped since results fell." however, when stopping soccer, it was made to stop 
in fact -- it comes out and results fall more An art is such a thing. However, it is not an art 
if a video game is nice, to collect many cards. An art here shines in a group and it says a 
creative thing toward future. "A creative thing" is a meaning called that by which work and 
the contents are polished by efforts. And although this is important, if an art is found in a 
child, time and money will be spent fully. The merit of only such 思いっ lengthens a child's 
art. It changes into the state of saying, "Only that fellow is about this field even if who sees.
" If it says in a child's position, it will change into the state of saying, "A man is not lost only 
in this by any means." 
 Although you may put in another way as an art, i.e., the talent, as for finding the art, even 
4 or 5 years-old time fights from an infants time. This time and a child get interested in 
what thing, and observe calmly what thing is done. The wonderful talent may be hidden also 
for it being visible like a trivial thing apparently in it. One of the important duties of home 
training also judges it.   
It is the place which "desk is after [ purchase ] three months, and is absent from lumber 
room stand" and a desk. 

 There is not a child's studying desk in order to study, but there is in order to rest. 

 It gets tired with any study after a while. A problem is that time of getting tired. They are 
means, if it sits on a desk as it is then and it rests. Otherwise, a child separates from a 
desk.... Study is interrupted equal sign and there. At once, the interrupted study does not 
return to a basis easily. Then, when choosing a desk, it chooses, considering whether it is 
the desk which rests as it is. Recently, the studying desk of the shelf type which has a shelf 
in front is in use. However, although this type of desk can be done functionally, there is a 
feeling of oppression, and if it uses for a long time, the feeling of 抑うつ will be produced. If へ
た is carried out, it will deal in the remote cause with disagreeable study. Actually, when I 
investigated, the desk of this shelf type is after [ purchase ] three months, and found that a 
little more than about 80% was a lumber room stand (it investigates about the first grader in 
an elementary school, and 30 persons). 
 Then, I will investigate your child and the affinity of a studying desk. A method is 
performed as follows. he is likely to like a child first -- it eats and a thing is prepared And it 
is indirectly placed on a child's desk. They are means, if a child sits on a desk as it is and 
eats it then. However, so that a child may move it from a desk to somewhere else and may 
eat it, if, it will be concluded that it is quite uncongenial. 
 Or when your child has come back from the school, it sits down first where and observes 
whether the body is rested. So that a child may sit on his own desk and may rest the body 
then, if, it will be concluded that the affinity with the desk is very good. If you say previously 
from a conclusion, the point of a studying desk should be (1) 平机. (2) Prepare as large 
space as possible before a desk. (3) The thing with a feeling of oppression should place a 
shelf etc. back. (4) From the position which sat on the desk, arrange so that a door is 
visible. When a door is in a back side, it falls mentally, wears and suits. (5) The position of a 
window is also important. As for a window, it is good to be in left-hand side from the position 
which sat on the desk. This is the sake (it investigates about about 100 persons) of lighting. 
 However, a chair is more important in fact. When you choose a desk, a chair should sit 
down and see ごごち. The portion of a chair which sits down is even and it is harder. A thing 
[ spread ] is better than a narrow thing. the elbow which can rest an arm, or injury あれば -
- in addition, it is good Although the soft chair made into ふ or ぶ sits down apparently and 
its こち can be clearly seen, it turns out that it tends to be tiring in fact. Moreover, 
purposely, it slouches and there is a chair to learn. The chair itself inclines to a front. 
However, during study, although efficiency is increased, it cannot be absent from that chair 
in the state where it sat down. That is, study is interrupted there. In addition, if it sees 
about the low grade child of an elementary school, most children will study using the table of 
a kitchen etc. A child chooses and studies the most comfortable place, while it is 
unconscious. supposing it comes out so and it is -- a table -- positive -- a studying desk -- 
then, there is also a hand to say A child may progress and may come to study. The view of 
what carries out study at a studying desk is not applied to this time at least. 
 In short, there is a thing called affinity among the things. If the affinity is bad, long time will 
be spent and a child will be pulled in the direction of minus. When considering a child's study 
environment, it judges, seeing not a function but the affinity. 

The sense in money matters of - child "which should have held a child's heart" (illustration-
less *) 

 In between like elementary school two years (8 years old), a child's sense in money 
matters is completed from seniority (6 years old). You may conclude that the sense in 
money matters becomes almost the same with grown-up it. They are not only が and it. A 
child will let this time pass and will memorize to the way of filling which fills 物欲 with money. 
And it has big influence on the view of the thing of the point and a child from it. 
 As for the money of the child of this time, it is good to double 100 and to consider. For 
example, 100 yen of a child are equivalent to 10,000 yen of an adult. 1000 yen is equivalent 
to 100,000 yen. Although parents buy and give a child a thing easily, the satisfaction which a 
child acquires is equivalent to 10,000 yen after becoming an adult, and 100,000 yen. What do 
the child familiar to "being given" and the child familiar to "satisfying a desire with money" 
become in the future? There is already also no 言べく. Although the bubble economy burst 
truly and such a tendency became small, there are many people who still have 
misunderstanding with the love of "buying [ an expensive thing ]" equal sign and parents. By 
buying and giving a more expensive thing, parents think "a child's heart should be held." Or 
it thinks "the child must be thankful to parents." が and this are entire misapprehension. In 
fact, it is an opposite effect. There is nothing so then. The perverted sense in money 
matters drives a child's criterion itself mad. A certain child (smallness second son child) said 
like this. "Since new game software will be put on the market tomorrow, I have you go to 
buy a mama." then, me -- "-- buying it, after seeing in what thing -- if it is called ?" -- "
then, it will be behind" The child says, "It is behind." The latest children are going to protect 
their status (status) rather than others by having more what more seldom goes into a hand 
early. The contents of 物欲 itself differ from ancient times. It has deteriorated. As what 
calls it .... was considered, such a scene appeared in television by chance. The girls' high 
school students who are doing the compensated dating had answered "since he wants 
money." it comes out to the question "why such a thing is done" And a sense in money 
matters itself is seared. Only always brand-name goods [ say / 100,000 yen and 200,000 
yen / what is being piled ]! 
 Now, a birthday. Now, Christmas. What thing do you buy [ a thing ] and give a child? Is it a 
1000 yen thing? Or is it a 10,000 yen thing? How much is a New Year's present given? Is a 
thing needed made to buy it though given? Or is money made to save? No, is the child made 
to do only suitable difficulties for giving it before it? which -- an imitation -- however, only 
as for this, to memorize is good When you bought the 10,000 or 20,000 yen present with ホイ
ホイ for the 5 or 6-year-old child, it was given to him and a child becomes a high school 
student and a college student, you have to buy and come to give a 1 million yen and 2 
million yen thing. That is, if such a thing is not done, a child will stop being satisfied. If you 
have the financial ability and the generosity of only that, although a story is different, it is [ 
story ] better [ which meets ] to stop for a child, if it did not come out. Soon, your child 
becomes a profligate son and a ドラ daughter, and it stops attaching a hand. coming out and 
suffering [ which became when that be right ] troubles -- you -- not but, it is the child itself 
after all 

Such a method of lengthening - child "which the head becomes good truly"   

  Can you cover and eat chocolate in white boiled rice? Milk and cocoa is sufficient. 
What is necessary is just to try at once, if it thinks "it cannot do." It is called conversion of 
the way of thinking to say so. At once, the people from Australia who stayed at inside 
taught such a way of eating. They were attaching and eating jam on tofu! 
 Such stimulus will be given if you want to receive a child's head. If it says more, the 
unexpected nature which is regarded as "あれっ" will be valued. The more unexpected 
nature is large, the more the nerve tissue in a brain progresses. Mannerism is not good. 
Mannerism considers the powerful enemy of intelligence development. It is not spending 
money even if it calls it .... Conversion of the way of thinking is very familiar, and starts. 
Moreover, if familiar, a stimulus is also large a certain degree. 葉っぱ of the plants of the 
yard is torn and blown. A sushi is arranged in in a toy track. He has been surprised to see 
the bread which carried out the form of an animal although I who meet so was also a long 
time ago as a child. He does not yet forget the freshness felt at that time. 
 A usually clever child has the way of thinking, and it is interesting. Bread is hollowed and it 
is tunnel play. A mule is connected with a string and it is train ごっこ etc. There was a child 
(smallness 3) who put the clock into the glass containing water and was playing. If mother 
asks, "Why is such a thing done?", since it is written as "waterproofing, the experiment is 
conducted." However, the same mischief also puts clay in a wall socket. A mischief, such as 
melting paints and applying to a car, is not desirable. An unacquainted child carries out a 
surprising mischief to judgment of good and evil. 
 Although remembered in the talk of receiving the head, when チュー in グガム is chewed, 
there is an opinion that the head becomes good. Such a paper was introduced to the 
magazine U.S. a "science." When it comes out and this talk was carried out, a certain 
mother called it "では" and made her child almost chew chewing gum every day. And it was 
continued during several years from the time of a seniority child. It came out and, as a 
result, as for the child, the head becomes good truly but. This method is vacantly made 
somewhere and especially an effect is in the child who tends to attach and be late for 
something. I think .... 
 Moreover, there was a girl who has language power exceptionally by the seniority child. If 
only composition power is seen, I will think that there were 3 of an elementary school and 
power more than a fourth grader. When it came out and the secret was asked to mother, it 
taught like this. "The book was read every day and the tape was made to record and hear 
it from the time of a baby." Mother's hobby is driven. The tape was made to hear it 
whenever it went out. 
 this time -- a rose -- although the rose talk has been written, it becomes one more and a 
rose rose, and subsequently is alike, and there is also such a talk The foundations of a child'
s athletic ability are decided by 敏しょう性. The 敏しょう性. There were one person and a 
child (seniority boy) good at dodge ball. ばしっ hidden from the child -- it was deep " It 
raised with bare feet from the time of a baby. If it comes out and the reason is asked to 
mother What may be seen by the neighboring man by the white eye since the rainy days 
were also bare feet." When you want to make a child into a child good at movement in the 
future, it is good to raise with bare feet as much as possible. 

"-- that child -- a smell -- the responsibility (nothing [ illustration ]) of" and 嫌われっ子, 
and parents 

 It investigated [ "what child is disliked" and ]. Consequently, it comes out (1) dirty and is a 
stinking child. (2) It is dampish, character is dark and it is a quiet child. (3) The child with bad 
character understood (it investigates about smallness 4 child and 30 persons). 
 dirty -- stinking -- "when it goes past, there is a ヘン smell プン", "a mouth being a smell
", "the hair of hair being dirty", "アカ having accumulated in the head", a dress is "dirty", "
the hobby of a dress being bad", "only nose クソ being picked", "he having always had a 
running nose", "the hair of hair ネバネバing", because, "the whole being dirty っぽい", etc. 
It seems that a child is more sensitive than an adult to a smell. 
 it being dampish and saying [ that character is dark ] -- "it is easy to be timid", "it not 
being interesting", "it being easy to have an inferiority complex", "nothing being spoken", 
etc. Quiet [ "quiet" ] That is, it was. me -- "-- since trouble is made to nobody -- saying -
- coming out -- there is nothing -- if " is heard -- "since it does not know what is 
considered, it is uncanny" 
 moreover, saying [ that character here is bad ] -- "teacher front "for which an 
upperclassman is flattered" -- saying -- ", "it talking proudly" proudly, and 子ぶる "
nastiness" "-- selfish -- ""is immediately and says darkness" -- conspicuous -- wanting -
- 屋 -- " etc. [ himself kitchen ] [ " and ] There were also one person and a child who also 
said, "It is disliked that a face is ヘン." 
 Say that that see the reason raised here and it is known also has many which can be 
prevented if parents are careful of a few. About especially "the dirty and stinking child" of 
(1), that is right. I considered from this the proverb "responsibility of 嫌われっ子 and 
parents." For example, there was such a thing. 
 The A (inside 1) suited bullying in school. It was disliked by the friend. The smell written to 
the A of the although the A and mother were worrying about it. The unpleasant smell which 
cannot say a decomposition smell as body smell, either, whenever he moves the body and 
which cannot be said not at all drifted the hit. He has not noticed it but that a problem is in 
how to wash the body in a bath. Then, a certain day and I were at a loss, and said to the A 
like this. "In a bath, the body will often be washed." が and this word enraged him. Even if it 
made it him, there was thought of having said caring most. he is washing with" my " -- 
saying -- it became and has gone away from a classroom as it is 
 Also for a small child, a smell child is a smell. There is a smell like 病臭. Although I often 
stroke a child's head, in inside, the child of the hair of the hair made into ヌルッ is also. The 
A (whole year child) was so. Then, when it thought that it would advise and he met the A's 
mother, the mother also had the same smell! .... 
 A child's world but there are the world of the locked-up room. And overcrowded. Various 
human relations are entangled intricately. All problems are whirling daily. That is, the world is 
not so simple as adults consider, and there is a problem which appears in a table only at a 
mere part. It does not become that this type of child always disliked as for "嫌われっ子" 
raised here even so. However, it is not a light problem, either, so that you may ignore. Also 
about the problem of bullying, sometimes, we look at only an external phenomenon and have 
the tendency to discuss a child's world. It is insufficient only at が and it. Since I wanted 
you to understand it, it dared have taken up the problem of 嫌われっ子 here. 

"If you are such a private school, stop", and the heart of the child who is not simple 

 When it passed by the A by the passage in a certain morning, the A said like this. "It is 
just going to go to a school to protest after this." It is like this when the talk is heard. "A 
child's test with a point bad [ an inner son's (smallness 4) teacher ] throws and returns. 
Such a thing cannot be allowed." However, does it meet truly? 
 Even if a child wants to come to stop a private school etc., he never says, "I want to stop.
" It is first begun to speak ill of a teacher at such a time. "The nap is carried out during 
session". [ "it does not teach seriously", "it being partial", ] That is, if it is such a private 
school, it acts as parents, and it is made to think "stop" and turns. There were some 
children (smallness 3 girl) with whom the cause was threatened in order to "tell your mother 
an all true thing shortly", and it otherwise came to speak ill of the school teacher to the 
school teacher. Although the child is the reason which got ahead so to speak, such a means 
is a child's stock-in-trade. It will be surprising, when only a child's something to say is heard 
and it receives truly. There is also such an example. 
 Most parents think "an inner child does, if it does." Although it is so, it is one side and 
there is no language with which this language troubles a child. The B (inside 1) must also 
have been troubled by the language. then -- being certain -- Japanese -- I advised the B 
like this Don't you know Mr. "'s power best? How about saying so to だった et al. and father 
honestly?" However, the B never told father that. it said, when saying -- it will come out 
and its position will be lost The B was letting as [ one's / my ] pass in various scenes, 
making parents think "if it does, they do." Or it was made the escape message for deceiving 
one's slyness. 
 It is not right to think that it is simple, since it is a child's heart. Such の is in the incident 
which changed my educational view. It is a thing at the time of having become the teacher 
in the kindergarten. 
 The K (seniority child) was the child who is quiet and is not conspicuous. An opinion was 
not almost announced from itself in the classroom. It was different が and on that day. The 
K's mother was coming for the lesson visit. The K called it "highness", and he raised the 
hand and said his opinion. Then, I praised the K somewhat exaggeratedly. It praised and 
other children were made to strike a hand. It is then. The K shed スーッ and the tear. 
Although I thought that I would be a joyful cry surely, even so, consent does not go. Then, 
the reason was asked to the K after the classroom finished. Then, the K said like this. "
Since I was praised, I thought that mother was glad. if it thinks that mother is glad -- a tear 
-- coming out -- ちゃった - 

"What are you thinking about?"

 Now, the talk is returned. The A had raged, saying, "Giving up and returning a test is the 
act which tramples down a child's heart." Or [ が, / meeting truly / ? ]  By the way with a 
teacher, it may play a trick. Possibly it was the act of the range. Although it is not 
suspecting a child, if a way is mistaken, this kind of protest will break the confidential 
relation of a teacher and a child in pieces. I worried about that one rather, seeing off the A'
s sight of my back. 
mismatch of "you considering what" and the heart, and expression A child's heart is like 
a balloon. If pressure is applied at "home", it will be ruined in "a garden or a school." If 
pressure is applied on the contrary in "a garden or a school", it will be ruined at "home." It 
may be ruined in the "outer world" with a friend. The problem is not ruined but is that such 
children wear the so-called mask and have dual personality nature. In front of parents, a 
dampish younger brother and younger sister bullying are repeated on the reverse side with 
for the first time in [ a fearful good child ]. The child who starts intrafamily violence plays a 
good child in many cases in the outer world so that he is not trusted. 
 As general principles, when a sentiment (heart) and expression begin to separate, it comes 
to be whether to have applied the film to the heart. It will be called "a slow child", when it 
will see from "the child who does not know what is considered", and parents, if it sees from 
the side to teach. Or the evaluation "a quiet and gentle child" may be given. Anyway, the 
heart and expression come to carry out a mismatch (isolation). It passes, floating a smile, 
even if a swing is seized. Even when it fails and it smiles on everybody, expression is not 
changed but it is made cool. If it is an ordinary child, the nature "it will carry out like this at 
such times" disappears. が and a problem are not finished as it. 
 The quiet of expression is the reverse side independently, and this type of child makes the 
made-up world in many cases. If it only makes, it will live in the world better. It keeps in the 
character of a game by the Hamah りこん, and distinction of reality and a fancy will stop 
attaching. A certain junior high school student had recited 呪文 memorized in the game 
toward empty every night. "Give supernatural power." Or the view of a thing may extreme-
ize and may be radicalized. It has the unusual jealousy heart and unusual pride in many 
 Many of causes are in home environment. Overbearing excessive meddling, authoritarian 
child bringing up, parents' intense emotion insecurity, abuse, etc. Unusual educational fault 
concern may also become a cause. In view of a child side, the environment where it does 
not escape from a breath distorts a child's heart. although a child becomes "a good child" 
apparently as written also as the point -- it -- to the last -- a mask It must not be 
deceived by this mask. 
 Child bringing up keeps it 80 percent of "seriousness, and random twenty percent" in 
mind. This is like play of the wheel of a car. A child is this "random portion", lengthens 
feather and lengthens himself. There are が and those [ its ] who do not allow "it is random.
" A compromise is not reached rather than it does not allow. When coming back from 
outside, its hand is made to surely wash or it is made to gargle etc. This type of parents 
attach for what [ every ], ask for perfection, and force a child it. And it distorts a child's 
heart. が and the tragedy still continue. The consciousness does not exist only within this 
type of parents. About [ that there is nothing ] and himself will be convinced that they are 
ideal parents. In inside, the person who shows it off dignifiedly is also in a parents' association
's seat etc. 
 It is not so difficult to know a child's dual personality nature. It carries out on the visit day 
of a garden or a school, and if "a difference" between the child in a home and the child in a 
garden or a school is seen, it understands. If your child is the same also in the home or the 
garden, or the school, a problem does not have him. However, in a garden or a school, if [ 
like another person ], the child who wrote here will be suspected. And supposing it meets, 
opening of the heart will be valued more than anything. one person -- time to be able to do 
vacantly calmly is valued 

"the worse child who can do being dearer", and a vitality -- important 

 From ancient times, it says, "The worse child who can do is dearer." That is right and the 
better child who can do grows freely personally. .... It will grow up. Therefore, parent and child
's 情 surely becomes thin. However, the bad child who can do is not so. 
 The I (smallness 2) was the bad child who can do. Even if development of language was 
also overdue and it became the age, interest was hardly shown in the character or the 
number. the I's father -- the heart -- although it was a gentle person, the I was forced 
unreasonableness in respect of study However, it is an opposite effect on the contrary. 
(Unreasonableness is carried out) In the vicious circle of ->(it escapes) -> 
(unreasonableness is carried out more), the I kept away from study increasingly. 
 By the way, father scolded the I violently. Or it threatened. "In such a thing, it will be late 
for study." While the I spilt the tear with polo polo to whenever [ the ], it mistook for father. 
On the other hand, father was father, and は burned the body by ゆさ and sadness, seeing 
such of the I. "If it jumps into my breast, crying, am also I that mind becomes easy 
however? The more he scolded, the more it turns out that the feeling of I keeps away. It 
was hard to me again." 
 In this I's of the case, that it was a person quiet [ mother ] and gentle carried out happy. 
When father became running recklessly, it entered in between and between father and the I 
was adjusted. Mother said like this. "Does a master worry about a son's thing to a master, 
and appear in such action? つ et al. may be る since the son also understands it." It is also 
parents' love although just a form is somewhat oval. Parents' love which blazes up by the 
child's although き is bad therefore. The father invited me to the meal. I never told father 
mind like this in the seat. 
 "father -- let's already abandon it The more father does his best, the more the I keep 
away from study increasingly. The heart may be distorted. However, if it is now, it still does. 
It is abandoned, and let's like the I and make it make." 
 I saw the hand which has father's chopsticks then tremble gradually. "teacher -- although 
told so, with this, a son will become ダメ -- ""what however, will be carried out from the I's 
face if a smiling face disappears" -- I may be disliked [ " and ] It can bear, if it ends by 
about [ which is disliked ]. " It falls and falls. However, a son cannot bear falling and falling as 
it is."  the child of "others "such ふう can be told since a teacher is others' child" [ falling 
/ you / from what / do you fall and /" ]  In fact, I am the problem and worried 10 years or 
more. saying [ one's child and others' child ] However, now, it is not any longer. Now, such 
distinction has not been carried out. However bad き may be at a child's, if even the vitality 
which the child itself has remains, the child will surely become independent." and -- or [ 
what ten years after ] -- には -- the home of the rich heart can be built However, things 
are not easy, if parents get impatient and it crushes to the vitality. It will become the 
human being who took throughout life for ナヨナヨ. It is very difficult to regain one's footing. 
There was the I then at the brink. 

"-- if such a thing is done -- a front is knocked --" and a profligate son syndrome 

 "You can go to sleep only on the bed which he made" is in an English proverb. In short, a 
result is in things and say that you take the responsibility of the result. The educational 
world has many such examples. 
 There is "no an inner child is solitary and is troubled", making the child into terrible 
overprotection. Or there is "why no an inner child does not ハキハキ", withering a child in 
terrible excessive meddling. There is a profligate son in a little more troublesome case. The 
M (smallness 3) was such a type of child. 
 Mouth グセ is always the same. "Something is ほ シ - イ". [ "something being ナ-イ?" or ] 
It is good one anything. If its desire is filled. [ on that occasion ] And it continues so that it 
is noisy. and -- if its mind is not suited -- "ナ not to load - イ", and "たいく ツ - ウ" As [ 
be / for him, such as a rule, / a promise cannot be kept and / promise / no ] others should 
all move for themselves -- と -- there is a place which is considered 
 When the M of the became a high school student, he said like this. "The homeless' party is 
man's garbage." " I do not become. If I say there, "It will become so also in whom if the gear 
of life goes mad for a while merely" "ヤツ which cannot protect its life personally does not 
have useful qualification etc.". [ since it is not バカ," ] It is も言った like this. "Since much 
money is in inside, it is not troubled by life." The M's house was a landowner from ancient 
times, brings grandparents' love together in itself then, and was raised. 
 Although it meets various students, he will become deplorable if it meets such students. 
Teaching itself becomes empty. It will consider till the place said "he does not want such 
children to give and carry out wisdom" and there "there is what otherwise studied more." 
There was also such a thing met so. At the time [ three while having refrained from taking 
an examination ] With the persons [ several ] friend, the M shoplifted and he has been 
directed. It was a wicked shoplifter. By the reason of "since a school report is influenced", 
mother of the M who knew it did violent back work, and has smothered the incident itself 
within the night. And the important affair occurred between a certain day when he became 
the second-year student in a high school, and me. 
 the -- Japanese -- if I have the just bought fountain pen carefully, is the nib of "ヒロシ 
(my thing was called so) and its fountain pen fractured? It is with ? which will carry out ヒロ
シ what if it fractures." then, me -- "-- if such a thing is done -- a front is knocked -- 
although it was declared as ", if he considered what or I am deprived of the fountain pen, he 
will have fractured the nib at hand truly with Gui  moment -- me -- him -- flying -- having 
started . a result -- him -- an eye -- although the large injury several stitches of whose 
also sew width was carried out -- M -- your mother blamed me, as out of order (I also 
undertook the blow to the whole body.) Sense sake. It was "Oh, my teacher life was taken 
now" then determined. Father of が and the M saved me. Coming to the place of me who 
hang my head and am sitting straight on a floor, father said like this. "teacher -- it often did 
Thank you. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much." 

the heart of "an inner daughter being very fearful" and parents -- a child's heart 

 One mother came and it said to me like this. "An inner daughter (seniority child) uses as a 
mouth as it is what I consider. It is very fearful." It is like this when the talk is heard. In a 
her real intention, mother presupposes that it thought "it is dirty" to the thing of the mother
-in-law who lives together. Then, the daughter says toward a mother-in-law, "Since it is 
dirty, it has gone there." Moreover, in a her real intention, mother presupposes that the 
visitor who came suddenly was regarded as "troublesome." Then, the daughter says toward 
a visitor, "It is it しょ to come such at the time by trouble." 
 It is called tacit understanding from ancient times also in Japan. Although it is the meaning 
of having by the heart and telling the heart, when it is in a dense parent-and-child relation, 
the heart will travel to a child irrespective of と which is not wished that it is desired. A child 
is a child and will inherit a thought of parents and an idea as it is just as it is. There is such 
an easy testing method. Two sheets of papers and a pencil are prepared first. And parent 
and child draw "a mountain, a river, and a house" in a separate place. And if it finishes, 
parent and child's picture will be compared. If it can do, to compare also with others' picture 
is good. The parent and child in a dense relation draw the picture alike very well. 1 set 
draws 20-30 sets of completely same pictures. Parent and child are such a thing. 
 Such other examples exist. For example, father presupposes "it is like a slave in a woman 
etc.", and that it considered. Then, a son also comes to think so unawares. Or mother 
presupposes that it thought "the most important thing in this world is money." Then, a child 
also comes to think so. That is, say that parents make a child's "heart." Parents' 
responsibility is large. 
 Probably because I who write and who say also grew up in the country town of Gifu 
Prefecture, predominance-of-men-over-women thought is strong harder than others. .... It 
was strong. "a bath should not enter behind from a woman", "a woman not interfering in a 
man's work", etc. It had a view, although it was always called "man ...." and "woman .." 
Then, it was not easy to change the "heart" which rooted into, although he was able to 
leave Gifu, he was able to lead student life in Kanazawa, it was able to come out to the 
foreign country and he was able to be changed in the experience .... Even now, a thing like 
the ghost remains in somewhere in hearts, and I am troubled. If inattentive, it will appear in 
a mouth in spite of himself. 
 Although it had become the hard talk, there was also such a thing. The thing was ridden on 
the Shinkansen on the other day and to solve. Mother and the daughter who sat down back 
began such conversation. "-- the A -- yes, although it went, that man became the doctor 
at the age of 30 -- a man --""-- so -- the B -- me -- since it is a college graduate, 
success in life cannot be expected --""-- the C is good too That man is with since it is the 
person who was acting as the lecturer in the medical department of K size." the wife who 
has the director of some large hospital in a husband somehow, and its daughter were looking 
for the marriage partner -- as -- but -- the contents of the talk -- anyway, I have 
thought "I am good parent and child" The breath suits ピタリ. 
 Therefore, I said like this also to mother of the beginning. "Are you and the daughter in a 
wonderful parent-and-child relation? Since it is in such relation with much trouble, you 
should just consider the daughter's production of the heart using it. All also of the moral 
sense which you have, and easy and goodness can be told to the daughter of yours as it is 
just as it is."  

"Since the lady knows anything", it is jealous of the shade of - bullying. 

 Jealousy is mostly involved in dampish and obstinate bullying on the reverse side. Probably 
this jealousy can be called one of the feeling primitive so to speak which man had from the 
time of the lower animals. So, a surprising result will be caused if how to treat is mistaken. 
 There was such a thing in the kindergarten with in the city. The mother was acting as the 
officer of PTA in the kindergarten. Although the kindergarten was always frequented in the 
position at the good thing, when rival's mother's daughter (whole year child) was found, 
obstinate bullying was repeated to the child. A means is like this. The child is purposely 
acted as him and pushed down on a leg kick, passing the child's side. and "-- I'm sorry, the 
child is embraced and awoke, smiling a forced smile with ね" Starting, it is the vigor, and the 
child is thrown, given up and beaten. Henceforth, the child only saw the mother's figure, and 
says that a face is made deep-blue and he came to be frightened. Although mother who 
heard the circumstances of things from the child made the talk a partner's mother 
indirectly, she tells her that the mother did not pretend ignorance and listen to the last. It 
might be said that it was the doctor to whom fathers work for the same hospital. Mother by 
whom it was damaged was strong more than it, and was not able to inquire. Although it was 
the case which was alike, mother who was making the leg kick too a neighbor's child (3 years
-old boy) was also in the elevator of an apartment in others. When this talk was made into 
my mother who turned 80 years old, mother said like this and laughed at it. It is with "since 
it was to a thing called filicide in the way of the country a long time ago." 
 It is not a child's bullying and exception. The T (smallness 3 girl) was worrying by dampish 
thing hiding. Gymnastics arrival, the bag, and the mule did not reach for saying, but have 
been hidden to a scorecard. And it continued one year or more. Although the T considered 
to transfer, a girl called U currently considered to be the T's best friend was doing thing 
hiding. When it is found, the T's mother has lost language. "It always remained in the school 
to the last, and the U was looking for what was lost together." The T is the popular person 
of a class. It was tall and was a sportsman. On the other hand, however the thickset 
physique might see U, it was made, and it was not visible to the child with sufficient が. U 
was always aiming at the T's スキ, carrying out the best friend's ふり. And also recently, 
there was such a thing. 
 The " inner daughter (inside 2) is worrying about dampish thing hiding. A certain mother か
ら What should it carry out?" Although that was right also at the time of the previous T's 
incident, when such thing hiding continues over a long period of time, the child who is close 
is suspected first. then, me -- "-- the friend who is now closest -- someone -- if " is 
heard -- the mother -- "if it says so, there is a child who picks up every morning" Then, I 
advised like this. It is with "if the child picks up in the morning, gaze at the child's eyes, and 
say "since the lady knows anything"." The mother said so to the child as my advice. 
Henceforth, thing hiding disappeared like a lie bordering on the day. 

"-- although せえ in which it deals will be テメエ -- ア" and impudent children 

 child "く -- it is -- they are エ and a lesson not coming -- it understands simply --" I "-- 
since it is noisy -- quiet --" child "-- although せえ in which it deals will be テメエ, it is せえ
って and 言ってん which deal just in ア" I "what and its way-of-speaking" child "テメエ -- 
child [ "be left outside if you do not want to study" ] "-- it is what, and I come out and 
there am in a line -- it does not come to ゃ -- ヨ [ ヨ" I ] [ no ] Leave just you. you -- 
perfectly -- gold -- it is given -- ろ オ ". It says so, is a leg about a desk, and is 蹴っ飛ば
す .... 
 It is not the conversation with a junior high school student or a high school student. It is a 
schoolchild. And it is a third grader in an elementary school. Only study is improved by the 
well informed person. Also in the cram school to which he goes, it is said that grade-skipping 
is carried out for one year. However, I do not regard an adult as an adult, either. I do not 
regard a teacher as a teacher, either. Now, such children are increasing in number. the 
problem is not, or it teaches such children how, presses down anger of its own inside how, or 
comes out Or if it is you, what does it really act as such children? 
 Before a child, criticism of a school and a teacher's slander are a taboo. it said, when 
saying -- it comes out and your child stops following a teacher's instruction Also in a child's 
case written to the beginning, mother had a problem. When he is a kindergartener, it is a 
thing when telling his problem. The mother said to me like this. "You become silent and 
should be seeing only a son's study." That is, it is with "don't say an excessive thing." 
Mother herself does not regard the teacher as a teacher, either. Her husband was the 
doctor of a certain general hospital. To others, I had various experiences. There was also 
such a thing. 
 the bag containing teaching-materials price -- tips of the toes -- methamphetamine -- 
flipping -- "-- it takes and the thing of あんた needed is this -- ろ taking -- ナ -- " He 
was the first-year student in a high school who goes to an entrance-into-a-school-of-higher
-grade school called No. 1 also in the city. Or it goes with a field, and "あんた does not 
come, either, I do not have it, and it work [ だ ネエs ] and is good, and is 8 てん ネ. When 
becoming 私ゃ ネ and the adult, there were some children (smallness 6 girl) who said あん 
reliance and work マシ to a slight degree as スッカラ." Too, it was the child who study can 
improve so that it fought for 1 and 2 in the class. 
 Especially, the more a child uses, the more he turns into the ironical child who 
understands difficulties. And over a thing becomes low and character also becomes quiet. 
however -- so that this type of child may call such difficulties most -- てい . Specifically, 
most help of housekeeping has not been carried out. In other words, parents do not do only 
study, either. Moreover, only study is seen and the child is evaluated. The child itself is 
having an illusion he be "excellent." 
 Or [ becoming what, if such children become an adult ] .... There is nothing to a sample in こ
と欠. Those who are called elite in Japan may think this type of human being mostly. a 
government office -- a bank and a politician's inside -- a grounder -- the grounder is 
carried out (?) which only studyed for an examination in the city and won the promotion -- 
they are persons [ like ] It must not be deceived by apparent humanity. No, even if an 
ordinary person can deceive, we the educators cannot deceive. Since they are clever, good 
human being catches sight of himself how, they can show, or are studying only it every day. 
 Although various missions are in education, only such children must not make. There is 
nothing to get used just to minus and be added in the future of whole Japan. 

"A kitchen knife is thrown at me", and the child who riots spasmodically 

 The afternoon of a certain day. One mother came and said like this by the pale face. "A 
daughter (whole year child) throws a kitchen knife!  What should it carry out?" It seemed 
that "the lesson of a piano" was a keyword somehow if the talk is heard. Only by mother's 
using the language as a mouth, the child changed suddenly. "Till just before it, although it is 
as unchanging as usually, just as I call it "how to carry out the lesson of a piano", it 
becomes like another person and riots." 
 It is the intrafamily violence by the typical temper fit. This type of child plays "a good child
" in many cases in the world of "outsides", such as a kindergarten and a nursery, so that 
he is not trusted. It is gentle, is gentle, is quiet, and, moreover, is obedient. And it has mostly 
delicate feeling and the head is not bad, either. Almost all teachers give the evaluation "the 
good child with understanding [ good and gentle ]." However, this "good child" is a 
peculiarity person. A child accumulates the part and a big stress into, playing the "good child.
" And the stress distorts the heart. That is, contrary to expression, the heart is discharged 
accidentally, when it is always in a strain state and it is stimulated in a certain form. 
Whether a child's own character has changed should come to differ from ordinary violent 
anger. It becomes so momentarily. Expression is also cold and becomes a grim countenance. 
 The experience and experience with a child and grown-up various character with the 
occasion, and it are completed through difficulties. That is, it carries out with birth, and 
there is no person of character, it is and is further neither in a bowl nor a small child. 
Supposing you look at some small child and receive the impression "the child who was doing 
well", it thinks a mask and is infallible first. That is, it should not be deceived by the external 
 The child whose emotion is usually stable shows the situation same also in the world in a 
house also in the outer world. In other words, if like another person is felt [ the outer world, 
the world in a house, and whose a child are ], to the child's emotion, you may think that 
there is a problem somewhere. Or a child's emotion looks at and judges the time of it being 
thought that the child is tired physically. If it says with usual that it is unchanging also after 
an athletic meet, it will be regarded as the child by whom emotion was stabilized. At such a 
time, an unstable child frets or becomes nervous. 
 In addition, I advised the mother like this. "Value a personal contact, keeping in mind on 
calcium or many [ for magnesium ] eating habits. Next, don't press down at home not to 
aggravate more than this and condition. It is rethinking "oh, this child is doing his best in the 
outer world", and wrapping warmly, if it riots. Though said calmly, limit to the range what 
should be said, without scolding or getting angry. This type of child does not do the stripes 
of what a line is surpassed and inflicts an injury on you, although carried out till the place of 
スレスレ. Don't be confused just because you rioted. Of course, do not already say nothing 
about the lesson of a piano." 

It is [ "my trousers are flower pattern trousers" and ] feminization of the boy who 

 With this talk, it will already be front about 15 years. Since there was a boy high school 
student who is using the underlay of a flower pattern pattern, when he asked with the 
jesting intention, "It takes and are also your trousers flower patterns?", the high school 
student answered like this with serious look. "That is right." 
 that time and a boy high school student -- a morning -- pretty は -- natural In inside, 
the high school student who is doing the face pack was also. Furthermore, there was such 
an incident. A one boy high school student says that it got into mischief [ in the daytime ] 
dignifiedly at a record shop in the city. The high school student is surrounded by 5 or 6 girls' 
high school students on the inside of a shop, and says that ぬ was carried out even to 
trousers. If it writes like this, although a weak boy may be imagined, his physique is also large 
and he is the boy who is one person in the cultural festival of a high school, and did the 
guitar performance on the boards. When I asked, "Why wasn't voice uttered?", I answered it 
as ポツリ with "it was fearful ...." 
 In it or later, a boy's feminization is progressing clearly. Now, the composition mostly of [ 
teasing and crying also by the schoolchild a boy and ] a girl in teasing is done completely 
mostly. It came to the place whose one mother is me, and also consulted like this the other 
day. "The inner son (smallness 2) suits bullying in school." If the talk is heard, although ウン
チ was leaked in the classroom at the time of smallness 1, "ウンチ is also called らし to ネタ 
in that." Mother only took up being teased and made it the problem. が and "-- ウンチs -- 
things should be solved, if are called " and it will shout at a word as a partner's child with "it 
is noisy" And the partner was a girl. When it was my time, possibly the partner was knocked 
one shot with ポカリ. 
 How is it that a boy feminizes though it is the current of a time which a lady male-izes? I 
have said nothing that the sexual equality theory is wrong. a boy -- a boy -- it is -- a lady 
is lady-like -- と -- if equal on the advanced level to say -- it -- then, it is good However, 
pregnancy is impossible however a boy may do his best. It gets over to such difference and 
it is amusing that man and woman should be equal. It is not and neither a bowl nor a boy 
becomes weak so far. 
 To say nothing of one of causes, it is in the home training of a "man" absence. All 
teachers are ladies also at a nursery also in a kindergarten. For home training, mother is a 
subject. A female teacher's rate exceeded 60% also at the elementary school (98 years, the 
Hamamatsu board-of-education investigation). Not knowing a "man", the present boys grow 
and become an adult. Or there is even a child who becomes a female phobia. And the more 
tragic man who feminized especially infinite is becoming father of a new time now. "father -
- become stronger and participate in a child's education -- even if it teaches with ", father 
itself cannot understand it and has become Then, what does such Japan become from now 
 If it is rich and the stable time continues for a while, severity will disappear from a social 
trend. For example, France reached to an extreme of prosperity after the First World War. 
Paris was sung with the capital of a flower, it prospered as a town of art, and the male was 
feminized infinite simultaneously. it -- then -- although possibly it was good -- a result -- 
invasion of Nazi Germany -- 1 -- also accumulating -- there was nothing sure enough -- 
future of Japan -- ?"teacher and me -- the way -- teaching .... the child with sufficient" 
and head 

 Man's capability is not equal. That it is not equal turns out to touch children for a while. 
For example, the head. A clever child is truly clever. The child who is not so meets and does 
not come out. I may think whether the gene itself is different. So were the D (smallness 6) 
who went into S junior high school in Tokyo years [ several ] ago, and the N (smallness 6) 
included in S junior high school as well as the it back. When passing over elementary school 
four years, he was studying the junior high school level. At the time of smallness 5, although 
he was also studying English, he was studying together with the second-year student in a 
junior high school in the cram school. And also in the cram school, it is top class. This type 
of child will learn personally, if only the textbook and the reference book are given. Just 
instruction of "coming to hear it if there is a place which is not known" is enough. So were 
the M (seniority child) who had taught about 20 years ago, and the H (seniority child) who 
had taught about 15 years ago. the child who can copy the solid figure (sketch) of a box 
almost correctly by the kindergartener or the nursery schooler is unsavory -- there is 
nothing Although 40 persons or 50 persons have one person and a child describing the box 
appropriate for it, it is "a box appropriate for it" to the last. However, the M and the H 
drew the box!  If your child (kindergartner) can draw the solid figure of a box correctly, he 
may be glad with several 100 persons or one person of beyond [ it ] inside. 
 The eye is always sparkling and such blessed children's feature should say that eyes have 
settled down calmly and yet. If it gazes with ジロリ, even the feeling of coercion will be 
memorized. Just because this type of child is a child, he must not treat easily. In fact, it 
cannot treat. If it has touched, he will forget that it is a child in spite of himself. So was a 
boy called the O (smallness 3). He understands even the textbook of the first-year student 
in a junior high school personally. When I said the soliloquy suddenly the area of the triangle 
is "calculable" at a certain time if the length of two neighborhoods and an angle in the 
meantime are known, it said like this in easy voice. "teacher and me -- the way -- 
teaching .... " 
 If it meets the child with such sufficient heads, the child itself will consider like human 
beings' property. When actually leaving my place, I am made to say like this. Mr. "'s head is 
your thing and is not your thing. What is necessary is just to use for everybody." There are 
not が and an organization which lengthens such children with regrettable in this Japan. It is 
narrow-minded. For this type of child, going to an ordinary school are that the child who 
cannot do study at all goes to a school, and the about the same and pain. So was the D 
who raised previously. When play etc. was carried out at the time of a kindergartener, it was 
considering as ブ 然. Some of several weeks of the beginning, when I was also a child with a 
problem, I had misunderstanding. が and him -- then, doing such a thing itself -- it was not 
able to bear 
 If only student きる道 has this type of child in Japan, there is nothing only by going into 
the school called urban entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade school. However, if it sees 
from a result, it is involved in studying for an examination of Japan after all, and power can 
be developed only by the method of taking an examination. And as parts of when or Japan, 
it will be incorporated into society. It is like blowing a nose and throwing it away as it is with 
the cloth of silk, if this compares and says. Education of Japan has such inconsistencys. 

- child which "is a child with wonderful you" is believed. 

 It is difficult to believe a child. Parents stray continuously in the thought of "wanting to 
believe", and the thought of "supposing it carries out or ...." Child bringing up is just fighting 
[ with the illusion ]. It turns out that a fixed pattern is also in が and its illusion. Then, a test. 
Your child (schoolchild) becomes, just before sleeping, and suppose that it said, "The 
homework of a school does not do." It is you then .... It is called (1) "scolded by the teacher 
in school tomorrow", and is made to sleep as it is. (2) Tidy up homework together with the 
child. I think it unavoidable that sleeping hours become short somewhat. 
 The pattern begins from the time of conceiving a child, when a child is born. For example, 
it carries out to milk having been to be given to a child every 4 hours. If there are also 
parents who do not give milk until a child cries and wants it then and time will come, even if 
it will not want it, there are also parents who give milk. When a child a little grows up, there 
is also such a thing. There are also parents who do not move until a child says, "I want to 
carry out." On the contrary, anything, before a child wishes, there are also parents who 
prepare from parents' way. "-- big talk English -- a classroom --""-- big talk gymnastics -
- a classroom -- " 
 Once such patterns are made, the rest is false with one can be false with two. Itself will 
become the rhythm of a life. There was also such a thing. Although it is the consultation 
from a certain mother, it is [ a reason and ] with "how although it thinks that an inner child 
(smallness 3 boy) will be made to experience an on-the-ocean school during the summer 
vacation, it is." then -- if I hear "he is wanting to go" -- "since it is unwilling to go, it is 
troubled" Moreover, also such a thing. Although it is a thing from a certain mother too, it is 
said that the mother's son (Takami) is borrowing and looking at video for it to be a taking-an
-examination time. It is more amusing to be worried although mother had said, "It is very 
anxious." Although it is amusing, it is not clear with ハマ ってしまう anymore to the pattern 
at once. 
 Now, the test of the beginning. The person who chose (1) will call it child reliance type 
parents. Thought of an inner child being "splendid" and "the inner child being excellent" 
acts as parents, and makes it such a parents. On the other hand, the person who chose (2) 
will call it anxious precedence type parents. The thought "it is anxious about an inner child 
whatever it may carry out" acts as parents, and makes it such a parents. Naturally, the 
influence comes out to a child. The child of trusted type parents is presupposing that it is 
relieved. Expression is also made into ハツラツ. It is full also of the drive and curiosity, and 
they attach and are positive to something. However, the child of anxious precedence type 
parents turns into a child suitable to it. Long time is spent and it becomes so. Although 
parents say, "It is likely to be born", it is the parents itself who it was born and were being 
seen by such an eye. It is not noticed. What does it carry out? 
 If it is anxious precedence type parents, your own heart is made and changed. "The child 
with good you" is made into 口ぐせ as one method. It will say so, if a child's face is seen. 
And it is continued beyond [ several months or it ] in between. Although he may have a 
feeling awkward somewhere at first, when you can say it automatically, your child is the "
good child" simultaneously. If you want to make a child into "a good child", a child will be 
believed first. Although it is very difficult, you cannot lengthen your child without carrying 
out it. 

4 wrong of "it abhorring in study etc.", and motivation (he has no illustration) 

 Four, (1) unreasonableness, (2) compulsion, (3) conditions, and (4) comparison, are in some 
which deprive a child of study volition. This is called "4 wrong of motivation." 
 First, (1) unreasonableness. Natural [ lose study volition and ], even if it is not a child, if 
unreasonableness exceeding the child's capability is carried out. The case where the 
example which often exists forces a difficult workbook on a child, then diminishes a child's 
study volition. A child's study is not "quantity" but "density." They are means, if, so that it 
may finish for a short time with パッパッ. .... It meets and comes out and a certain way is 
desirable. moreover, carrying out study which a child is made to do personally on a 1 rank さ 
wooden-clogs level from capability -- tips Halves, such as a work and a drill, may become 
painting. More than whether the answer is right, the feeling of achievement of "having 
finished giving one work" is valued. 
 (2) Compulsion. Although a certain amount of compulsion is a thing per study, a child will 
become a study dislike if a grade is exceeded. Compulsion of time, compulsion of quantity, 
etc. There was mother who has consulted about such a thing. "If it is two sheets, although 
an inner child gives a print somehow, if he becomes an actor playing a comic role, he will 
never do the stripes of it. What should it carry out?" Although I answered "It is stopping by 
two sheets", I am just like that. supposing a child came to have acted as this type of three 
mothers, they became -- it comes out and says, "carry out four sheets shortly" -- make a 
mistake in being alike and there is nothing The child also knows it. 
 (3) Conditions. saying [ "if this study finishes, he will buy △△", and "raising the pocket 
money of 100 yen, if 100 points are taken" ] -- conditions Although parents do so with the 
intention of encouragement, such conditions deprive a child of the consciousness carries 
out study for itself "what." It is not only it. Although it ends for 100 yen and 200 yen while a 
child is small, it escalates soon and stops being manageable. There were "(tuition is cheap )
since it went into the public high school, buy a motorbike", and a child (quantity 1 boy) who 
charged parents. It becomes so. 
 It is (4) comparison to the last. "the neighboring A can already write katakana", "you 
being ダメ although an elder brother is good at arithmetic", etc. Once it becomes a 
peculiarity, since it comes to make it everyday, it will be careful of such comparison. a child 
-- always -- others' eyes -- caring -- coming -- it -- "from a child -- me -- me Although 
a man calls it man", he takes a view. 
 In Britain, it says, "Water cannot be given even if it can take a horse to a watering place." 
Although it may also be impolite to compare a child to a horse, say that a limit is for 
parents to be also able to do. Then, what does it carry out? There is also a proverb "the 
child who learns happily often learns" in one more Britain. That is, if you want a child to 
study, it will teach that study is only pleasant and the rest will be left to a child. For 
example, a character. A character is not taught suddenly, but a child is always embraced in 
a knee, and a book is read. Such experience acts as a child and comes to make ふう of a 
book being "pleasant" and "a character being interesting" consider. And such the "thought
" serves as the driving force of character study. When seeing a child's study, it finds 
whether "whether it to have come what to be unable to do how much" but "what to have 
been enjoyed how much." 

Language power it is decided that will be inner 子った et al., and "ダメ ...." and infancy 
(nothing [ illustration ]) 

 Although 20 years or more are already a front thing, I had before but the children 
fundamentally considered that language power is inferior gather. And it has investigated 
where differs from the children of others [ children / the ] how. a result -- the following -- 
it turns out that there are three features 
 (1) The language to use is untidy. A certain boy (smallness 2) was adopting the way of 
talking which is called "an I mah-jongg, the mah-jongg which goes, and school mah-jongg." If 
a "mah-jongg" is taken, it will become "me and the school which goes." Since there was a 
junior high school student who has seen by chance the movie the "Warring States Self-
Defense Forces", when "? which was what movie" was heard, the junior high school student 
said like this. "A teacher, スゴイ, スゴイ. バババ .... a tank .. a van van, a soldier, and ワーワ
ー -- " The contents of a movie were not understood at all. The child was not able to 
assemble well the story itself "who did what where." 
 (2) There is few language to use. A certain girl (smallness 3) had made almost all 
conversation end by "ウン", "ダメ", and "ウフン" also in a house. It is called "マアマア" 
whatever it may hear it. 
 (3) It cannot talk in the right language. Then, although you tried to make it say many 
things by the right way of speaking, it has felt shy as if every child talked also in the foreign 
language. The cause was found immediately. When that was told to mother of one person in 
it, the mother said like this. "It is [ ダメ ] .... in inner 子った et al. and ダメ." 
 A child's language capability is decided in a home environment. It is decided especially 
according to mother's language capability. "A hat, a hat! Every day,  A handkerchief, a 
handkerchief!  A bus, a bus, a big talk, bus! You are adopting the way of talking which is 
called ", and why tell a child that language capability is attached to the body? such cases -
- even if -- trouble -- "-- did you wear the hat? Does it have a handkerchief? You have to 
say that a bus already comes immediately." And next, a child is spoken to in rich language. 
Even if it sees the setting sun, "it is not only beautiful", but it is said "Whether it is "
wonderful", romantic [ "romantic" ], and moving." It expresses and shows by various ways 
of speaking. 
 When it is written as ...., there are parents who are decided and say like this. "An inner 
child is OK. Since the book is read every night." However, language is attached to the body 
for the first time using itself. German cannot be spoken just because it is hearing German 
broadcast every day. Moreover, when it becomes a seniority child, just it is just fast and 
fluent. The child who reads スラスラ and a book appears. However, it is as the character is 
mostly changed to sound. He does not understand the contents at all. At such a time, when 
reading the book, and when making a book read, it is good to ask a question about the 
contents for every page. Is [ "where the bear went" and / "what feeling the rabbit is" ]? 
Such question polishes a child's language power. 
 Although the very practical thing was written this time, since he wanted it to understand 
that it is so important, early childhood education was written. Since a partner is a small 
child, there are many people who think that early childhood education teaches a childish 
thing. However, it is decided also including this language power that the foundations and 
directivity of all "power" will be infancy. I wanted to say it. 

"ヨ- which will strike early, and will pass and return", the extended child, inelastic 

  The extended child has some features. (1) Thinking is flexible and (3) vitality (patience) is in 
fullness of energy [ (2) curiosity ] and it. As for saying [ that thinking is flexible ], a grown-up 
joke passes. As for the child with the head hard on the contrary, a grown-up joke does not 
pass. Such conversation is carried out. With an I [ child / "since there is a cloud, it is not 
fine" / I "weather good today" ] "it is weather which may have cloud" child "since there is 
a cloud, say, weather-じゃ and there is nothing!" 
 That it is full of curiosity says discovering new play one after another from personal 
appearance, even if it makes it play alone. the child who is not so -- "-- it is tedious -- ア -
- " and early [ "] -- it is called ヨ which will return to inside, -", etc. " It does! If the 
flourishing child of curiosity shows a new thing again  It does! It bites as ". there are also 
many hobbies and they are versatile -- versatile There are also many friends. 
 And patience. A child's patience says the thing of "the power which puts up with and does 
a disagreeable thing." For example, it can dispose of the kitchen garbage of a kitchen by 
hand. A cold night and a circular notice can be sent next. the child without patience -- "-- 
it is disagreeable -- ア -- it is called " and escapes good -- "-- if an inner child is soccer, 
he is doing all day long Although there are parents who say that I want to turn such power 
to the study way", the child is only doing the favorite thing. It does not become a patient 
child just because it is playing soccer all day long. 
 In order to lengthen a child on the contrary, it keeps in mind to these three things. For 
example, in order to make the head soft, a certain change is always prepared for a child's 
circumference. A certain mother did not make the same lunch as one day for the daughter. 
Such a posture lengthened the child. The daughter became the woman writer soon and 
became even the member of the Board of Education chief of a certain city. In short, say 
make ハバ of a life large. Although it is not necessarily the example, transfer fellows' child 
says that it is clever from ancient times. That is, an environmental big change called 
transfer is considered to have good influence on a child. 
 In order to make curiosity flourishing, the parents itself are going to spread one's world, 
and try hard. And a child is made to always experience it. It is not not much desirable for it 
to be attached to the specific thing with a child, or to insist. For example, its best will be 
done, if it is an insect and it does not go [ about / insect / and ] to a kindergarten with 
interest, unless it is specific trousers. 
 In order to make a vitality (patience) finally attached, it uses using a child and uses 
earnestly. A child is a little more specifically involved in into the domestic feeling of strain. 
The atmosphere which is referred to as "Everybody, a family, is troubled if you do not do 
this" is made in a home. While parents lie down on a sofa, there is "no bring a newspaper" 
toward a child. 
 The extended child continues being extended as it is, even when other children stop 
growth. And it is overcome even if there are a disagreeable thing and a difficult thing. And 
as a result, it is extended from other children. However, "being extended" is not [ here ] 
extended in respect of study. study is made -- it can do -- there is nothing -- there is 
nothing to the last only at the result 

"This ヘンタイ guy", a stubborn child 

 if stubborn [ begin ] -- a child -- "a prop child" -- it comes to show characteristic 
behavior Glare at a partner for sharp eyes, or the shoulder is, and he makes it cut, and 
walks. It is intelligible when it thinks that it becomes so in order that a certain special mental 
condition may stimulate a cerebral primitive portion. In the United States, there is also a 
place which has tried medication to the child who follows a cerebral functional disorder 
theory and is stubborn. As for this type of child, the speech and conduct itself actually 
become in [ somewhere ] wild beast. The view of a thing also becomes in short circuit. It is 
with "ヤツ with a complaint is ぶっ殺して and る." Just as I applied the hand to her 
shoulder as "energy ?", a certain girl (smallness 5) kicked on foot what has been 
misunderstood with "this ヘンタイ guy", and raised me. It is not an ordinary kick. It was an 
intense kick to the extent that a breath becomes impossible for a while. 
 A child begins to be stubborn when "the thread of love" snaps. Although what thin thread 
may be used, it will not be ruined if the thread connects with someone. In other words, a 
stubborn child does not have the thread. It is first forsaken from parents. Then, it is 
forsaken also from a teacher. This feeling of isolation drives a child's heart mad. 
 But there is no child who shows this prop condition by the small child. The youngest was 
the K of the first grader in an elementary school whom I have experienced. Bordering on 
the summer vacation, the K came to show a condition peculiar to a prop child [ like ] here 
suddenly. Although mother was consulted with, it is with "it does not occur." Then, such a 
thing was understood when investigated further. Till summer vacation before, the K was 
inserted between father and mother, and he became like the character of a "river" exactly 
and was sleeping. However, the child's room was made between the summer vacations, the 
K is one person and he came to go to sleep there. Probably, the K felt that the thread of 
love snapped for the K. It became the cause and a prop condition here came out outside. 
 Of course, home collapse, childcare refusal, abuse, etc. may become a cause, and a child 
may be stubborn. However, it will not be stubborn if the thread of love connects by 
somewhere also in this case, in view of the child side. You may be neither parents nor a 
teacher. Someone of grandparents and relatives should just connect. Although often 
misunderstood, since it is poor, a child is not necessarily stubborn. A possibility that a rich 
domestic child will also be stubborn if this thread snaps becomes high hard. father tends to 
have an affair -- therefore, the husband-and-wife relation has got cold It is true although it 
says "a home understands if a child is seen" a child honestly and well in such meaning. 
 A child cherishes the heart in the sense of security of being protected absolutely. "It is 
absolute" means that doubt is not held. As for preparing this sense of security, although it 
is originally parents' duty, it also has the case which is not made under various situations. 
However, only the thread of the love with a child is valued also in such a time. If the reverse 
side is returned and said, a prop child will not be born from the husband and wife with 
sufficient に仲 all over. Husband and wife trust and suit and a prop child is not born from 
the home where the love to a child is solid. It can be born. This [ no ] is economically rich, or 
if there is, it is not related to such a thing. 

 lie "regarded as a partner being a child", and an imaginary lie 

 By early childhood education, the lie attached while it is aware of a lie with a lie, and an 
imaginary lie (illusion) distinguish and consider. A lie understands it as a lie from the 
situation, although it is the lie attached for self-defense or self-justification. .... It is 
intelligible. "Who kana. Mother  Having eaten the confectionery which was here should show 
the mother [ who "is not me" ] "じゃあ, and a hand. [ ?" child ] " It does not remain. A 
remaining [ the dregs of confectionery ]-in hand" child me -- since it licked perfectly -- " 
 On the other hand, an imaginary lie does not have a fence between reality and a fancy. 
the made-up world is completed in its head, and it is actual -- it can do -- と -- であ -- as 
if -- a lie is attached He is not aware of a lie with a lie, either. The lie of a "but me no buts" 
formula is just attached with シャーシャー. There was such a thing. Mother who is one 
person late at night to a certain telephone call has been got. And it roared out like this 
suddenly. "The inner child has made big アザ on the arm today. Well which the teacher 
pinched by hand. Why is such a thing done? " Then, it is troubled, if "partner thinks that he 
is a child and I have a random thing said, when I say, "It does not know." Say honestly! " 
 When it went to the garden on the next day, one letter had reached a director's place. 
The mother sends early in the morning. If it reads, as for ", the Hayashi teacher is adding 
corporal punishment to the inner child. I want you to often supervise. In addition, it grows 
and this letter is with " secretly to a teacher. Then, I caught the child and said like this that 
I heard the thing of アザ of an arm indirectly. "Since the mama pinched." As for me, a 
reason does not understand what anymore in the least somehow. Then, when he asked in 
what situation it was pinched, the child began to explain the situation at that time minutely. 
 The proverb of "Not making it live in the many-storied building, although it does not 
matter that a child imagines a many-storied building in the air" is in English. Although 
dreaming is free, it is the meaning of being careful of the world of a fancy if you are a 
method of the Hamah る. One difficult at が and actual instruction should not have the 
consciousness to the parents itself rather than a child. This type of child plays a good child 
in front of parents and in the outer world so that he is not trusted. A gentle smile is not 
wiped out but an impression called the good child who can do rather is given. This is 
referred to as "Wearing a mask" in the world of early childhood education. If it sees from 
the side to teach, it will come to be whether to have applied the film to the heart, and will 
become touch called the child who does not know what is considered. が and parents do not 
understand it, either. Although it is another case, if I point it out to a certain father, does 
Mr. " suspect his student?  It is a teacher called what! It has been scolded for " on the 
 A cause is child bringing up [ be / (forcing) / authoritarian / oppressive (flatly ガミガミ 言
う) and blockade-(breath does not fall out) / it ]. If such environment every-day-izes, it will 
become easy for a child to build the made-up world. Since there were some children whom 
the sister also showed the same condition, a hereditary element (?) cannot be disregarded. 
It is concluded that it is in home environment the first of が and a cause. A lie is crushed 
carefully, considering making a child's heart release in the first place, and repeating the 
conversation of "being [ why ] ? why" gently. The more he scolds flatly, the heart will 
separate and, the more will drive away a child to the world of illusion. 

"It is worrying by the light eater", and the cause of the child who goes berserk. 

 the child who goes berserk -- the "cello トニン villain theory" has been recently taken a 
close-up of suddenly as a cause of ...., i.e., the child who appears in superfluous action 
suddenly That is, cello トニン which is a brains transfer substance is secreted unusually, it 
has toxicity, and it is said that a cerebral control command is driven mad (others [ doctor / 
mirror / a biochemist and ]). Speaking a little more concretely, being like this, although it is 
already pointed out from a front 20 years or more in the United States. For example, if the 
sweet food containing many white sugar is taken in superfluously temporarily, an insulin will 
be secreted so much and it will urge to superfluous secretion of cello トニン. And it is said 
that it becomes the cause by which it is sharp (others [ Osawa / Emeritus Professor / of 
Iwate University ]). 
 It turns out that this type of child adopts the peculiar way of moving. A motion becomes 
sharp so that a spa spa's may be exactly cut with the edge of a razor. Smooth operation 
disappears. And once it starts getting angry, it becomes カッ, and it will riot indiscriminate or 
a thing will be thrown. It is not new to utter ギャーッ and a shrill voice, either. If it says by 
the small child, will utter a screech suddenly, and it will cry or will riot. When excited, the 
body may be shaken gradually. 
 Then, supposing such condition is seen, eating habits will be improved first. Sweet food is 
cut down and it keeps in mind on the eating habits with for [ for a part for calcium / many ]. 
Lynn acid food is also cut down. In order for Lynn acid to improve keeping or to maintain 
freshness, it is used for much food. If Lynn acid is taken, it will discharge to the outside of 
the body, using as calcium phosphate the calcium taken in with much trouble. On the other 
hand, it is said "calcium builds a gentleman" from ancient times in Britain. Calcium was used 
as a tranquilizer till prewar days also in Japan. it -- anyway, if quiet composure disappears 
from a child, this shortage of calcium will be suspected first If calcium usually runs short in 
the case of a child, the muscular feeling of strain is not maintainable, and even if it is sitting 
down, the body is crooked with クニャクニャ, or it is made to ダラダラ. 
 Although it is one opinion which was written here to the last, supposing the above 
condition is looked at by your child, there is value tried at once. Even if it is ineffective, it is 
also as ダメ. Even if that is not right, one can juice is given to the child, and there is "no it 
is worrying by the light eater." It is equal to an adult with a weight of 60km drinking the four 
same can juice to give a child with a weight of 15km one can juice. it drank, when four could 
not be drunk and the adult also drank -- it will come out and the inside of a belly will 
become ガボガボ if -- どうしても -- "-- sweet -- eating -- a thing -- if it is ", the brown 
sugar which is not refined will be recommended Since a part for a natural mineral is blended 
with brown sugar with sufficient balance, evil [ like ] here does not occur. It is a word in 
 There are many people who think that a child is the thing and the noisy thing which raise 
キャーキャー and voice. However, such an idea will change, if the kindergarten of a South 
Australia state is visited. There, children are quiet like a lie. Even the sound of the wind 
made into サワサワ can be heard. The reason was found immediately. In the district, the big 
milk tank is put also on the kindergarten of what outside the front door, and children were 
drinking milk instead of water. 

"- to become adult something" future is not threatened. 

 The phenomenon [ say / collar / a baby ] known well is in the infantile world. the younger 
child was born -- the older child -- a baby -- ぽく -- a phenomenon is said Milk is wanted [ 
becoming a way of speaking, although main しs were begun suddenly or being considered as 
ネチネチ, ] by the nursing bottle. It may appeal against exothermic condition periodically. A 
cause is based on the instinctive jealousy heart. That is, it is meaningless even if he scolds 
since it is "instinctive", although the loveliness with the child appropriate for [ to regain 
once again the love and concern which were turned to the younger child / loveliness ] a 
baby is directed. 
 The phenomenon just like this is often looked at by a schoolchild's upper classes. if a baby 
is a collar -- ぬ and a small child -- a collar -- it comes out Since the one boy (smallness 
5) took out carefully the comics which became ボロボロ out of the bag and was also reading 
them the other day, it was said like this that it spoke as "what ?." "It says that it is ダメ at 
any rate, and is チョ. it is ダメ -- saying -- チョ -- " 
 When a cause is considered because it has fear in growing up, it is intelligible. Also in this 
boy, it was daily threatened like this by father. "Studying for an examination of a junior high 
school is severe. The " junior high school teacher is fearful. Every day, you have to carry 
out study for 5 or 6 hours." It will be knocked if what is said is not listened to." Such a 
threat distorted the child's heart. 
 If the older child's intense studying for an examination is usually seen, a younger child will 
come to refuse becoming an adult from the fear. Actually, if it sees by 5 of an elementary 
school, and the sixth grader child, almost all children will answer "I do not want to become a 
junior high school student (since study is severe)." And if it becomes severe, a small child [ 
like ] here will come to raise a collar. 
 Although it swerved from a few talks, there was also such a thing. It came to the place a 
certain mother of whose is me, and said like this. "An inner son (quantity 2) is never 
unwilling to inherit the way of the dental technician who is trade, and is in trouble." Then, 
should carry out [ "what it should carry out" ]? Then, when he met the high school student 
and the talk was heard, the child said like this. "The work which ペコペコs to such a dentist 
is disagreeable. An inner father says to it, "He got tired and got tired", after work finishes 
with it." Then, I advised the mother like this. "In front of a child, let's say that trade is 
wonderful and pleasant." As a result, since the child is acting as the dental technician now, 
it will be said that my advice was effective as it is. Now, a main subject. 
 Don't threaten a child's future. "at an elementary school, if homework is not carried out, a 
passage 立たs", "it being scolded by the teacher at an elementary school, if it does not 
have dress on while counting, 10 and", etc. and threatening a child -- a taboo once a child 
comes to feel uneasiness with future -- it -- the point -- they are the foundations of the 
view a child's thing much And in being the worst, even if it becomes an adult, it comes to 
refuse becoming a member of society itself. In fact, the adult (?) who cannot turn 
completely into an adult is increasing rapidly now. Even if it turns 20 years old, small-child 
comics are read, and it is absorbed, and cannot assimilate to society, but stays home into a 
house. When a child is a small child in short, future is not threatened from から. It is 
exhausted to this one word. 

The child of that it is made to sleep early from tonight in "", and lack of sleep 

 The children of lack of sleep are increasing in number. In the daytime, it is careless for 
hollow eyes. キャーキャー and voice are raised suddenly, and even if it may be excited, 
energy will be lost so that スーッ and tide may pull immediately. The complexion has also 
become cloudy heavily and does not have vitality. There is no established theory about how 
much lack of sleep affects growth of intelligence. Although there is nothing, since 
concentration does not continue, naturally the study effect falls remarkably. Incidentally 
sleeping hours are children always (after sleeping until it wakes up), and they are an average 
of 10 hours and 15 minutes. It is 10 hours at a seniority child. If it becomes a schoolchild, 
sleeping hours will become short quickly. 
 The great portion of cause is an irregular life custom. Sleeping hours will also become 
unstable, once it thinks "it will be good since today is Saturday" and it carries out 夜ふ or 
し at a week. A certain girl (seniority child) was brought up into the old woman. The [ the 
adult average ], night had also sat up till late, and it is a morning and had got up together 
with the old woman in the morning. That is, it is lack of sleep owing to. Moreover, another 
child (seniority child) has not slept soundly owing to the allergic disease. There is also a case 
in which the ギョウ insect in a belly became lack of sleep owing to. If it comes out and lack 
of sleep is pointed out, although it will say that most parents make it sleep early from 
tonight in " etc.", it is not such an easy thing. If it is made to sleep early, a child will wake up 
only the part made to go to sleep early. A biological clock is because it has become so. 
under those circumstances, "lack of sleep -- be informed with " for correcting half a year 
A life custom is such a thing, and changing is very difficult for it once it is done. 
 In addition, a child has the habit of repeating the act that it is always the same before 
sleeping. This is called "bed time game" and is very valued in Europe and America. A child 
lets this time pass, and from "the actual world of daytime", in order to return to "the world 
of the darkness of night", he prepares the heart. When this upbringing is bad, a child may 
stop going to sleep easily and it may become lack of sleep owing to. Unsavory one is the act 
which confines a child in a bedroom and erases 電器 suddenly. If such violent things every-
day-ize, a child will come to have fear in sleeping and it will come to refuse to reach a floor. 
Emotion may become unstable when severe. If it says that 夜ふ or し is carried out every 
night, or it frets although there is also no reason, failure in upbringing of this bed time game 
will be suspected. Then, teachings. 
 When making a child go to sleep, a bed time game is routinized. It accompanies lightly and 
寝 is carried out. The book is read. It addresses gently. Tips should repeat the same thing 
every night. Next, it is not made not to have さみしがらせ in a child to place sewing-basis 
etc. It is also important not to excite it. If it is juvenile, quiet and quiet environment will be 
prepared a certain degree. If it can do, television and a game will avoid after supper. In 
addition, although this lack of sleep and nap グセ are mixed up well, if the time comes, since 
the child in whom nap グセ remains sleeps with パタリ, he can distinguish. Even if it turns full 
5 years old, as nap グセ remains, if, it will be coped with by making chewing gum chew etc. 
during the time. 

the child of common [ "common / my child bringing up /" ] and チック 症 

 There is condition which is called チック and which was known well. It experiences at about 
one person's rate to 10 small children. It is called "muscular custom 性れん縮 movement" 
and the thing of muscular non-eye-movement is said. It happens regardless of a child's 
intention. It is the feature not to choose a time and a place and this is called involuntary 
nature of チック. Condition comes from a head upwards mostly. クルクル 動, す, and a 
cough are carried out for the eyeball to which a head is moved with ギクギク and which 
makes an eye wink. A throat is made to groan with ウッウッ etc. It is, because the spittle 
which vomits spittle is rubbed against a sleeve. When the upper part of the body is moved 
with グイグイ or it becomes still severe, the whole body may be in a spasm state and may 
lapse into dyspnea. The symptoms of some kinds of チックs may be shown simultaneously 
rarely. This チック will be suspected, if it thinks don't carry out strange action, although 
symptoms develop as with a peak of 7-8 years old. Condition is of infinite variety, therefore 
almost all parents misunderstand it with "a ヘン peculiarity." However, チック is not a 
peculiarity. Therefore, it is meaningless, even if it is careful or he scolds. Condition becomes 
severer as about [ that there is nothing ] and parents becomes nervous. 
 Although it is the common sense in common sense in our world, what calls it .... begins all [ 
から ] from 1, when any parents turn into parents. It is not ashamed just because it does 
not know チック. I want you to be merely humble to child bringing up. Although you are going 
to know anything, it is more common not to know. There was such a child (seniority girl). The 
child was rubbing spittle against the sleeve of dress, even if mother did cautions what times. 
therefore, the sleeve of dress -- saliva -- all over . Although I announced there, "It was [ 
tic / " ] at the mother", mother did not believe what I say. After taking to the hospital and 
carrying out brain-waves inspection, it took and investigated to head CAT. Abnormalities 
etc. should not be found. I had consultation once again the back. Parents become little by 
little wise, carrying out a detour in this way, respectively. It comes out and is the チック. 
 A cause is nervous child bringing up. There is a perfect principle of parents' restraint-
excessive meddling or parents etc. In view of a child side, the environment from which a 
breath does not escape plugs up a child's heart. In order that parents' concern may 
concentrate so much that many [ to an only child ] is generally supposed on a child. And 
most of the causes are in the parents itself. Parents do not understand が and it, either. 
There are some persons who will misunderstand the perfect thing if it is ideal parents' figure. 
Or it is convinced he is "common." The more the belief is strong, the more it does not listen 
to a man's talk. が, then the tragedy are not finished. So to speak, チック is a yellow signal. 
It is neurosis when the condition progresses. furthermore, an emotional disorder -- it may 
become even mental disorder when it becomes still severe The problem of the heart of が 
and a child notices that a front condition was light, after becoming worse. Parents are going 
to see only the condition at that time and are going to correct a child. が and such 
unreasonableness worsen condition on the contrary. And the rest is the vicious circle 
without a bottom. 
 If it says about チック, though parents 猛省, only as for condition, it or later remains in 
many cases. a case -- several years -- or it continues for a long time It is because it is 
established as a peculiarity attached to the body. There are those whom an adult also 
shows チック condition without limit. The heart will not heal up easily, once a crack sticks. 
This problem considers by such a premise. 

Frustration of - child "which acted as him and failed the younger brother at upside-down づ

 Generally, a child's reaction to frustration is divided into the following three, and is 
 (1) An attack, violence type .... A child will become offensive if frustration and stress 
accumulate daily. It became カッ in many cases suddenly, and there was a child (seniority 
boy) who made the younger brother upside-down づり and failed him flatly. And the attack 
nature is a type (it quarrels.) which comes out to a table. It divides into the type (teasing 
abuse to an animal) which hides becoming violent in the reverse side, and considers. 
 (2) degradation and a dependence type .... there being also no reason and fretting たり -- 
a baby -- ぽく (degradation) . Or it presumes with ネチネチ (dependability). It may become 
irresolute. This type of child gives an impression called the so-called "slow child." 
 (3) Adherence, attachment type .... It adheres to the forever same thing, or is attached to 
a specific thing (the chip of a blanket, a button, an old magazine, toy). It is intelligible when it 
is understood as the compensatory act (act alternative to carrying out in order to 
compensate for the heart) for canceling emotion-instability. masturbation and 髪いじり -- 
pointing out -- for the first time in [ ゃ ] and a nail -- also seeing -- it considers similarly 
 If a child shows such a condition, a love problem will be suspected first. Doesn't the 
absolute sense of security to parents or a family swing? Doesn't it have a question in 
parents' love? Or or [ that the love to the child is not decreasing by the younger child 
having been born etc. ] etc. "It is absolute" is the meaning of "not holding doubt" here. An 
intense domestic disturbance, husband-and-wife discord, an everyday uneasy feeling, 
impossible study, severe upbringing, etc. may become a cause. Although often 
misunderstood, love is the problem of a fall for a child. For example, when a younger child is 
born, a baby may raise [ the older child ] a collar. Although parents say at such a time, "
The younger child is also loving the older child equally", if it is made the older child, it is 
dissatisfied that having received the love of 100 until now decreased to 50. Deal with the 
problem especially about jealousy carefully. This is Nori Ohara of small-child instruction. 
 Owing to such frustration, if emotion becomes unstable, a personal contact will be 
increased and it will keep in mind to reassure a child's heart. It is meaningless, even if he 
scolds or it preaches a sermon. The cerebral function itself concludes that it is becoming 
irregular. Moreover, a "temper fit" is in the condition which was alike. Resistance-action 
(intense sudden anger) of infants is said. mostly -- は -- a trifling stimulus serves as a 
trigger and occurs explosively It is an example to scream ギャーギャー at a department 
store etc. The first of a cause, it is regarded as failure in home training. However, condition 
changes with age. Before and after 1 years old, it is fretting [ which kneads dadaism ], 
carrying out the butter butter of the hand and foot, etc. If it passes over 1 years old and a 
half, it will scream in a loud voice and the time will become long. Before and after full 2 
years old, resistance by language and refusal come to be conspicuous. Its own body may be 
damaged purposely. If such a temper fit is seen, it will reflect on the way that should be of 
home training itself. Or [ authoritarian (forcing) child bringing up, / that it is not oppressive 
(ガミガミ) child bringing up ], etc. It is meaningless, even if it concludes readily "it is selfish" 
and he scolds. Or the more he scolds, the more it is an opposite effect. The rest copes with 
it according to frustration. 

"It is it what thing to make a son write shame", sensitive child (he has no illustration) * 

 The A child (seniority child) was the child as whom obviously delicate touch acts. It オドオド
ed, when it came in public, and moreover, it was a shy person. は died and mother 
considered such a of the A child. And I have been consulted with, saying "Whether you 
become the child who ハキハキs more somehow." 
 The child with a superfluous mental reaction is called sensitive child. and -- to that extent 
-- furthermore, the child who exceeded is called sensitive child If a sensitive child and a 
sensitive child are united, about 30% of the whole will conclude that that is right. Generally it 
divides into a mental sensitive child and a physical sensitive child, and considers. About the 
child to whom a reaction appears to the heart, it is a mental sensitive child. Allergy, a 
stomachache, headache, diarrhea, constipation, etc. call the child to whom a reaction 
appears in the body a physical sensitive child. The A child was the very mental sensitive 
 This type of child has (1) susceptibility and strong reactivity, and gives a delicate 
impression. It is felt pitiful in order to react with ピリピリ to directions of an adult. (2) It is 
brittle in durability, and begin to shed tears by having carried out just for a moment, or it is 
easy to carry out crack ついたり. (3) Don't get used to environment but it is easy to start 
being un-adapted harder [ sensitive ]. It is also one of them that it cannot get used to a 
group life. Therefore, it is easy to concur with a constitutional disease (auto-intoxication, 
asthma, じんましん) and neurosis. (4) As for condition, transience, repetition nature, etc. do 
not have a fixed form. There is nothing anything then and condition may come out later 
(reference, Shunichiro Takagi). Also in the A child, it was afflicted by cause unknown 
generation of heat. 
 it is a sensitive child if it says previously from a conclusion -- an imitation -- an insensibly 
child (child with a mental reaction contrary to a sensitive child.) it is the so-called "Tora-san
" type -- an imitation -- say that it is not that which is the character which the child had 
and was produced, thinks that will correct and heals up If unreasonableness is carried out, it 
is an opposite effect on the contrary. Condition will become heavy. They are not が and a 
bad language loan. When talking about a sensitive child, the average may show the talent 
shifted in art or the existing special field for the delicate feeling. If it is other children, also 
by what misses, it can see firmly. Merely, it is weak to mental fatigue, and if it is made to 
become it tense even several mere 10 minutes in the daytime, nerve tiredness will be 
started only by it. Since group behavior and social action are generally weak, he 
understands by such a premise. What calls it .... is written also to the dictionary of 
educational psychology. There is also が and such a type of child. Although it is an insensibly 
child at appearance, it is a child with very delicate feeling. If it is inattentive just and it is 
quarreling over the joke, a crack will be given to the child's heart in the place not to 
consider. Since it is playing a trick with ワイワイ, if it says, "You may be playing a trick if ウ
ンチ is attached to trousers", after going home, it will cry over parents, saying, "It was 
made the teacher at バカ", and will show them. This type of child is going to deceive the 
spot by mocking at it, having delicate feeling. Even if it can call it a defense action of the 
heart and it is ヘラヘラing externally, the heart is always in a strain state. It progresses in 
the direction which a teacher's word does not consider, and this type serves as an 
important affair mostly. Also at the time of the child (smallness 3 boy), after night comes, 
the telephone call of a violent protest has been got from father. "It is it what thing to make 
a son write shame with the thing of ウンチ of trousers!" Only appearance does not 
necessarily show whether it is sensitive. 

"-- the front withered the inner child -- " -- early childhood education full of - 

 This world is full of misapprehension in it being ignorant. For example, a child of mutism. In 
a house, it talks ordinarily or noise is made. However, in the outer world, it will 緘黙 as if it 
bolted the shell. Although the serious child of mutism is said to 1000 persons as four 
persons (schoolchild), if a slight child also includes, he will experience at about one person's 
rate to 20 persons. When light, evaluation which is called a cross child and child shy of 
strangers is received in many cases. This type of child protects his own interests in oneself 
by protecting silence. It is got blocked, therefore 緘黙s. With psychology, this is called 
defense mechanism. Symptoms develop in many cases availing of the time of enterring a 
kindergarten and a nursery. When too much physical strain thinks that it becomes a trigger, 
it is intelligible. It is diverting as condition the look which becomes expressionless, connecting 
a mouth to キッ, etc. If it is going to hold, the body will be stiffened and it will be resisted 
violently. There are some children who 緘黙, with a gentle expression floated. It is the 
phenomenon which happens in order that the heart and feeling expression may separate. So 
was the M (seniority child). It has stopped at all talking as a start carried out suddenly. It 
does not actually have an end that the side to teach points out a child's problem to parents 
in が and such cases. Shockingly, it measures and there is a thing which is given to parents 
and which is not found. Parents perceive it as "amusing", the time of there being 
consultation from a parents side is caught, and it talks indirectly. There are a lot of things 
which do not need to be understood clearly in education. Or even if it knows, it may be said 
that フリ not to know is carried out and taught. I was teaching, seeing the M by such an eye. 
Father was coming for the visit by chance が and on that day. I thought that I was a good 
opportunity and had the unvarnished M seen. When the M 緘黙ed, it left as it was. が and 
this enraged father. The morning of days [ several ] after Although it was Sunday on that 
day, the telephone call has been got suddenly. And the M's father roared out like this 
suddenly. "-- the front has withered the inner son Therefore, I have responsibility taken. " 
This continuation is long. It was variously the back. 
 There was also such a thing. There is a well alike emotional disorder [ say / autism ]. initial 
condition として -- slowdown of feeling, and himself -- there is that selfish action and 
understanding of a sentiment (heart) cannot be performed etc. when condition progresses, 
it shuts itself up in the so-called Calah, and impulsive action (from an external person, since 
the feeling of fear which cannot be understood, and an ax come, it riots suddenly) comes to 
be conspicuous It may adhere to some specific thing and specific things unusually. Sense of 
pitch, a character, a calendar, the timetable of a train, etc. In the field, in order to 
demonstrate gifted capability, the parents itself have misunderstanding in many cases with 
a "gifted child." So was the K (whole year child). It is taken to a certain Japanese father 
and mother, and came to my place. When met, father said like this. "If an inner son comes 
back from a kindergarten, he is gazing at the science video which a high school student 
looks at every day. Although I do not understand well, I think that an inner son has the 
infinite possibility. Therefore, would you teach the study of an elementary school for a while 
in a teacher's place?" Father was acting as the lecturer at the local university. I understood 
the K as the autistic child at a glance. A child's problem is not used as a mouth from my 
way in が and such cases. If it is the first meeting, it is still more so. I could not but refuse 
father's proposal carefully. 
Common sense which "those who do that it is バカ being バカ", and freedom raise (he has 
notes and no illustration) A fish does not go up on land. It does not go under a bird into 
water. If such a thing is done, it is because the fish and the bird know dying. It is called 
common sense to say so. 
 The same is said of man. Applying years to the extent that [ which is called several 100,
000 years ] he feels faint, man learned the common sense. It is not so difficult to get to 
know the common sense. What is necessary is just to listen to its heart calmly. Then, it 
understands. For example, the consideration to a man and easy serve as comfortable 
sound, and come to the heart on the contrary. However, a man is betrayed, or it becomes 
unpleasant sound for it to be sufficient just and to carry out a lie, and it comes to the heart 
on the contrary. 
 In a child's education, the common sense is valued first. Although surely a child becomes 
clever by knowledge or experience, a wise child never means such a child. A wise child will 
call it the child who often understands common sense. In the movie "Forrest Gump", 
mother of ガンプ has said like this. "Those who do that it is バカ are called バカ. (It is not 
the head) ". A child is made into "freedom" in order to make it the wise child. 
 That it is free means "It is based on oneself" from the first. Irresponsible noninterference 
is not referred to as free. That is, the child himself needs to choose your life, needs to have 
responsibility in the life, and say that it makes a living by its power. However, living, while 
being based on oneself is also a very solitary thing. What it can depend for is also the 
severe world [ say / himself ]. If it puts in another way, it will be referred to as bearing the 
loneliness and severity to live freely. If you say about a child, say that it is made the child 
who can bear the loneliness and severity. If it says more nearly plainly, such time when the 
child itself can gaze at himself calmly alone will be valued in a life. 

 The time does not exist in Japan of が and now. a school and a kindergarten -- just -- "--
" full of man If an English expression is borrowed, it is "the canned food of a sardine." 
Cancer cancer and television are applied until it sleeps, even if it returns to a house. Or the 
noise of a video game does not have 断え. It is so that just it is swept and thrown away, 
even if it makes it the number of friends. Having is even impossible even if he wants to have 
his time. Therefore, it is life is a shadow to gaze at oneself calmly etc. Parents also have 
misunderstanding with clever child equal sign and a wise child, and force a child study. Of 
such environment, a child is more senseless to the child of a gap still. Even distinction of 
that you may carry out as man and a bad thing will become impossible. Or though a bad 
thing is done, the consciousness itself of doing the bad thing is thin. Therefore, in depth, it 
will wait rapidly. 
 If a child considers calmly alone and draws a conclusion personally, even if it is contrary to 
parents' intention, a child's life is left to a child. This is the same even if a partner is a small 
child. Such a posture keeps a child's heart. And it brings up a child into a free man and the 
human being who had the common sense of the rich heart from the inside is born. 

PART, 2 

Child bringing-up 、 って, what. 
 If it considers how It says. 

 It is worried in it being uneasy .... 
With a fog near at hand which takes up a child's way, you may stop suddenly and may 
attach a sigh. 
って "which this child will become what" 
Or って "to raise how", wavering in fog. 
PART, 2 for you. 
 When finishing reading this book You are beyond [ the ]. The light of an exit should be 

溺愛児 of - 溺愛 mama which "is a teacher, me, and abnormalities" (he has no illustration) 

 The mother said, "Are they a teacher, I, and abnormalities?" if "daughter (whole year 
child) is sick and rests -- me -- it is glad I am glad to only think that it is near me. Even if it 
is in a master etc. and it is not, I feel that whichever is sufficient." I said like this responding 
to it. "It is unusual." 
 Now, the parents who 溺愛 a child are not new. There is no sense of distance between 
parents and a child. His child (seniority boy) bears the night and lonesomeness which were 
performed to stopping childcare, and a certain mother is not competent, and says that she 
wept the night out all night long. Moreover, another mother said like this. "When the dress 
which the son (junior high school student) soiled, and the arrival at the bottom are seen, it 
is, and I want to let [ it / pass ] くて and to come to press my cheek against a cheek." 
 Parents conclude that parents' own mental immaturity and an emotion-defect are in the 
background which 溺愛s a child. The fact that such a problem is in foundations and a 
marital relationship is followed to a bad difficulty of living and of having been blessed with 
the child with great difficulty etc. serves as a trigger, and parents come to run to 溺愛. 
Availing of a blood relation's death or accident, there are not few cases where it comes to 
溺愛 a child. And originally a child will be filled with all to the love which should be turned to 
a husband, a home and others, or society. The 溺愛 mama's typical conversation. "A does 
not go anywhere, interrupting "becoming [ what ] kana [ if the A becomes an adult ] ?" 
mother, and conversation toward a teacher and a child -- わ . It is エ in わ which is near a 
mama much. It is with エ -" so. 
 If parents 溺愛 a child, a child will become the so-called 溺愛児. It is gentle, and is gentle 
and there is no 覇気. Continuation (forever baby ぽい) of small-child nature and 
degradation nature (the life custom in which neither a promise nor a rule can be protected 
becomes untidy) are seen in many cases. being satisfactory -- although carried out gently, 
nuclear formation of character is overdue A "core" here says grip どころ. You may call it 
an outline. From a seniority child's middle, although a child shifts to a boy girl time, even if 
he becomes then, outline "this child is such children" is not visible to 溺愛児. It becomes 
large with infants. Therefore, I am calling it the "pet child" so that it may be the pet exactly 
embraced in the knee. 
 This type of child follows the following courses soon. One is a case which becomes an adult 
as it is. Although there was the drama "Fuyuhiko" before, it becomes so. After getting 
married, it is called "a mama and a mama", and it enters into mother's ふとん and sleeps. 
This is about 30% of the whole. Another is the reaction and a case which it comes to 反発 
toward parents violently soon. It is not ordinary rebounding. It is accompanied by intense 
intrafamily violence in many cases. Since he did not remove the Calah firmly, the shift time 
from an infants time to a boy girl time comes so. Therefore, most parents say like this and 
are confused. "It was a good child when small. Why is it such a child?" About 70% of the 
remainder [ this ] 
 The thing with a dear child is natural. Instinct makes it think so. Therefore, parents bring 
up a child. However, it is instinct to the last. a sexual desire and appetite -- the same -- 
instinct There is nothing to be addicted to the instinct. 

"What, this .... Ohara rule of that I want to look at parents' face" and noninterference in 
internal affairs                

  It does not interfere in others' child bringing up. There is an Ohara rule of noninterference 
in internal affairs in this world. That is, there is no world of "to say is one thing and to 
practice is another" as this world. There was such a thing. 
 With elementary school entrance near at hand, my elder sister's eldest son becomes 
acute nephrosis (kidney functional disorder), therefore will do urgent hospitalization in a 
general hospital in the city. Since the elder sister lived in 隣町, she came to this town by 
train every day, and went by the name of a bus from there to the hospital. Since it says 
that 4-5km of weights decreased for the reason even by the brother-in-law who came per 
week only several degrees, it turns out how it was serious. The eldest son was absolutely 
sent to hospital several months with quiet. 
 It came out and the elder sister made leaving hospital truly enough for an entrance 
ceremony with great difficulty with great difficulty. "-- the thought " passed to heavens by 
the entrance ceremony at any cost The thing in が and the first visit day. The teacher of 
charge call toed the elder sister to stop and said like this. "The child of your house is a left-
handed person. Since parents did not teach perfectly, it has become like this." it returns 
from a school -- on the way -- an elder sister -- about [ "left-handed person ] -- what -- 
that it is moved to tears moved to tears in ", and having been unavoidable -- saying . 
 Interfering in others' child bringing up, "upbringing has not become" or saying are those 
who are inexperienced in child bringing up mostly. When child bringing up is carried out 
personally, the difficulty is known well. And a mouth becomes heavier as it is known. 
generally -- it being alike, setting and not coming to consider -- child bringing up Such a 
scene is also in that "my crayon しん" (seven V beginning). 
 If only mother is doing yard cleaning, a two boys high school student will pass by. it -- 
seeing -- even seeing -- "-- what -- that かっこう being untidy . I want to see parents' 
face." Then, the high school students cry like this shortly. "What, this .... I want to see 
parents' face." even seeing -- if the direction is seen -- すけが of しん, and チンチン .... 
which is exposed and walks 
 Although the talk digressed for a while, a man does his child bringing up in each thought. 
Even if it is right and it is not right, the man is the man and is bringing up the child hard. If 
the earnestness is felt, don't criticize the man's child bringing up. If we say that we can do 
at most, it becomes the parents' body, and what makes the heart light is said, or there is 
nothing only by advising. This one principle through which it has pierced for 30 years exists 
with this me. Say that it does not point it out until it hears it from parents, though it has a 
problem to the child how. Temporarily, even if a partner says, "An inner child and how is it 
recently?", he throws back a question at once, saying "How it strikes and is then." That is, 
parents are wanting to know what to what extent, or it is made to put in sounding by doing 
so. Although it may be visible to a cold method of instruction apparently, it is also the 
manifestation of my respect to the parents who are doing child bringing up. 
 All the man's character is condensed by child bringing up. All concentrate the view of a 
thing, a criterion, thought, etc. there. Therefore, it is equal to criticizing the man itself to 
criticize a partner's child bringing up. Therefore, noninterference in internal affairs. I am 
pleased if you understand the weight of a meaning which this language has. 

- retribution "which my child does not allow, either" Buddhism shows like this. "

Retribution." Although it is the meaning that a cause and a result are in things, this is called 
"generation propagation" in the educational world. For example, if the child familiar to 
violence becomes parents, he will tend to become too violent parents. The child who 
experienced childcare refusal and home collapse is easy to fail in making a home, when it 
becomes parents. On the contrary, parents' clever child is clever generally. No, this will not 
be based on heredity rather than propagation. that is, child bringing up is good -- alike -- 
the price -- 悪しきに -- attach and say that it is easy to spread to a generation from a 
generation There are various examples. 
 A certain father was worrying, having embraced his daughter, saying "whether what is 
necessary is "whether to say now" and just to hold how much" and whether "whether do 
you hold and グセ to stick." There is [ that he is various and ] a situation and there was no 
experience held in parents. Or if another parents caught a trifling failure of a child 
exaggeratedly, they had hit the child. If I say "even if it carries out nothing to there", as for 
"eagle, the father abhors having mistaken. My child does not allow, either." The father also 
made it the misfortune and was growing at the unhappy home. 
 Supposing you are doing child bringing up and feel awkwardness and unnaturalness for 
somewhere, your own "親像" will be suspected. Probably, firm 親像 is not contained in you. 
If it says more, you are doing child bringing up now, while the thing "parents" has not known 
what thing it is. It is made only after child bringing up has in experience "it was raised." 
Speaking a little more directly, coming make child bringing up not by instinct but by 
 By the way, it is said that a clever chimpanzee is in the monkey center in Inuyama-shi of 
Aichi Prefecture. It is said that conversation is also made with man. But although it talked, 
pushing a switch even if it called it conversation, the chimpanzee became pregnant in 
summer of 1998. It is not that that the man of が and a breeding staff was worried. It was "
whether child bringing up is made to this chimpanzee sure enough" (Chunichi Shimbun). 
Personally, the animal by which artificial breeding was carried out cannot usually do child 
bringing up. it is said that a clever animal like a chimpanzee comes out still more, looks at its 
child in inside, and the parents who run from place to place are also in it It is and is [ a bowl 
and ] man. 
 Now, a main subject. Each man has each past. Although it is it, there are little people who 
had the perfect past as the premise. In other words, any men carry a certain heavy burden 
on the back, and are alive. When talking about child bringing up, the heart and the person 
who puts, there is, is wrapped by parents' love, and any inconvenience does not have, and 
grew up are rarer. That is, any men have each problem. Don't curse your past, just because 
there is no firm 親像. 
 Then, I want you to look back upon you. What child bringing up did you receive? That is, 
what 親像 is contained? Supposing "a dark portion" is in your past, it will be cut off by your 
代. Don't tell a child. A method is easy although the old man said it "severed cause and 
effect." What is necessary is just to notice the dark portion. Only by it, the greater part of 
this problem is solved. I want you to gaze at myself thoroughly at once. 

"-- also often, shame is written -- having made -- ! -- the crack of the house of " and the 
new building to worry 

 The crack of a newly built house is worried. Although I also bought a few note personal 
computers with the mail order the front, it had one pickpocket crack in the personal 
computer from the beginning. My it was worrisome and unavoidable then. So is child bringing 
up. If a child is juvenile, parents will become sensitive to child bringing up a certain degree. "
Although the teacher of an English classroom is an American, it is the second Japanese 
origin. " When carrying out to the visit secretly, it was playing alone in the sandbox. ヘン 
pronunciation keeps about the body." A next child and the next talk were " carried out 
during session. Suit bullying." There is no concentration." Although it is understood, if a 
degree is exceeded, the confidential relation of a teacher and parents itself will be 
destroyed. There are various cases. 
 The young teacher of a certain kindergarten was doing the thought at which the heart 
stops whenever the bell of a telephone rings. Moreover, another director of a certain 
kindergarten was shaking the hand, whenever the letter of the small envelope from one 
parents arrived. じて, the teacher who has taken the vacation over a long period of time, 
and the teacher who has been indebted to the doctor of psychiatry have much such a 
condition like this. One person and two persons are always also in a kindergarten of what. 
 If there are 30 students when it sees from a teacher although it may be the relation of 1 
to 1 through a child, if it sees from parents, it is 1 to 30. Even if it can cope with the 
grievance of one person or two persons, if all five four of it become, it will not go so. And 
there are no limits in parents' desire. Though the child who cannot do becomes common, 
parents say a complaint. If he is asked for perfection, a teacher and education will be better 
asked for perfection. And if trifles are made exaggerated, a teacher is condemned severely 
obstinately. the man of usually rich common sense -- things -- when it becomes a child's 
thing, there are many people who become irrational I also had various experiences. The " 
some other class has received four instruction per month. I was absent from the lesson 
during the consecutive holidays in May. My class is 3 times. There was father (dentist) who 
has said 補講." if I refuse it -- the parents -- "-- a front is sued for a fraud crime An eagle
's face is large. it is only an easy task to crush pre- work -- " Moreover, another day. I 
have father who was coming for the visit by chance help a lesson. However, the telephone 
call of a violent protest has been got from mother (wife) later. "-- also often, shame is 
written to an inner master -- having made -- !  It gives why! " It is not an ordinary 
telephone. Every day, moreover, each telephone continued ネチネチ and 1 hour or more 
every night. My wife also raised ネ to this telephone truly. Whenever there was sound of the 
bell of a telephone, the wife shook ワナワナ and the body. 
 The feeling that you want to tell the teacher of a garden or a school grievances of various 
is known well. Probably, there are also a complaint and dissatisfaction. However, abandoning 
it abandons the crack of a newly built house with サッ as a crack. He forgets to forget with 
サッ. Although it is important to get interested in a child's education, nervous fault concern 
makes recollections unsightly. For the health of yours yourself and a child, it is not good, 
either. Although it may be excessive, a child becomes brawny only after he becomes full of 
cracks. crack つく -- don't fear things my personal computer -- now -- a crack -- だらけ 
Although the cover was applied each time, now, it takes out at the time of the beginning on 
a desk, and it has no っぱ every day. However, user-friendliness became good hard. Child 
bringing up is the same as that of it. Now, I think so thoroughly. 

べ on which himself depends himself [ "mother changed into the distraction state and rioted
", and ] 

 Section 1 of 法句経 -- " -- べ on which himself depends himself himself -- おき -- it is 
based on whom -- べ -- there is " What is necessary is just to think that 法句経 is one of 
the primitive Buddhist scriptures which remain in Gautama Buddha's birth ground. A place [ 
he depends / "himself / for Gautama Buddha ]. Should you set yourself aside and on whom 
should depend?" [ the ] That is, it is teaching "Do your thing personally." 
 It will be called "freedom" when this Gautama Buddha's words are put in another way by 
one word. That it is free means "It is based on oneself" from the first. That is, that it is free 
says what "it considers personally, and acts personally and responsibility is personally taken 
for." It is not called freedom to make a selfish thing wayward. The foundations of child 
bringing up are in this "freedom." 
 A child is freed in order to make a child become independent. Mother of the type called が 
and so-called excessive-meddling mama does not allow it. Even if a teacher speaks to a 
child, it interrupts from width immediately. 
 " It is my おばあ's house and is しょ. Going [ "yesterday / to where ]-toward I and child 
kana" mother, and width から My おばあ's house. It is しょ right [ that ]. だった et al. -- say 
so -- " -- me -- again -- a child -- going -- "pleasant kana" mother -- again -- 
interrupting -- "-- pleasant -- わ . It is しょ right [ that ]. だった et al. -- say so -- " 
 This type of mother has deep-rooted distrust to the child. The distrust changes a figure 
and serves as excessive meddling. Big vexations may cause excessive meddling. A certain 
mother married the present husband reluctantly. Therefore, whenever some children failed, 
he was scolding violently, saying "if when comes, you come that it can do perfectly." 
 Next, mother of the type called overprotection mama does not make a child come out of 
a conclusion personally. Or it is not made to act personally. It is the overprotection in 
mentality to have big influence on a child, although various overprotection occurs. It is "not 
wanting to make it play with a violent child", and child bringing up is carried out only under 
parents' protection. A child becomes unripe mentally and becomes ひ弱. It becomes the 
child of the type the "greenhouse plant" said commonly. If it takes out outside, he will catch 
cold immediately. 
 Furthermore, 溺愛 type mother does not make a child take responsibility. There is no 
fence between himself and a child. It has a view which is called himself equal sign and child. 
A certain mother said like this. "It will be cut by the impulse he also wants to jump in into it 
and to hit a partner's child if children are seen quarreling." Moreover, another mother is a 
thing his son (inside 2) started the case of bodily injury, and was directed for and to solve. It 
said at the police that a partner's child was worse to the last last, and did not yield 1 step. 
The person who was on that occasion and united with it by chance said, "Mother will be in a 
distraction state, ワーワー is screamed, or a desk is pounded, and a hand was not attached.

 Himself is made to depend himself's thing. Although it may be visible to cold child bringing 
up apparently, the foundations of child bringing up should make a child become independent. 
ふみ ずs the starting point and there cannot be no child bringing up. 

" .... Child who does" and going-home refusal what it should carry out 

 Only truancy becomes a problem, and although it is conspicuous, the children of going-
home refusal are increasing in number at almost same rate as it. The S's (whole year child) 
mother has held such a consultation. "If the time which returns in a kindergarten comes, an 
inner child will go to somewhere. Then, it is if a telephone call is got from a teacher and I 
want you to pick up from now on. What should it carry out?" 
 Then, if you meet a teacher and the talk is heard, although it is to return by "bus, if the 
time comes, the inside of the reverse side of a kindergarten building or a cooking room etc. 
will hide to somewhere each time. Then, although searched all together, the departure time 
of a bus will be overdue like every day by favor." I heard the talk and judged it as "going-
home refusal." Although there are various causes, if it says plainly, the home has not 
achieved the function as a home .... It is suspected first. 
 A child has the three worlds. A "home", and "a garden and a school." It is "the 
companionship world with a friend" to it. Although these third world is still small in the case 
of a small child, naturally a domestic role also changes as the specific gravity of "a garden 
or a school" becomes large. Moreover, you have to change. A child comes to cure in a 
home the heart which got tired in the outer world, and crack ついた心. That is, a home 
must be "the place of peacefulness." が and mother do not understand it. The S's mother 
always also said like this. "I value upbringing at home so that a child may not write shame 
with the outer world." 
 Head" of a Japanese pumpkin is in a U.S. proverb from the cushion of "velvet. That is, 
although it says that the way having sat down on the head of a Japanese pumpkin feels at 
ease rather than a man's being needed on the cushion of velvet, originally a home seems to 
be the head of the Japanese pumpkin. Do you ピリピリ and why can mind be rested, as for a 
child? Then, there is such an easy testing method. 
 When your child comes back from a garden or a school, he wants you to observe how and 
where mind is rested. Before you are, so that mind may be rested, if, you and a child are in 
very good human relations. However, it is fond, and if mind is rested in the place in which 
you are not present or a sight of you is caught, so that it may escape to somewhere, as 
long as, you and a child may judge that it is in a quite dangerous state. When it becomes 
severe to a slight degree, it will be called going-home refusal here and also running away 
from home. 
 Although the talk digressed for a while, a schoolchild also has going-home refusal again 
also at a junior-and-senior-high-schools student. Going-home time is unnaturally late. 
Stopping on the way and a detour are carried out like every day. Or if I understand that 
there are much going out and staying out and there are, this going-home refusal will be 
suspected. There is a case where it goes for a house to be narrow and to always play 
outside, and while a child is unconscious, he acts for avoiding a disagreeable thing. Also as 
for going-home refusal, one of the thoughts of a house being "disagreeable" and "it not 
being interesting" leads to surroundings まわって and going-home refusal but. When the 
reverse side is returned and said, your home will be called home where it is even wonderful 
that a child comes back from a garden or a school in bright voice every day, saying "It is ! 

If [ "if it says so ...." ], and child bringing up are a conditioned reflex 

 When bringing up a child, he plans to teach a child how to bring up a child (if it to see from 
you grandchild), and it raises into him. When you scold a child, he plans to teach a child how 
to scold a child (grandchild), and you scold. Although this is the Ohara rule of child bringing 
up, it does not work so. Many parents say like this. Although it understands in "head, when it 
becomes on that occasion, it keeps as カッ just and is with ". Just like that. There are those 
[ no ] who consider child bringing up one by one, and do it. If it says plainly, child bringing up 
is the lump of a conditioned reflex. It is not said that a conditioned reflex is bad. Since there 
is this conditioned reflex, most actions of man flow smoothly. For example, when gaining the 
glass on a desk, there are those [ no ] who think "whether do you take on the right or will 
take on the left", whether "whether do you hold the way on a glass or to hold the lower one
", etc., and do. Even if it considers nothing, a hand is extended and holds a glass. While it is 
unconscious, it does so. Problems are the contents of the conditioned reflex. It is 
satisfactory if it is a good conditioned reflex. For example, when a child fails in something, it 
becomes a child's position immediately and "OK ?" is heard. However, there is also a bad 
conditioned reflex. the time of a child failing in something similarly -- "-- if when comes -- 
you -- calling it " and hitting a child on the head with バシッ etc. If such conditioned 
reflexes every-day-ize, your child's heart will be distorted certainly. Character is also 
 Then, supposing it meets (i.e., if the bad conditioned reflex has every-day-ized), it will lurk 
in [ your ] own and the "vexations" which pulls [ you ] the wires from the reverse side will 
be explored. Something must be. For example, your child may be a child born before wishing. 
It attached to something by the first child, and possibly was as anxious continuation as 
uneasy. Or possibly your child was always the kind of disappointment for you. It may be said 
that it becomes unpleasant whenever the child has inherited your disagreeable character 
and it is displayed to him. it does not ハキハキ -- it is impudent -- how to carry out a reply 
does not eat on a its mind He has school education inferiority complex and there was also 
an indescribable person cut uneasily only by a child's results falling for a while merely. There 
is also such a case. a certain father and a son (smallness 3) -- it will become a large quarrel 
immediately by trifles but It is だ even if relations are good until just before it. Father said 
like this. "I am seen for the eyes which made people バカ. It cannot be allowed. then, " -- 
what and its eyes If you scold for ", I will be disregarded and its face will be turned away. 
Then, it will be quarreling." A son is a son and says, "Papa gets angry immediately." Then, 
when the talk was further asked to father, "if it says so ...." was said and it spoke about 
such a thing. The father was troubled by bullying at the time of a high school student. The 
partner who teases says that he was carrying out the same eyes. That is, it had become 
 As a matter of fact, it is simple so that man's heart may be complicated apparently. A 
conditioned reflex is not lost if vexations are not explored. If it realizes what が and its 
vexations are, it will come out so much and the conditioned reflex will disappear. What is 
necessary is just to explore the vexations at once, supposing you under those 
circumstances say that you have repeated the always bad conditioned reflex. Why does it 
repeat the same thing? A problem is solved although some time is taken the back. 

"If it is peace till then when it is love ....", it will --domestic-child-bringing-up-war. 

 There was an overprotection clearly child (whole year boy). A cause is an old woman. then, 
a certain day -- since mother had picked up by chance, it said to the mother like this "The 
way separated from my おばあ for a while is certainly." the old woman was alike all over 
and was loving the child It is in order that が and this word may become the trigger of a 
large disturbance after that! 
 And one month after. Mother came to the kindergarten by signs that it was tired 
completely. too much -- it changed, it was surprised like and I said like this that I spoke, 
saying "whether what is the matter" Under [ it is serious from "disagreeable あ, a teacher, 
and that ]. grandparents and separation -- otherwise, it will be called divorce and 
grandparents will live in separate houses after all -- " if it is other things -- at any rate -- 
parents -- things -- a compromise will not be reached if it becomes a child's thing There 
was also such a thing. 
 The old man was a very affable and gentlemanly person. If it is heard later, it will be said 
that it was acting as the teacher of a junior high school. The old man is what reason, or 
adhered to the D's (seniority child) entrance examination unusually. "It will be troubled if I 
do not have a grandchild go into A elementary school also as a teacher and what." I have 
not understood the old man's feeling. "Those who will exist also with a former teacher are ? 
why." が, a certain day, and its reason were found. The old man talked like this. The D's 
father was doing 勤務医 in Hamakita-shi of 隣町. Supposing the D enters A elementary 
school, the D will circulate from the old man's house to an elementary school. The D is 
returning to the basis of the parents of Hamakita-shi, if a school cannot be がed and 
entered. However, it became just before the entrance examination and the situation 
changed suddenly. It began to be violently opposed to parents receiving an entrance 
examination. My place has also got the telephone call from father. "It wants without 
interfering about the education of my home from now on. A son is with since it decided to 
send to the local elementary school of Hamakita-shi." 
 This incident is after half a year, although it was finished as it. Then, although the old man 
was on the bicycle, when he passed by car, it was haggard like another person and he was 
seen. There has already been no figure which was triumphantly taken to the kindergarten 
and which was made into that ハツラツ anywhere, pulling a back scratcher. When it is heard 
later, it is after half a year further. The old man says that he has passed away with some 
illnesses. For the old man, grandchild bringing up was a thing more than definite aim in life (i.
e., the "life" itself). 
 It scrambles for a grandchild and there are those who are developing a sublime domestic 
war among parents without limit. However, such a miserable example is also in a world. I 
want you to consider as your own thing at once rather than an example. If it is you, what 
does it really carry out in such cases? 
 A certain grandparents had one person's like the apple of its eye grandchild. が and its 
grandchild suited the traffic accident. Although it was saved when performing an operation, 
the bride was opposed to the operation stubbornly. The bride was a certain religion religious 
group's eager believer. In the religious group, it is teaching so that an operation may be 
refused. " Such instruction has not been carried out. Once I check into a religious group 
however, if it is an eager believer, it may refuse himself -- a thing [ " ] Anyway, the 
grandchild has died of it.  
 The grandfather said like this and blocked language. "Although considered [ that a bride's 
religion is not so bad, either, if it is peace when it is love, and ] till then" .... 
Child with - nature "returned for striking in あんた etc." (he has no illustration) The 
strong self which is going to pierce through its intention is called nature. If there is even this 
nature, it will become somehow in this world. If this nature does not exist on the contrary, 
even if it has the good talent and good brains with much trouble, it will be buried in society 
in the view of life made into ナヨナヨ. 
 A certain boy (seniority child) is a restaurant, and suggested "One more sheet and pizza 
are eaten." then -- if mother says, "make it by the elder brother and halves" -- "one 
sheet is surely eaten" although mother abandoned it and an order for one more sheet was 
placed -- the child -- ヒーヒー 言 -- it is said that it ate without moving from its seat 
Mother was laughing it as "the thing also with an adult serious [ two sheets ]" later. 
 moreover, a certain kindergarten -- a teacher -- a one boy (whole year child) -- "あんた 
etc. -- already -- Return to inside! it was called " -- at the time Although the teacher only 
said so with the intention of a light threat, the child stole a teacher's eyes, slipped out of 
the classroom, and has walked and returned to a house. A teacher did not think that he 
returned truly by no means, either. Mother was also laughing "Even if he walks on grown-up 
foot, it takes 1 hour." Such children are called tenacious child. 
 The self. It considers with not the viewpoint of not raising but the viewpoint to pull out of 
crushing to raise. That is, it is concluded that any children are equally endowed with self 
from the first. It is like the sparrow which hangs about at the yard. If that sparrow et al. 
steals the eye of a dog, it steals dog food. Just since man also had such brawniness, we 
were able to survive the long years no less than what 100,000 years. 
 The parents of が many will crush the self. The perfect principle of excessive meddling, 
fault concern and overbearing child bringing up, or parents and also parents' emotion 
uneasiness crush a child's self. It is also unsavory that parents build a plan and apply to the 
plan. A child becomes small and only the part which became small has self dampened. 
 In order to pull out self on the contrary, although there is a child, he accepts as first. And 
as is accepted although it is. It can do, and even if が is good and it is bad, it is convinced in 
"This is an inner child." あ - If it says more clearly, it will come. -- め and る. Although it 
may be visible to random child bringing up apparently, a child is the random portion and 
lengthens feather. Its self is pulled out. 
 However, stubborn は区別 is carried out with self here. It shuts itself up in its Calah and it 
is referred to as stubborn to become stubborn. For example, unless a certain boy (seniority 
child) was the same seat, he did not sit down by any means in a kindergarten. Moreover, 
another boy (seniority child) did not greet the teacher of a person to meet once [ free ] for 
two years. It is said that saying so is stubborn. 
 Moreover, that it is selfish distinguishes self. claiming, "why doesn't an elder brother buy 
me before this that I had OO bought?" -- self Buy it! however, a reason -- there is nothing 
-- "-- be -- buy it --""-- be fastidious -- it will be said that it is selfish to scream " In 
the case of a small child, as [ my ] usually copes with it by the method of ignoring. It pierces 
through the posture "nobody does stripes to a partner even if it says as [ my ]." 

"It is an excessive busybody", sublime intrafamily violence (he has no illustration) 

 The T was my former student. Both parents were acting as the teacher of a junior high 
school. I used the T's (inside 2) of the rumor as the ear for the first time in 7 or 8 years. 
The man of the neighboring house is because it was my student's parents by chance. "
Mother resigned the teacher of a junior high school". [ "it is said the reason, "all of the door 
in a house and glass are removed", and that father and mother crawl and pass when it 
passes along a passage", and ] I visualized sublime intrafamily violence into the head. 
 The T was understanding good "a good child (?)." Even if the shovel was seized in the 
sandbox, the easy and always gentle smile was floated by the child who hands as it is. 
However, having applied a film always like モヤ to the T's heart worried me. 
 Although often misunderstood, when calling it "a gentle child" in the world of early 
childhood education, the thing of the child who can express considering or his considering 
straight is said. It is obedient and a gentle child never means an understanding good child. 
Rather, in order for this type of child to accumulate the stress received in the heart inside 
inside and to be crowded, he tends to distort the heart. The T was just such a type of child. 
 condition is opposite -- but -- however, putting on this intrafamily violence and same 
rank, and considering stays home and comes out It unites with the condition of staying 
home into a house, and the inversion phenomenon of night and daytime and which apathetic 
and expressionless condition appear. However, since the heart is always in a strain state, it 
gets angry explosively as a start carried out suddenly, or it riots. If symptoms develop at 
boyhood, it will not go to a school as it is, and will become in many cases. Too, he plays "a 
good child" in the outer world so that this type of child is not trusted, either. 
 There are such recollections about the T of the. It is a thing when I try to tell mother 
distortion of the T's heart. No, there was such a thing before it at once. When I was having 
a class in another classroom of a kindergarten, the T always slipped out of his classroom 
secretly, and he came to my classroom and was learning. The T's charge often came for 
take return. Then, a certain day and I telephoned the T's mother. "Isn't my classroom sent?
" It wants without the T's mother getting angry violently and inviting to "kitchen responding 
to it. Since a thing called an inner educational object is in inside ".! However, the T does for 
a while from it, and he came to come to my classroom. I think that it is because the T 
pressed as "My want to go" at home. I taught the T during half a year henceforth. 
 At the time [ come out and / how / to tell the "distortion" ] the bottom Mother said like 
this. "What is necessary is only to carry out that we are asking あんた of you." That is, "it 
is an excessive busybody." 
 Distortion of a child's heart is known at as early time as possible, and it is good to cope 
with it. However, it is actually next to impossible. Even if it makes it us who point out, there 
is illusion of "supposing it is wrong ...." A nothing-is-wrong policy [ say / "it will let it go past 
somehow as it is" ] is also committed. Whatever it may say [ が and ], the parents itself do 
not have the consciousness. There is also no knowledge. Every man cannot but carry out till 
the place to which it gets, and cannot but notice personally. Such a field surely hangs 
around education. 

"バカ -- what -- !  mistake the relations with" and parents -- prudent 

 In the educational world, only 1 word sometimes often becomes a big problem. Such an 
incident was a certain elementary school. The teacher of the school has slid one mother on 
the mouth suddenly, saying "there are バカ parents by whom four are giving the child to the 
private school." Although the word "バカ" has been used, the teacher is not new nowadays, 
if it is about four private schools. It is a coaching school etc. to a swimming class and an 
abacus private school in an English classroom. Then, each parents regarded their thing as 
having said, and it has developed into the large disturbance which involved in the board of 
education. The teacher cannot but come to change to another school in the middle of a 
term of office after all. There are が and experience which resembled this in fact also at 
 During the consecutive holidays in May, mothers were accompanied by children and have 
been to the day ズニー land. Although it was it, when he met the one after person's mother, 
I asked, "Did you go?" Then, the mother is with "it did not go." Then, I put the thought (it 
was crowded during consecutive holidays and probably it was probably serious), and have 
said, "Was it wise?" が and this talk have spread over all mothers within a night. and the 
talk bends by somewhere -- having -- "-- if ヤツ which took the child to the day ズニー 
land during the consecutive holidays in May is バカ -- that -- し was already laughing -- it 
will be called " The terrible group of mothers of an attitude came to my place after several 
days. "バカ -- what -- !  Mistake! " 
 When it comes to mothers' trouble, it is an everyday occurrence. It is not new to become 
a large quarrel of to have said and "not saying", either. And once it becomes [ this world 
and ] complicated, it will become complicated thoroughly. There is a case where mothers' 
trouble is a lawsuit, now really at the elementary school with in the city. 
 Then, teachings. You should make the relations with parents indifferent like water. If it can 
do, it is on an office target. It is necessary minimum if it can do. And although this is 
important, the slander of a teacher or other parents does not say. It is not heard. And it 
does not chime in. it will travel to other men who struck when chiming in by coming out as 
language which you said this time "That Mr. Hayashi had also said so." 
 Ugly human being's drama is flying about under the water surface, calling it education. And 
since there is a "child" in between, it does not forgive mutually. Just it develops desperate 
and desperate fighting. Even when nine of 10 persons are honest, one person has those who 
are not honest. Those [ these ] that are not honest enlarge trouble. Supposing が and it 
cannot bypass the relations with such a man, either .... It carries out like this then. 
 "A partner considers your thing, as he considers a partner" is in the proverb of Britain. 
That is, if you regard the partner as "It is a good person", a partner will also come to 
regard your thing as "It is a good person." If it thinks "it is a disagreeable person" with it 
being opposite, a partner will also come to think "he is a disagreeable person." Therefore, in 
the educational world where the child was involved, I always regard a teacher and parents 
as "It is a good person." Only a partner's good field is seen and it is praised. In short, don't 
make an enemy in this world. At any rate, although repeated repeatedly, if it is the thing in 
other worlds, because the child is involved in between, it considers there carefully and it 

"ウルサイ" "to study" and vanity, face, appearance 

 It is appearance to vanity, face, and it. Although each is the same, these three distort 
home training. If the reverse side is returned and it will be released from these three, almost 
all troubles that coil round home training will be canceled. First, vanity. There was mother 
who declared "A person is estimated by this H city at a graduate high school." "Therefore, 
surely, an inner child will be troubled, if I do not have you go into A high school." However, if 
it adheres to vanity, parents will be in pain, and a child is also in pain more than it. 
 Next, face. A certain mother did not attend entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade 
school another round-table conference in a junior high school "since it is shameful," once. 
Moreover, another mother accompanied by car the thing of since a child enters a high 
school, and every morning. "Since he does not want a neighboring man to see a child's 
uniform" seemed to be the reason. Moreover, after changing into the uniform every morning 
near the station, there were some children who went to school. が and such postures 
damage a child's pride. A child is made mean. 
 It is appearance to the last. The parents adhering to vanity or face come to patch up 
appearance soon. There were parents who said "I have an inner child surely take an 
entrance examination for A high school." if I say, "I think that it is impossible" -- "I want to 
make once the form where it took and slid on such a place" Somehow, although "type" is 
made into the method of preparation, many joys-and-sorrows plays are born from here. 
Even if the human being of a position like me says, "The world does not care about your 
thing so much", he is useless. They are being hallucinated as if this type of parents were 
travelling the world focusing on themselves. or the inside of the world is observing itself -- 
as if -- it is hallucinated 
 らべ which an acorn will disobey if it considers. Although it will be A high school and it will 
be C high school, it is only the rank of the very small town of a very small country called 
Japan again. Even if it makes it a planet called this earth, if it sees from the universe, isn't it 
existence like garbage? The model of the sun and the earth has decorated my room. the 
sun -- a ball with a diameter of 15cm -- then, the earth -- and it is only a ball with a 
diameter of 0.5mm (1mm half!) in the place when it was about 10m away Nevertheless, if 
the time comes, many parents will make desperate efforts taking-an-examination war of a 
 However, a word. Those who hang down from school education and are alive come to be 
troubled with the school education after all. a certain father -- things -- it boasted of its 
graduate high school for every ある "Is golf considered as the fellow student friend of A high 
school in the next time which meets so?" The thing his son (inside 3) will call soon high 
school taking an examination still more although its graduate high school name is indirectly 
woven in into conversation and to solve. However, the child did not have the power. Since 
there was nothing, the parents became ハメ which experiences pain in hell in vanity and 
face that much. The father and son had almost repeated the large confused fighting of "
study" and "ウルサイ" every night. 
 This vanity and face. if the method of fighting with appearance is in it, it has a view of life [ 
say / "I am me and a man is a man" ] -- 以外にな . が and this are not easy things. A view 
of life is such a thing, and it is unestablishable in a short period of time. 

"あんた carries out teacher ヅラ.... They are " and nihilism [ 10% of ] (he has no illustration) 

 Next, after taking out an admission report to the music studio into which it goes, it says to 
the teacher till then like this. "Although he wants to consult by the future thing of a teacher 
and an inner child" .... However, a child cannot do a secret. It will tell a teacher in a certain 
form. "It will go into B classroom shortly. a mama -- a teacher -- secret -- エ -- " A 
teacher's heart is crack つく thoroughly at such a time. 
 There is the word 10% of "nihilism" in this world. However it may be devoted to education, 
10% of the last means that it sets for the reason of itself. Otherwise, this world, the body, 
and the heart will be made into ズタズタ. For example, there is the drama "golden 8 teacher
" whom Tetsuya Takeda plays. Although he plays an always wonderful teacher, such 
teacher cannot exist actually. It is like a detective and a villain exchanging shots with a van 
van with a pistol in a criminal drama exactly, as for it. Although it is interesting as a drama, 
it is a drama to the last. Oh, it sees saying, and it is troubled if I have an illusion have "This 
is the teacher of an ideal." Dusky human being's desire is whirling in the undercurrent, calling 
it "education and education." Now, the education itself is commercializing. There is even a 
vending machine theory. "If money is paid, education will come out automatically." In fact, if 
admission is refused on the convenience of the side which can be set and is taught in いこ
塾, parents will oppose it violently. "Doesn't an inner child have you put in why?" The 
teacher of a certain private school talked like this. "When refusing admission, parents got 
angry as if they were also at the department store at selling refusal." 
 Isn't it called "tread on a worm and it will turn" from ancient times? It can set how much 
and the teacher of いこ塾 has not worked only for money, either. If "Teach since gold is paid
" is said, the zeal itself to teach will disappear. In inside, the parents who do not accept a 
teacher's character at all are also. I also have such experience. Then, I am doing something 
else [ something ] and have not noticed it. Overwork has abolished the hearing ability of 左
耳 completely exactly at the beginning of 30 generation owing to at the time. There is also 
that and the girl (seniority child) has not noticed having greeted me. mother be trying to get 
and do が and it got angry "Doesn't あんた carry out teacher ヅラ and can't a child do a 
greeting, either?" There is nothing so then. The telephone call has been got also from the 
night and father. The " crack was attached to an inner daughter's heart. A reason, Carry 
out somehow! " If I ask how what is necessary is just to carry out", since I will take a 
daughter "tomorrow, bow and mistake the head by " in front of a daughter." 

 such parents -- a part -- coming out -- being certain -- an imitation -- it is actually If it 
is at all, those who are called teacher cannot throw away 10% of nihilism. this -- the 
teacher of a garden or a school -- it can set and there is also no teacher of いこ塾 No, I 
can set and can have a student stop as a final means in いこ塾. However, the teacher of a 
garden or a school does not get it. Since it cannot do, the shifting the strain will gather in 
the place of the teacher of the spot. When it can say dignifiedly, "I do not want to teach in 
a child of the parents who can do spoiling like you etc.", is also a teacher that mind is easy 
however? If it thinks that it will work now in the educational world .... This point cannot be 
written here. I want the portion of this "...." to consider for yourself, a reader. 
"head -- the inside of ボコボコ and a face, and" full of birthmarks and the child 
abused Afternoon on a certain Sunday. The one child (smallness 5 boy) 
has run into the kindergarten. The I who is acting as the director of a kindergarten in Fuji-
shi spoke about the situation at that time like this. "When seen, the head was full of 
birthmarks among ボコボコ and the face. it cries -- also coming out -- nothing and the 
body were shaken with ワナワナ -- " It is abuse. Although it escaped, probably, the suitable 
place for others was not thought of. The child has escaped to the kindergarten which had 
passed a long time ago. 
 A scholar called カナー defines abuse as follows. (1) Too much hostility, coolness and (2) 
perfect principle, (3) compensatory overprotection. Compensatory overprotection here says 
the overprotection based on parents' ego in which he wants to have his way not the original 
overprotection rooted in love but a child under his rule. the result child -- (1) love 
starvation (state which was hungry for love), (2) coercion tendency (frightened as if 
something was always coerced), and (3) emotion ---like -- condition, such as being 
immature (control of feeling not being performed), is shown, and it comes to take various 
problem action 
 The I talked like this. "The child is one person of the inside which is twins and was 
produced. The other was a girl. It seemed that mother disliked only the son remarkably by 
the fatherless family." me -- "-- the big vexations between mother and a child -- probably 
it was -- if " is asked -- "isn't it because" the husband from whom the boy was probably 
divorced, and a face and a situation were similar? 
 As a reason parents abuse a child, as for a scholar called ホルネイ, the (1) parents itself 
have an obstacle. (2) The child is parents' heavy burden. (3) The child is the kind of 
disappointment for parents. (4) Parents are immature in emotion and four of 、s which are a 
means for a child solving a problem are raised. it -- anyway, when calling it abuse, it says 
that the extent is over the range of corporal punishment Also in the I's case, mother is a 
bat and had beaten a son's head. If it says plainly, a thing just before killing will be done. And 
the crack in which a child is deep not only to the body but the heart with a natural thing is 
undertaken. The girl who is continuing grinning at one person during study (smallness 2). The 
groan voice like an animal was raised every night, and there was a girl (smallness 3) who was 
running about the neighborhood. 
 Made it better [ to separate parent and child from how a problem is solved in such 
cases ]. Although there is also a method of putting into protection institution by instruction 
of a board of education, it is not easy so in fact. since father and the child were separated 
compulsorily halfway -- father -- "-- a front is killed even if it starts throughout life -- 
there is also a teacher of the school threatened " Or even if it dissociates with much 
trouble, mother is irresolute and there are also father who uses violence, and a case which 
has repeated り which returned り separate enough. 
 if a conclusion is said -- even if -- between parents and children -- it can do -- と -- but 
society should have recognition that one-sided violence is a crime And educational facilities 
and the police are moved by such a premise. Only this problem is another although I wrote "
the principle of noninterference in internal affairs" in this column some day. What is 
necessary is just to notify a nearby child guidance clinic, if a child is seen abused. The " 
child guidance clinic will be better since it surely becomes exaggerated. Although there is 
also a method of "the police ...." The thing of the way of it coping with it pertinently" (S 
elementary school N principal). 

"Once it is good, please make it meet", and crack つく children 

 Mother of a certain day and the F (seniority child) came to the kindergarten. And my 
lesson was surely said that I want you to make it visit. If I refuse it, mother would burst into 
tears and will have bent the body in the place of a door. It attached, and the lady (mother's 
elder sister) who has accompanied also pressed me as "since it is good at once." It was not 
able to be made が and me what, either. The F had new mother then. The mother was 
mother and was desperate to hold the F's heart. The F's grandmother also made sure "
Even if there is such a thing temporarily, it never wants without making former mother meet
" repeatedly. However, the reason which I was not able to make mother visit suited 
 The disturbance which results there although the kitchen of those who are divorced is 
divorced is crack つける about a child's heart. There was such a thing. The solved thing 
which passed a certain Japanese J (whole year child) of the paper, saying "Draw a picture." 
The J has smeared away deep-black with the crayon. Then, once again, if paper is passed, 
the paper will have been painted out similarly. When he scolded lightly, it ひっくり返してed 
and waited for the desk on foot this time. If the reason is later asked to mother, as for "
fruit, the previous night and a husband will disappear.... It is with ". 
 As general principles, a child shows very strong adaptation power as change of 
environment, such as a move. However, to change of love, it is brittle. Although it is 
satisfactory if a quarrel between husband and wife is also carried out in a certain fixed 
frame, if the frame is exceeded, it will have big influence on a child. The view of a thing 
makes it coarse. Control of feeling becomes impossible. The condition similar to the 
childcare refusal child and the home collapse child may be shown. However a certain child 
(seniority boy) might be scolded by the teacher, he did not spill even a tear, connecting a 
mouth to キッ. The natural feeling expression itself will be pressed to death himself. and "
commonly referred to as that it becomes chronic -- becoming perverse -- condition -- " 
comes out me -- "-- whom -- it is -- this -- a crayon -- a rose -- a rose -- having 
carried out -- a thing -- " -- a child -- "-- the body -- being caught -- having fallen -- " 
-- me -- "-- it is -- if -- gather -- child "peculiarity dropped before this also in teacher" I 
"-- .. -- " -- . [ "should be gathered since you dropped even if it placed" ] [" child "bad 
since teacher puts on such place" I ] 
 They are one more general principles to it. Even once [ only ], the more the shock is large, 
the more the big crack like [ recovery does not stick ] is attached to a child's heart. The 
lady who is 失語症 was before introduced in the report program of NHK but (about [ 20 
years old ]). She has witnessed that parents are slaughtered at hand at the age of about 
10. Since then, it is said that voice has stopped coming out. Although it is the tragedy which 
occurred in Sarajevo under wartime, there is a case similar to this without limit. So was the 
F who raised to the beginning in fact. When it met, the strong 自閉 tendency was shown 
from から. It was not going to move about here and there freely, and was never going to 
open the heart from itself. Even if that a meaningless soliloquy continues being called ボソボ
ソ etc. addresses, the conversation itself does not gear. an I "weather" F"refrigerator top 
good today -- a dragonfly -- " Suddenly, the queer voice was raised, it might run about in 
the classroom and my hand might be bit. If mother catches such a sight, what does the 
mother think? It was not able to be shown to me. I separated and said to ぎわ and its 
mother like this. "It is good even if it is not worried. The F is with since it is doing vigorously 

"-- rather than it makes two persons' ダ 作 -- a child -- one person"- frightful -- it school
-education-believes in 

 There is a person absorbed in a child's education with the energy of a frightful like. Also of 
my memory, the number one was the E (mother). When the E was wrong in grading of a 
teacher, he went to the school and was making it correct by a son's (smallness 3) test. That 
is right when results fall. The teacher was harassed also to where with "the method of the 
results beginning is amusing." The E of the and mouth グセ are always the same. "school 
education being [ it / the passport of life ]" "-- rather than it makes two persons' ダ 作 -- 
a child -- one person -- ", "a child putting in at any universities, if it educates firmly from 
infancy" in, etc. Specifically, the E used the name of the "University of Tokyo" as the 
mouth. The E of the and I lived in the same neighborhood a long time ago. If the E came for 
play to my house, he improved a son's boastful account. 
 When the son became the fifth grader in an elementary school, the E sent the son to the 
cram school in the city. although the E did not have the license of a car till then -- the 
object for accompanying of a private school -- と -- license was taken and the low 
displacement car was purchased Furthermore, although it was medieval times, even the 
copy machine purchased, and it prepared for the study of a private school. The place in 
character with [ although it is an everyday occurrence if it is of this level ] the E from here. 
When the son was absent from the private school with cold etc., the E went to the private 
school instead, and he received the lesson. And it had teaching materials and prints to the 
house, and returned. Although the thing to which I will usually accustom and to say was not 
told to a man, for the E, it was also a boastful account. It said to me like this. "With the 
teaching materials of a private school, I am doing the individual lesson." The son could do 
and that が was good accelerated the E's educational heat. Although it was not so rich a 
home, it was made to participate in a summer camp and a homestay outside the country 
like an every year. The English-conversation teaching materials which carry out a set of no 
less than 300,000 yen have been purchased. 
 The solved thing to which the son became high school one year. I met E Mr. husband and 
wife by chance at the station. The E floated the smiling face on the whole face, and he said 
like this. As for ", the Hayashi and the son went into A high school. It is the favor of 猛勉強.
" First, there are no parents who use a son's entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade 
place as a mouth so. me -- "-- あ -- it was as hard as possible to have answered it as " 
When seen suddenly, the E's husband is the fine face which is not, and removed the look 
from me. It remained in the heart that the E and whose husband were contrastive too much 
 If the E is seen, some will be considered to be education to there. Or some will be 
considered to be the E's life to there. Though believed in, there are some persons who 
believe in while maintaining oneself, and there is a person devoted to it. The E is just the 
blind belief person of school education faith. They are not only が and it. The more a man 
believes one thing blindly, it is the sword to return and, the more he says toward a partner, "
You are wrong." Or such an attitude is taken. A thing is considered only with its measure 
and it says, "So should be you." It makes a surrounding person unpleasant. 
 It is not said that school education faith is useless. Thanks to the school education, there 
are those who are living a graceful life [ leisurely ] without limit really. It soothes and divine 
favor is larger than a げな religion. Moreover, certain. It is not wonderful, even if there are 
parents devoted to a child's studying for an examination, if there is such reality at all. 
However, only as for this, to memorize is good. The case which succeeds like the E does not 
have one in 10. The 9 remaining goes wrong. And a mostly miserable result is caused. School 
education faith is such a thing. 

"-- it is nothing in a sex etc. after all -- nothing -- " and the unusual sex consciousness 

 The girls' high school student 4 persons who came for play to inside tell that he goes to 
drive to spring vacation. It is my former student wholly. Then, if the talk is heard, three 
persons will say that the teacher of a high school and one more person go with the adviser 
of 部活 of a junior high school time inside. And only for one person, it is that it is single 
among four teachers. The rest is a married man. I heard the talk and said like this. "An adult 
adult will do a grain for one day, what thing is going to drive or do you understand it? It 
cannot return in safety." While the high school students laughed brightly responding to it, it 
said like this. "A teacher, old, - イ. it is ヘン -- without it carries out things imagination -- 
エ ". 
 However, I worried. A か否か [ that it should say to parents ]. It will stop going, if it says. 
However, if it does so, in the bottom, the confidential relation of mine and her will disappear 
by it. I consulted with the wife, after worrying about the trouble. Then, the wife said like this. 
"ふ - ン. I should just also have played more (in high school time)." Although I considered as 
ドキッ at the word, I thought that it was a wife's joke. It considered, just before calling it 
spring vacation still more, it became, and one person in it was telephoned. And it said like 
this. "I want you to hear this as an opinion of the one teacher who had taught you. It is ダメ 
if it carries out to a drive." Then, the girls' high school student said like this, after becoming 
silent for a while. "じゃあ, a teacher, and あんた take and shine and it is ヨ. Since driving of 
a car cannot be performed, あんた is しょ! " 
 although it has been about 10 years since then -- me -- entirely -- this kind of talk -- "
self -- it is not related -- it has pierced through " if it says clearly -- the young present 
persons' view -- in any way -- like this -- being also alike -- he cannot understand For us 
the post-baby boomers, a man is always an assailant, and a woman is always a victim. 
Playing considers a man and playing considers a woman. However, now, this diagram is not 
valid. It became the time when a woman played and a man played. Therefore, occasionally, 
although an opinion can be searched for also about a compensated dating, it can reply to 
me. It is over the range of the common sense which I can understand. Say that that it can 
merely say cannot but argue about the view over a sex by the premise of having changed a 
lot and having changed, for every generation. While contraceptive education and venereal 
disease education are put into practice, a fixed conclusion is drawn also to an unwed 
mother problem. A day nursery must be soon installed in は学校, or it must also consider 
carrying out instruction about how carrying out sex by lesson. According to investigation of 
the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 39% of a girls' high school student experiences sex 
negotiation, and the abortion person of 10 generation says that he became 35,000 persons 
(99 years). However, they are this number and a moderate thing. That is, only this problem 
is not solved with the viewpoint of "pressing down", and even if it presses down, it is 
meaningless. It cannot simply allow that use young persons as a meal potato's, and, and play 
or the adults whose judgment must be do. [ earning gold ] the person born previously uses 
as a meal potato's the person born behind -- what [ every ] -- ! me -- a basis -- a basis -
- since it is a department graduate of a method, although it will become such ways of 
thinking immediately, such adults should just carry out on severe punishment It is 即ing and 
arresting a [ the American average ], if it has sex negotiation with a minor. However, such 
view itself may already be old one. 
 Once, Mr. Toko Kon taught like this, when I visited him to the cancer center in Tokyo. "-- 
it is nothing in a sex etc. after all -- nothing -- " .... I am also beginning to think so in fact. 

The world of - putting the cart before the horse "gone to a university for parents" (he has 
no illustration) 

 it is like "old man -- it was not useful and there were は and a high school student who 
called it " that what is necessary is just to already keep by く死ん " I do not make a man 
trouble. If I say that I become an old man" also in Mr. " there Since it is resembled till then 
and money is earned with great force, it is good." I said further that I asked whether all 
parents' trouble is in Mr. "" like this there. "Trouble will be seen if it leaves the money of 
only that." Although parents' obligation is also called inheritance order, such young men are 
increasing in number now. 
 Such an opinion poll was carried out in 1997 for the youth to whom the Prime Minister's 
Office invited the coming-of-age ceremony. "Do you see the trouble of parents' old age?" 
the young man who answered "sees no matter what it may carry out" to it -- only 19%  It 
is more than 60% of an American young man how this number is low. Furthermore, it 
understands as compared with the number of 80 - 90% of the young men of Southeast Asia. 
And this number has fallen also 4 point from the number of three years [ the ] ago (94 
years). Young men's profligate son-ization is advancing increasingly so that this may also 
 On the other hand, in Japan, parents came to apply a hand to the child increasingly in 
response to the wave of a decrease in the birthrate. Gold is also spent. When a college 
student is now taken out to cities, such as Tokyo, one person, at least the monthly amount 
of allowance is an average of 270,000 yen. This frame is a little more than 30 percent of an 
average salaried worker's annual income (10,050,000 yen). Therefore, if a child comes to go 
to a university, mother will come out and work to a part also in a house of what. It is forced 
a life just whose it burns light on a nail. Only for names, が and an important college student 
are with a college student. It plays earnestly in a huge amusement park called a university!  
There was also mother who was surprised to look at a life of her son the other day. [ who 
lives in Kyoto ] Although it is said [ beginning of spring ] that it was, an electric heater has 
no つけっぱ all day long. At least monthly telephone charges are referred to as having used 
no less than several 10,000 yen. 
 Of course, children also have something to say. "It has been called study and study from 
the time of a small child. What will be now called ". There is even a child who brags "Goes to 
a university for parents." Now, isn't there any high school student who can do study to be a 
university to go 10%? Most high school students are the viewpoints of "the faculty which 
can go" of "the university which can go", and choose a university. Or a university is chosen 
only by the brand. Therefore, it plays increasingly. The student that it has graduated only by 
appearing in a lecture on several is also in a year (journalistic contribution). 
 When it was the seat of a round-table conference, a certain mother told the parents with 
a small child such talks like this. "A teacher and we the husband and wife are the profligate 
son drama daughter. What should it carry out?" My talk is already called talk of one 
generation ago. When I was amazed, the mother said further like this. "Even now, assistance 
of living expenses is received from the parents' home every month. A child can set and at 
least the expense of いこ塾 requires no less than 40,000 yen per month." However, .... Now, 
who can laugh at such parents? (It is an average and the amount disbursed from parents to 
a college student is a year and 3,190,000 yen.) When it corrects to a moon average, it is 
about 266,000 yen. The monthly amount of allowance is an average of about 120,000 yen. 
Among those, living expenses are 65,000 yen. The mean annual income of the parents who 
hold a college student is 10,050,000 yen. In attending school house outside, 27% of parents 
get into debt, and the amount of a mean debt is 1,820,000 yen. the 1999 and Tokyo area 
private university teachers' union union investigation "-- that -- growing -- the head is 
amusing --" 

and individuality -- vitality 

 It is not called individuality to carry out makeup of ぶらさげて and キンキラ money for a 
paper lantern flatly. Individuality is vitality. The vitality which is useful and pierces through ざ
ま "I am me" is said. Although a himself style is useful and the man makes ざま as a result, 
it is a result to the last. My friend's thing is written. 
 I have worked as a certain time, two friends, and a certain financier's brain trust. One 
person is Mr. Akimoto. One year of a Japan-South Korea UNESCO exchange student, a 
senior. The other is Mr. Peter. One year of the Melbourne university time, the younger 
generation. The plan of a national project after the Sapporo Olympic Games (72 years) was 
left to us. A plan suffers a setback with が and the Nixon shock. We are 20 years after, 
although it was got scattered. 40 years old of Mr. Akimoto are the youth of there there, and 
he is inaugurated as the vice president of Japanese PepsiCo. Moreover, Mr. Peter awoke in 
Australia the jewelry machining selling company "ベンティーン", and too, he is the youth of 
there there 40 years old, and built the goods of 巨 100 million. From the Australia 
government, it is commended by handling quantity number one. 
 Even if it remembers that time of 30 years ago and it is said whether they were special 
human beings, I do not think so. The seen touch was also a very ordinary youth. When 
saying by force, they always did with some targets and had the intense vitality which sticks 
and progresses toward the target. After Mr. Akimoto became the vice president, he took 
that Michael Jackson to Japan for sales promotion. After working as Mr. Peter works, it is 
the Sydney suburbs selling off and now about a company, and is living a comfortable 
retirement life. When it lives and ざま is seen, otherwise, I do not know those to whom they 
are doing the individual way of life. There are not necessarily が and a problem. 
 Although it was my thing in fact, it had vitality even if it excels them this me and those 
days, to the extent that it is not inferior. Although two of them were able to make the 
flower of individuality open when seen as が and a result, I was not able to do. A reason is 
easy. Mr. Akimoto wandered around the foreign-affiliated company after that. Mr. Peter 
returned to Australia. That is, there was environment where their vitality was accepted in 
their circumference. However, I did not have. When I inform "I become the teacher of a 
kindergarten", mother has burst into tears beyond a phone. the friend (?) of a student time 
-- leaving -- "-- that -- growing -- the head is amusing -- it was laughed as " if it meets 
in a class reunion to the charge of a high school time -- "-- only the front should not be 
leading the life which a reason does not understand -- it was coldly called " and removed 
 The world says, "Develop individuality." However, it does not わか some in the first place 
with individuality probably. Next, there is also no generosity of accepting the human being 
with individuality. Although Japan also changed considerably in these 30 years, compared 
with the West, it is poor. It is still a success-in-life principle to title society. Authoritarianism 
is making it hear ハバ from it. It does not belong to an organization and the human being 
whom a title does not have, either is not made into a partner in this Japan. No, it will be 
excluded in front of it. 
 Under those circumstances, it is not an educational problem to develop individuality. Value 
vitality, if you say that it can do in education at most. although repeated, it is a child's own 
problem that the child comes after that whether to be alike of any "people" ど, and it is not 
an educational problem 

"-- you -- please take care -- よ -- " -- the study industry formed into - vice 

 The explanation meeting which a certain teaching-materials company sponsors. Although it 
must have started in the schedule at 9:30, "it has written from 10:00" to the blackboard. If 
it is waiting for a while, ヒソヒソ and conversation can be heard from between mothers (?) 
who took the seat. Is [ "the child of your house takes where", and / "where a master's 
graduate university is" ]? It is a cherry tree. It is the cherry tree which the sponsor went 
underwater and made crowded. Such ladies begin the talk of taking an examination briskly. If 
mother becomes the talk of taking an examination or school education, she will become 
hysteric just then. However, it is just the aim of the teaching-materials company. 
 Moreover, the explanation meeting of another cram school. The meeting room of a 
gorgeous hotel. The carpet carried out deeply. The scent of the drifting coffee. There, an 
explanation meeting is preceded and the above for 30 minutes also shows video. The 
contents are ->(child who is studying) (taking-an-examination scene) ->(day of success-or-
failure announcement) -> (figure of the child who passes and is glad, and the mother and 
child who burst into tears by the failure). And (figure of the mother and child who burst into 
tears by the failure) also close at hand [ it is lengthy and / for 10 minutes ], it continues!  
The atmosphere of mother who is looking at video will become strange. However, it is just 
the aim of the cram school. 
 Although the talk changes, it has the religious body called cult religious group. Although it 
cannot write that it is which organization of what, it soothes, "a げな instruction" and げな "
power" are made into a sale thing, and money and goods are wound up from a believer after 
all. This cult religious group uses the same technique. It says first "the earth is ruined", "
human beings ruining", "an evil spirit gets down", etc., and a believer is made uneasy. It may 
threaten "You become serious illness soon." And it teaches after it "If it believes in here, 
will be saved" etc. If man becomes uneasy, he will abolish normal judgment. And the rest will 
be under the religious group's thumb. 
 In the teaching-materials company, 1,200,000 yen teaching materials per year were forced 
and used as parents by the junior high school student, the "special-training-just before 
entrance examination course" was called, and 500,000 yen was taken as a charge of a 
school for 20 days in the cram school. There are recollections especially unpleasant in this 
cram school. Since the invitation "whether it came to educational study session" was 
received from the acquaintance, when carrying out, it was not study session but an 
explanation meeting for parents. And it had prepared to the guests' seats for us. Although I 
said "since it is engaged" and stood the seat in the middle of the meeting, the badness of 
breast クソ felt at that time does not yet disappear. 
 There are a face of a table and a hidden face in education. Isn't it "uneasy" if it says the 
ringleader of a hidden face as something as it? "a child's future is anxious", whether "
whether a child to be able to do perfectly in this society", whether "whether an ordinary life 
to be performed", "it saying that what, it bit and a man being judged according to school 
education in Japan", etc. If there is such uneasiness at all, a hidden face uses ハバ, and on 
the other hand, parents pay 1,200,000 yen teaching-materials expense per year, or pay 50 
yen the charge of a short course. However, even if it makes it such parents, it is only the 
victim of the inconsistency which the education itself [ of Japan ] has. Who can really laugh 
at such a parents? 
 I can merely say here -- "-- you -- please take care -- よ -- there is nothing only at 
the thing of the grade of " Such a teaching-materials company and such a cram school are 
never an exception, and are also in your circumference without limit. It is the thing of only 

"The 21st century will be dark. That I will die together" and spreading cult faith 

  When a man called H of a certain famous lock band committed suicide, suicide was 
committed even by 3-4 young men even following understanding the back focusing on a 
lady. There are more suicides hidden from darkness by the family to darkness. It does not 
start, even if an outsider like me says this and that, since those who commit suicide have 
an appropriate view of life, and it is reasonable and I will do so. However, it is supposing it is 
your child .... 
 When the Hale-Bopp comet approached the earth in March, 1997, the very mysterious 
incident occurred in the United States. It is a group suicide case by the cult religious group 
who declares himself "ハイアー sauce." According to the newspaper article of those days, in 
this religious group, it is said that it was teaching "A rendezvous is carried out to the 
spacecraft which appears with the Hale-Bopp comet, and it leaves for the next world." a 
result -- 39 persons -- the young man fell victim The group suicide case by the Peoples 
Temple believer who got up in Guyana in 1978 is in the incident well known for this kind of 
incident. By this incident, what and the 914 name thing believer have fallen victim. Why did 
such a disgusting incident occur? Does it occur again? It is rash to think "such an incident 
does not occur in Japan." A big accident is taking place also in children's world. Muddiness 
of reality and a fancy is it. That is not a free game as for that "Tamagotchi." There was a 
child who wails only by [ that / mysterious ] having lived and a thing (?) dying without limit. 
And it was to the Buddhist temple of the speciality for れ while surprised, and those days 
holding a memorial service for that Tamagotchi. A memorial service is held neither with a lie 
nor a joke. It is earnest. It was earnest and a memorial service was held. With inside, it 
prayed with its hands joined, and there were some adults who are shedding the tear (end" 
of NHK"cyber). Furthermore, there are also many things with cult nature in the latest 
animation or a game. that which is good since it is still the range of recreational now -- if 
these animation and games have thought nature, what do they become? temporary -- サト
シ of Pocket Monsters -- "children -- the 21st century will be dark If it says die together", 
the children according to it may occur one after another. if that be right, it is freedom of 
speech -- if an easy thing is referred to as being expressional freedom etc., break -- there 
is nothing It follows the back and there are young men who committed suicide on the 
 Now, end of the century. It is Russia at the time of old Soviet Union collapse. In Germany, 
the cult religious group developed influence quickly, respectively at the time of the former 
East Germany collapse. When the situation of society becomes unstable and people lose the 
ground of the heart, such a cult religious group develops influence quickly. Although Japan 
just behind the end of the war was so, also recently, it is pretended an economic crisis, an 
environmental problem, and a food problem, and there is a cult religious group who has 
expanded influence quickly. It soothes and げな power and げな will, and supernatural power 
are made into the sale thing. There are also "it can become rich" or "it putting in to 
Heaven, when the earth ruins" in, and a cult religious group that teaches. Although a 
country is raised and the surveillance to such a cult religious group is strengthened in 
France or Belgium, it is uncontrolledness entire in this Japan. Is it good sure enough with 
this? Is children's future really safe? Or are you yourself OK? After your child becomes a 
victim, it is late then. I fall the waist at once in this hit, and want you to look at a child's 
world thoroughly. 

"A sweet fish does not carry out a territorial fight" and the children cultivated (he has no 

 Nagara-gawa of Gifu Prefecture. An accident occurs in the sweet fish of the Nagara-
gawa, and it is long. The old man of one person who has continued looking at the sweet fish 
said like this. "A sweet fish does not carry out a territorial fight." It is the N who lives in 
Itadori-mura, Mugi-gun. "The latest sweet fish lives in the haunt of water in a group 
loiteringly." A reason is cultivated rather than a cause. For these 20 years, most sweet fish 
which swim in Nagara-gawa will be sweet fish bred into the time of a fry in the fish farm of 
the Lake Biwa circumference. Nagara-gawa will be stocked in the place where the length 
became several centimeters in three - April every year. The unnatural breeding 
environment of artificial breeding induced such sweet fish. However, talk of a fish called a 
sweet fish in this. The phenomenon same in fact as this has taken place also in a child's 
 It cannot protest, even if a shovel is seized. A complaint cannot be said, either, even if it 
can cover sand from on a swing. Even if it plays dodge ball, it is as it merely runs from place 
to place. Even if a teacher forgets to distribute a print and supply of food, it cannot say, "
There is no part of mine." Although these are a kindergartener's talks, they are not a junior 
high school student and an exception. In a campsite, when a bonfire blazed up suddenly with 
メラメラ, there were "it is fearful" and a child who has escaped from the spot. If it becomes 
the child whom the small insect only crawled on the desk top, and gives "キャーッ" and 
voice, now, most is so. 
 A child becomes brawny, quarreling 取っ組みあい from から, when young. In such a form, 
man has evolved so far. Man must have been annihilated as supposing such brawniness 
cannot be found at the ancient times of っく. Even が and such a fundamental thing cannot 
be performed now and have become. A nonviolent principle unnatural to the trend toward 
the nuclear family. It is a family's encapsulation to it. It says that encapsulation covers its 
family in thick Calah, and it is isolated from society in thought. This type of family does not 
accept others' criterion. Or others are not allowed the heart. Like a cult religious group's 
believer, an original criterion will be radicalized only in the inside. Therefore, the view of a 
thing inclines or becomes extremely. .... It is easy to become. 
 Moreover, while "bullying" is regarded as questionable, even the fight heart which man 
originally has will deny. Even children's practical joke will be flatly pressed down with "そ et 
al. and bullying." 
 A child is culture-ized in such environment. What is necessary is just to observe at once 
the scenery that children play, if it thinks that it is a lie. All the latest children have good 
relations. Relations are too good. Also in the sandbox, each does a selfish thing and is lying 
idle. When we were children, the boss was in any sandboxes, and if he had no permission of 
the boss, it did not put into the sandbox. I myself might become the boss. And according to 
the command of the boss, the mountain was made, and other children carried water and 
made the dam. When a person who damages such a territory temporarily appeared, we 
united power and drove out the person. 
 The sweet fish which swims around tranquilly in peace. It is much better than the sweet 
fish which fights for a territory by some view. It is ideal society. It is wonderful. If all sweet 
fish become so, how to fish "angling by decoy" will also be lost. One of cruel pleasure of 
man can be reduced. However, is it truly good? Is it the figure of original of a sweet fish? I 
want the answer to consider by you. 

"parents -- going -- what and its attitude -- the symbol of" and authoritarianism 

 Authoritarianism. The symbol is "Mito Komon" of that drama. if close attendants' person 
shows the crest of a mallow and thunders out for "it will cut down and break" -- everybody 
-- "-- はあ -- it is called " and bows Japanese people may think "they are thrilling", when 
such a scene is seen. It is not valid in が and the West. The friend of Australia said like this. 
"If Mito Komon is a villain, what does he do?" From since [ French Revolution ] or it or 
before, if it is called a history, it will say fighting [ with authority or power ] in the West. 
 This authoritarianism. If it goes into a home, the parent-and-child relation itself will be 
driven mad. So is the M's (male) house. It lives with eldest son husband and wife, and while it 
is mutual, there is almost no conversation in that it will be no less than 15 years. Separation 
was considered several times, and it is bound by appearance and it was not made, either. 
The M complains like this. "The young present person wastes an ancestor." Is [ its own ] 
the "ancestor" whom the M says? On the other hand, the eldest son is the eldest son and 
says, "It is only with a father and becomes uneasy." Although I also tried to enter in 
between and tried to adjust two persons' relations at once, it was useless after all. The 
vexations which the eldest son has were the things more than imagination. A problem should 
say why it has become so then. 
 Right [ that ] and the M were the persons who care about appearance very much. 
especially -- the ceremonies of coming of age, marriage, funeral, and ancestral worship -- 
completely -- と -- a compromise was not reached so that you could say And showy. I had 
the assistant official of a town become a go-between at the eldest son's marriage 
ceremony. The bride's household effects for two tracks were prepared for the eldest 
daughter's marriage ceremony. and a thing -- it boasted of ancestral blood for every ある 
The M's ancestor was a large landowner to the extent that the most in the neighborhood is 
occupied a long time ago. Even if it was carrying out ordinary conversation, "M house ...." 
and the "house" were attached. And if the vigor was borrowed and it turned on children, 
the authority as its parents was pushed. Although it was little-by-little, it was accumulated 
and ミゾ was made among parents and children. 
 There is no basis in authority from the first. If it says that it does not come out, why is 
there a thing with great Mito Komon and those who can explain it? Or why does everybody 
bow? Does it lower again? generally -- what thing is it "it is great", it being alike and 
 In almost all cases, authority is used as a tool for making nothing say about a partner to a 
dialog unnecessary formula. The tool for positioning man's vertical relation, if it says a little 
more nearly plainly. You may call it the relation between a command, obedience and 
protection, and dependence. Good human relations etc. should not be born from such 
relation. The more it shows off authority, the more a man's heart separates. They are not 
parent and child and an exception. The more authority, i.e., the parent consciousness "I am 
parents", is strong, the more directions will surely become one-sided from parents to a 
child. Therefore, a child shuts the heart. M Mr. parent and child can call it the very example 
of a type. "parents -- going -- what and its attitude -- the M who gets angry as " 
However, the eldest son who becomes silent as it is and ignores it. In such cases, although it 
is the best that parents throw away authoritarianism, it is not made. The man lives and the 
authoritarian things itself have become ざま. Denying it will deny itself. Only が and this can 
be said. If you want to build a good parent-and-child relation with your child in the future, 
authoritarianism has no all-evils あって 1 利. Those who regard "Mito Komon" as interesting 
are dangerous. 

- school "which the child of your house be made to fail in an examination" -- human sorter 

 In the United States, if a teacher says, "Shall we fail the child of your house for one year?
", parents are glad and will follow it. "-- it is glad and is " Or if a child's study becomes 
behind, it will go to ask from parents' way "Make it fail in an examination" in many cases. 
This is not a lie or exaggeration, either. It is a fact. Parents judge "the way of it is beneficial 
to a child" at such a time. In が and this Japan, it does not go so. There was also such 
consultation from a certain parents the other day. The child (smallness second daughter 
child) says that it is recommended by the good friend class (special education class) from 
the teacher of charge anything. Then, should carry out [ "what it should carry out" ]? 
 As for education of Japan, human sorting is a pillar traditionally. The school education 
system and the school myth have supported it from the side. It still supports. Therefore, 
parents catch with "shifting [ a child ]-from course" equal sign, and a "dropbehind." 
However, this is not what thing for parents other than fear, either. Those [ the ] who have 
consulted were also crying beyond the phone with オイオイ. 
 A little, although it swerves from the talk, if you are watching television by chance, such a 
scene will have jumped in (the spring of 99). It is a thing when a certain man visits the 
elementary school in New Zealand. At the elementary school, it came to teach sign language 
from the year. When the man heard [ "why he studies sign language" and ] it, seeing in a 
wall the picture of sign language stretched with ズラリ, the female principal said like this. "
The child who already has an obstacle in hearing ability immediately is because a school is 
entered (becoming a first grader)." 
 The European and American man knows easy [ such / "easy" ]. It does not care, even if it 
says "Make it fail in an examination", just since it knows. Then, I telephoned the friend of 
the American who lives in Hamamatsu-shi, in order to check what is being written here. He 
was working the teacher of a high school for 30 years, before coming to Japan. 
 " In Japan, the child who has an obstacle in the body is to teach with another institution. 
me How is it in the United States? In the" friend "putting [ it ]-into institution another [ 
why ]" I "United States or [ carrying out what, if such a child wishes to enter a school ] --" 
friend "welcoming [ it ]" I "-- it is welcomed -- ?" friend "-- natural --" I "welcomed -- 
the child with an intellectual obstacle -- how, or" friend "preparing [ another class ]" I "
parents and a child being [ any disagreeable が et al. ]-about going there friend" "-- if 
there is no disagreeable が et al., why doesn't it become? " If it says so, the school building 
of a school itself is all perfect barrier-free (he has no level difference) also in the United 
States or Australia. 
 A difference like heavens and the ground is in how to catch in the United States and 
Japan, calling it the same education. The American connected like this, being based on such 
facts. "Why is education of Japan so much late?" 
 I said to those [ the ] who have consulted, "Shall we let's think of a child to a subject to 
the last?" Neither the thing beyond it nor the thing not more than it was able to be told to 
me. However, only this can be written here. There is thinking that education of Japan is in 
the highest level in the world only at fantasy. Education of Japan is a fundamental portion 
and is out of order somewhere. It is the thing of only that. 

- [ "what a family is made into a rose rose and is work" ] success-in-life principle VS family 
principle (illustration-less *) "Become those who are useful in society". [ "become a 
splendid member of society" and ] In Japan, the success-in-life principle is an educational 
pillar. However, it is different in Europe and America. Also in the United States or France, a 
teacher teaches a child "become good home people." It may say, "Become a good citizen." 
Although confirmed to the friend of New Zealand on the other day, it says so also in New 
Zealand. Also in Australia, it says so. I am calling it of them family principle freely to the 
success-in-life principle of Japan. Of course, such a principle is not necessarily in them. It is 
common sense if it is made them. 
 Japanese people consider the basis of this success-in-life principle, and work to be the 
firsts. If it says also by the child, "He is studying", it will be exempted from all help of 
housekeeping. the man who has helped housekeeping and cooking by the husband of 50 
generation and 60 generation is unsavory -- there is nothing Priority is given to work over 
all. A good example is a business bachelor. The friend of my Australia said like this once. "A 
family is made into a rose rose and what is work?" No less than 30 years are already a 
front thing. It does not know that the singularity of such Japan lives in Japan. No, if China 
of a next door is seen, it understands. Now, in China, the basis of "splendid people" 
education and the thorough success-in-life principle are planted in children. Although the 
lecture of the junior high school teacher who also came from Beijing the other day was 
listened to, the word "splendid people" came out [ this ] 10 times or more into the talk 
before and behind only 1 hour. Children's large majority says that it thinks "I want to 
become a scientist and to win a promotion in the future." 
 が and this success-in-life principle raise sound quickly now, and are beginning to collapse. 
Former type authority or power do not have the might of only that, and have become. One 
example is a coming-of-age ceremony. However autonomous merit may strain himself, 
young men take no interest. Noise is made with ワイワイ. It is the spectacle which was not 
considered 30 mere years ago. When we are 20 years old, there is only the mayor on the 
platform and he becomes the posture of upright posture. The men of valuing a family are 
increasing in number as if it was in inverse proportion to が and such a phenomenon. The "
family" was raised in spring of 99 as what the investigation which the Ministry of Education 
did should also value as for 40% of a Japanese. By the investigation which the same end of 
a year and Chunichi Shimbun carried out, it is 45%. It means increasing also 5 point during a 
little less than one year. But there are also many people who are sad about such a 
tendency. They are those who believed in the success-in-life principle and have spent the 
great portion of life for the reason. Or after being unable to understand such a flow but 
retiring, it is a person adhering to a past title and a past status. It is equal to denying the 
life of oneself to deny a success-in-life principle for such men. Therefore, it resists. It is not 
ordinary resistance. It resists, as out of order. A certain professor of former was mail, and 
has said like this. Probably, " it is thankful for your opinion if it is country my aunt. After 
prefacing it also as "It is not killing time, either", However, I laugh at your family principle." 
However, this is not the problem which laughs, does not laugh or is said. The "flow" whose it 
is Japan, 
 Even now, it is cried for revisionism. The Japanese threat theory also remains. The 
criterion itself which Japanese people have [ the first of the reason ] is based on a 
heterogeneous thing with European and American it. Japan is not received by the West as 
long as in other words Japan is conventional Japan. A success-in-life principle type 
educational view is not valid at least in the future world. 

since "results fell -- a game -- prohibition --" and child bringing up -- a natural posture 
(he has no illustration) 

 "child bringing up is naturally called " well. However, what is a natural posture? It is not 
known well. then, " called Bible of Chinese medicine although it is one hint -- it passes in 
Huang-ti and is in - 素問" like this Although this is the arcana of how to keep fit, it is 
applied also to child bringing up as it is. " 8 He is well adapted to 理 of a wind (nature), the 
idea of oneself is fitted to a common custom reasonable, and there is still no feeling of 
grudge anger. A reason, The noble-minded nature of oneself is not expressed with the 
surface, without all also of action or dress and ornaments differing from the man of world. 
Without not working too much physically and lapsing into overwork, also mentally there is no 
trouble, and calm optimism is made into a purport, and let self-sufficiency be things." 
(volume on top 古天真論) Although it is a difficult sentence, if this is read, it will become like 
 Child bringing up very usually comes out first, and it is a certain thing. An extreme 
principle, Sparta, and a perfect principle are in the three major principles of distorting child 
bringing up. It says that an extreme principle makes it stop with パッ when it will be made 
thorough if parents decide "To do", and deciding "It stops." It being often is saying, "Since 
results' fell, a game forbids" etc. and taking a child's hobby. Big ミゾ will be built among 
parents and children. It says that Sparta repeats violence and coercion daily. This Sparta is 
crack つける deeply about a child's heart. Moreover, a perfect principle says [ any ] the 
way of raising which asks a child for perfection. In view of a child side, stiff home 
environment crushes a child's heart. 
 Next, child bringing up makes calm optimism a purport. One by one, and it unites, and is 
not shaken. [ the world ] [ of a wave ] A line is drawn by somewhere in hearts so that it 
may say "I am me" and "my child is my child." Your child can do, and whether が is good or 
it is bad, it does so. が and this are difficult. It is visible each time and parents are face and 
appearance. It is brandished by this. And it gets confused. If in other words released from 
these three, almost all troubles that coil round child bringing up will be canceled. In short, 
the superfluous expectation for a child, fault concern, and excessive meddling are a 
prohibited thing. A premature joy is also anticipated and difficulties are also bad. "Calm 
optimism" is such meaning. It cannot do too much. It cannot be insufficient. Although a 
required thing is done, carrying out beyond necessity is also bad. "Let self-sufficiency be 
things." The power actually himself extended to any children is dwelling. Such power is 
believed and it is pulled out. If child bringing up is said at a word, it will become such a thing. 
Furthermore, it is in passing in Huang-ti like this. "It is a peace if it can survive if he is 
adapted to the large principle of the male and female principles and it lives, it will die if it 背
馳s to it, and he is adapted." (volume on 4 mind tone Kanagawa University theory) mud -- 
mud is carried out, and although it is and it is a sentence, if it says simply, "if child bringing 
up is carried out naturally, although child bringing up succeeds, it is not so" will be said Child 
bringing up is attached, and where do not differ from a healthy theory. Both human beings 
are the business repeated for a long time as the purpose from ancient ancient times. Health 
will be injured if it overeats and overdrinks by carrying out un-摂生ing. A child's heart will be 
injured if unreasonableness and compulsion are carried out in a mentally unstable life. The 
excess of nutrition is bad and the shortage of nutrition is also bad. It is bad [ 溺愛 ], 
although it is important to love a child etc. Although there was nothing without forced touch 
carrying out a few, it entwined in the healthy theory and the educational theory was 

Having made me into such me --parents[ which "is テメエ" ]-separates, and it stops 
overprotection of children. 

 A child will begin a parent detached building quickly bordering on elementary school 3 and 
four years. However, parents do not notice it. Having only parent consciousness is 
continued, not noticed. Moreover, it has it, and if it is parents' deep love, it will have 
misunderstanding. That is, it cannot stop overprotection of children. Parent and child's 
tragedy begins from here. that Ryunosuke Akutagawa -- the first curtain of the tragedy of "
life -- parent and child and なつた -- it is written to things as じまつてゐる" (language of 侏
 Even if the son became the first-year student in a junior high school, there was mother 
who had said "since an inner child is already birth (March birth)." a daughter (high school 
student) -- "うす -- it is dirty -- though disliked with that it is " and "it being dirty", there 
was also father who was worried about entrance into a school of higher grade of a daughter 
There was also father who had complained, saying, "It did not do in such ヤツ, a university, 
etc.", having not bought a thing needed, either but living a simple life himself. "クソババア! 
Or a son (inside 2),  "I'm sorry [ that テメエ made me such me" roaring out ]. There was 
also mother whom mother had cried and mistaken for it having been bad." However, if one 
thread is that it is thin among parents and children, it will still be saved. Parents entrust 
parent and child's hope to the one thread. However, if the thread snaps, another tragedy 
will start toward parents. The feeling parents "cannot do by [ appropriate for parents ]" 
with the feeling of "wanting to carry out by [ appropriate for parents ]" is in trouble 
between ざs. The body is torn [ be / like having / it / this ] off for parents. A certain father 
said like this. "when a son (19 years old) became one of motorcycle gangs, it felt that the 
heart became a rose rose in the thought of "not wanting to already care about that fellow's 
thing", and the thought of "if it does not carry out somehow"" If it is ズルイ parents to a 
slight degree, the way of speaking of "cutting an edge" will be carried out, and it will escape 
from child bringing up. As for が and more earnest parents, it cannot do. It is cornered and 
worries by the dead end. It is troubled. 
 A child grows, stripping off one expectation of parents at a time. In inside, the child who 
skins to one sheet of the last is also. The parents who look at the child who becomes 
splendid for every year are fortunate persons. However, what percent do such a parents 
blessed fortunately really say they are? He drags the heavy heart and a great portion of 
parents walk, while (?) child who falls increasingly for every year is displayed. Saying "I made 
it such a child", he may be blamed. However, if it and a basis are corrected, the parents 
who cannot stop overprotection of children have a problem. drama " of those Fujiko F un-2 
males -- such a scene is in えもん" (18 volumes) The kind of タンポポ is " and だあ to 
mother of タンポポ (empty is flown). it is や -- あ -- it persists stubbornly with " Mother 
persuades it hard. However, once a child flies away, it means eternal separation. The kind of 
タンポポ makes what flower bloom where, or mother is not just going to know it any longer. 
However, mother says like this and sees out a child. "Useless [ ださなきゃ and ] in courage! 
 Why can't it perform that everybody can do?" 
 A child's life is a child's life. It is the thing in the world where, as for it, your own power 
does not reach any longer so that your life may be your life. In other words, parents cannot 
but bear it intently. It must be borne even if your son runs your dream, hope and honor, 
property, and it through. Although parent and child of what may also seem to have 
succeeded when it sees from outside, it is just just a mask. Only you have not failed in child 
bringing up. 

Education of Japan is the common sense of "it being バカ げている" and Japan, and the 
standard in the world.  

 In the "Diary of a Fishing Nut", my beach and Mr. スー go fishing well. Although it is the 
familiar scene, such thing cannot exist in Europe and America. A wife is accompanied 
mostly. Only a husband eats and drinks outside independently, or on the other side, family-
based relations are common and a vacation is not passed first. If such a thing is done, it will 
become a divorce reason only by it. 
 Being troubled is the "Tadaomi warehouse." The boss committed the crime and became 
the death penalty. He can understand also to them up to there. However, the problem is 
the back. They ask a question like this. "why are since a house revenged on" a partner's 
boss? in European and American logic, "just his boss as for whom the stand made the place 
of work since a house nothing is responsible" will be said And "it is amusing, because he is 
revenged, since an injury was not necessarily able to be inflicted on its family if compelled, if 
it was the territorial fight of the Mafia". [ not knowing, himself, or ] 
 It is still. It is the TV saga of that NHK. In Japan, oppression 暴君たち of the feudal age is 
still treated just like a hero. While all wealth and power were centralized on some of Mr. 暴s, 
common people had forced a life of 極貧. If the drama which idealized Mr. 暴 of the England 
governor-general's office time will be passed by around Australia, it is beaten up only by it. 
 If a country is different in short, say that the view of a thing is also different. Even if it 
sees about education, in Japan, teaching a traditionally academic thing is to call it 
education. Teaching a practical thing in Europe and America is to call it education. And if it 
says why he studies, since school education is learned in Japan. Since it becomes the pro of 
the way in Europe and America. Education of Japan is an efficiency principle. European and 
American education is a merit system. Although it says in Japan, "A teacher's talk is often 
heard" when seeing out a child to a school, it says in the United States (especially Judea 
system), "A teacher is often questioned." Although the quiet and obedient student is to call 
it a good student in Japan, the student who speaks well and asks a question is to call it a 
good student in Europe and America. など -- although "it teaches and raises" has been 
educational foundations in Japan, educe (origin of a word of education), i.e., "it pulls out" 
out, has been to foundations in Europe and America. Even if it calls it the same "education
", in the view, it attaches to something and there is a difference like heavens and the 
ground in Japan and the West. When I explained "The high school of a ratio of students 
going on to higher schools is to call it a good school in Japan", a friend's people from 
Australia called it "バカ げている", and laughed. Then, in ", what school taught like this that 
it asked a question whether to be a good school" in Australia. 
 "A school called a Geelong glamorous school is situated in the south in Melbourne. 
Although it is the school of good lineage which Prince Charles had learned, in accordance 
with every student, a school constructs a curriculum there. For example, a child good at 
swimming is swimming be possible every day. Such a school is called good school." 
 Common sense of Japan is never the standard in the world. They are not education and 
an exception. When I let you know it and being swarmed, it dared have compared Japan with 
the West here.  

It is the balance feeling such ヤツs of whose are "it being .... at any rate" and good and evil. 

 "Man's half should just die of a nuclear weapon or something. When doing so, the boy high 
school student who said more became easy to live" was in the earth. There was also a girls' 
high school student who said, "I want to become a widow and to have a black dress on." If 
the balance feeling of good and evil is lost, it will be calm and will come to use such a thing 
as a mouth. Balance feeling says the thing of capability which judges a good thing and a bad 
thing calmly. If there is this [ no ], the view of a thing becomes extremely or it comes to 
 A cause is extreme indulgence and severity. If these two live together, a child will lose 
balance feeling. For example, it is raised into severe mother while grandparents 溺愛. Or it is 
unstable, and parents become sweet each time or parents' own emotion becomes severe. In 
view of a child side, the environment which catches and does not have どころ makes a child'
s soul unstable. It is like sailing the rough sea by small ship. As hard as possible only by 
supporting the body. It is more nearly impossible to say consider calmly. The I's (smallness 
1) environment was also such environment. 
The I's father is a certain religious body's eager believer, and the talk of ヤツ that "eagle is 
not 読経ed every day is never heard. 師 of an eagle had said, "It was J teacher." And it is 
valueless to what the teacher of "school tells mother." It is quick-tempered and always 
roars out about in a loud voice. It is said that it may belong to the gang temporarily. On the 
other hand, although mother was quiet and she was a gentle person, the I was 溺愛ed to 
the まぎらわす sake for the heart which is not fulfilled. The I lost balance feeling. When I was 
playing "swing to the I, the A came there and the swing was seized. It is a thing when asking 
what you do." The I am [ "what is necessary is just to ぶっ飛ば" and ]. It was grim voice so 
that it considered as ゾッ. then -- if I call it "being [ no view of an exception ]-to a slight 
degree kana ?" -- "-- even if it says such ヤツ by the mouth at any rate -- エ from わ -- 

In order to support balance feeling in a child, it raises in a calm environment on the basis of 
a dense parent-and-child relation. It grows up only after the heart has a dense parent-and-
child relation. Easy and consideration are produced from there. It is not only it. The common 
sense which man has as man is also born from there. For example, comfortable sound 
carries out easy [ to other men ], and consideration. Disagreeable sound carries out it being 
hard on them or betraying other men. although it is called common sense to say right [ 
that ] -- man -- the favor of this common sense -- it is -- the past -- it has lived no less 
than what 100,000 years Moreover, if even such common sense is valued, it can live with 
sufficient relations wholly from now on. 
The word "home training" is often used recently. However, even if it calls it home training, 
nothing needs to stand ready as a special thing. As for "upbringing", that is right. Supposing 
there is what should be carried out, give a child time to consider personally fully. And as 
repeatedly written in this book, the rest makes a child "freedom." That it is free is the 
meaning of "being based on oneself." Make it consider personally, make a conclusion come 
out personally, and it is made to act personally, and is personally made take responsibility. 
Such a custom is kept in mind from an infants time. Then, a child turns into the child of rich 
common sense. It becomes the child with the balance feeling of good and evil. 

Although [ "if many things were done, although it saw ...." ], and a child bringing-up process 

 It rides on cruiser and comes out to the sea. It is the calm sea. After playing for a while, it 
sits on the chair of the deck and beer is drunk. The people from Australia say like this 
suddenly at such a time. "ヒロシ and a ジスイズ ザ life (this is life)." Although it is likely to 
say at such times, "I am fortunate" if it is a Japanese, they do not use the word of "being 
happy" at such times. 
 Although I translated the "life" into "life" here, there is another meaning in a life. It is the 
meaning a "life." That is, Europeans and Americans consider life equal sign and a life, and 
call life the time of the feeling of a life being most substantial. Although it was the language 
which is not and such a view, i.e., life, and the life were unified anything, they live and the 
view has had big influence on ざま. 
 There were those who say such a thing briskly but a front for a while. "In Christ, the last 
moment became attachment. ざま symbolizes his life at the death. That is, it is the proof 
that Christianity is wrong." It was a believer belonging to the religious body of a certain 
Buddhism system. However, does it meet truly? Merciless death may be carried out to this 
me by the traffic accident or something tomorrow. However, a thing called a traffic accident 
etc. is it the problem of probability that it is accidental. In the place where I did such death, 
it does not become wrong [ my way of life ]. 
 Although I wrote the opinion of a one believer, since many Japanese are influenced of the 
view of an esoteric-Buddhism-thing, they think a result as important here. The previous 
believer had also said, "Death understands the man's life by the situation of ぎわ." That is, 
life and a life are divided and considered although it progresses rapidly for a while. Or 
evaluation of life and evaluation of a life are made separate. I will consider it at an 
educational place. 
 His son said a certain mother "I failed in education" about having put in only to C 
university as a result. "Although it saw if many things were done, it was futility wholly." Or 
there were some persons who said like this about others' child. "Wasn't the great thing 
found although those parents were eager for the education from から when a child was 
 That is not right. A result is a result to the last. The process is important. That is, it is one 
with important how in the life of "now", the man makes himself shine and is alive and it. The 
time of the child calling it "now", when talking about a child should be freshly referred to as 
how it is alive. A result follows later. Having carried out till then, even if a result is 
dissatisfied is not denied. If it considers in this case, although it may be A university and it 
may be C university, evaluation of a child is not decided by such thing. Even if it is C 
university temporarily, he does not become having made the life till then useless. The child 
who can do rather only study, however study which is not and who has lived only study 
makes life useless very much. It is, even if it has gone on to A university by it even if. 
 Evaluation of life is decided by how it shines and its life is enriched in the inside when 
calling it "now." Although repeated, a result (conclusion of life said with the East-thought) is 
a result to the last. What follows later. Such a thing must not care. 

- child which "is me and 、 ってん which will be pulled in" -- a man's father (he has cautions 
and no illustration) 

 British poet Wordsworth (1770-1850) has sung as follows. 

  When seeing a rainbow to empty, my heart bounces. 
  That was right when I was a child. 
  So is the now which became the man. 
  願わくば and I grow older, and when I die, I want to be so. 
  A child is a man's father. 
  Each days in response to a natural blessing It comes out so and I wish a certain thing. 

 Although I attached the translation, the problem is the translation of the portion "a child 
is a man's father." In the text, it is "The Child is Father of the Man." I worried about the 
translation of "Man" in this. Although translated into "people" as well as other translators 
here, nuance does not suit somehow. Is it "the man's character", judging from a poetic 
flow? That is, although I interpreted it as "The man's character is formed at childhood", two 
meanings are included in this. For the man's character, one is the meaning of being careful 
since it is formed at childhood. The meaning that the heart returns after all at childhood 
however a man may become an adult in another. Although it says clearly in case there is 
misapprehension, to be sure, a child is inexperienced, and although it is unripe, it is by no 
means childish. A child's world is far large, is pure, and is rich rather than the adult 
considers. And it is beautiful. A man forgets it and becomes ugly as he becomes an adult. In 
knowledge or the noise of experience, it vulgarizes and he is missed. Such an incident is in 
the incident which made me the captive of early childhood education. 
 It is a thing when making a certain day and the kindergartner draw a picture. The one child 
(whole year boy) drew the picture very carefully. Then, I wrote big 花丸 to the picture and 
added horizontally [ the ] "It is the wax very much." が and what were considered, or the 
child looks at it and began to cry with クックッ. Although I thought that I would be a joyful 
cry surely, even so, I am exaggerated. Then, when asked again as "carrying-out-what kana ?
", the child talked like this, wiping a tear. "-- me -- very much, ろうっていう-name-じゃ and 
there is nothing It is 、 ってん which will be pulled in." 
 Supposing a man forgets the heart of childhood, I will regard just it as the man's life being 
darkness. Supposing a man forgets the smile disagreeable tear of childhood, I will regard just 
it as the man's life being darkness. As a child, Wordsworth looked at such a rainbow to 
empty, and was impressed by it. And it felt that see the same rainbow, and the impression 
as a child seethed with a breast again, and started it. Then, it said like this. It is with "a child 
is a man's father." At this word, Wordsworth and all the hearts of early childhood education 
regard me as being condensed. 

"ヒロシ -- allow and forget He O.K.?" - Allows and forgets. 

 Whenever I was worrying about something in the friend and the trouble, the friend of 
Australia said to me like this. "ヒロシ -- allow and forget O.K.?." In English, it is called "
Forgive and Forget." Although seemingly it is the language in the Bible, whatever it, I have 
considered the meaning which this language has for a long time considering by somewhere in 
hearts, as continued. "フォ ギブ (it allows)" can be translated into "- sake to give." "フォ 
double play (he forgets)" can be similarly translated into "- sake to obtain." It allows in 
order to give what, and does he forget in ", in order to obtain what?" 
 A certain day. The thing is considered and worried by its son's thing and to solve. This 
language crossed the inside of my head suddenly. "He allows and forgets." "Isn't there any 
method of comrades, either? the place which fell over how -- the former child -- aren't you 
the former child? it is not whose responsibility, either -- it is not own responsibility of front -
- " moment -- me -- the "-- it realized what" is what 
 Many those who want you to allow are in your surroundings. They are those glad if you 
allow. On the other hand, you have many those who want to allow. If I have the man allow, 
they are those to whom your heart becomes light. That is, human relations are realized in 
relation with (those who allow), and (those who are allowed), if it sees generally. Then, each 
allows each other and is it the thing for which this world will turn into a very wonderful world 
if you can forget each disagreeable thing? Even if it calls it ...., an ordinary man like me 
cannot do to there. Although it cannot do, it can なら and do to its child. Whenever I 
considered some and worried unawares by the thing of the bad sons who can do, I came to 
pray this language in the heart. "He allows and forgets." That is, I interpreted like this but 
about what [ the / "what" ]. "It allows in order to give people love, and he forgets in order 
to obtain love from a man." It allows in order to give "child love, when talking about a child, 
and he forgets in order to obtain love from a child." Although this is based on my selfish 
interpretation, isn't loving a child such a thing? And in other words, the depth of parents' 
love is decided [ the generosity and ] by the ability for him to allow a child how far and 
forget [ how far ] .... 
 It is not indulging a child even if it says of course, "He allows and forgets." It is not making 
a child do a selfish thing, either. Say though the child of でき of yours is [ here "he allowing 
and forgetting" / how ] bad and and your child has a problem, accept it as your own thing. 
While you think "my child cannot allow, either" or "it should still become somehow", it does 
not come to you peace slack every day. On the other hand, your child does not open the 
heart, either. However, if you allow and forget a child, your child will be saved, and you are 
also saved. 
 As it was crowded somehow and the said talk has been carried out, when child bringing up 
is carried out and it goes into a dead end but, I want you to remember this language. "He 
allows and forgets." Only by it, you should find out the light of an exit at the point. 

The child bringing-up theory which will be useful in - now "if it thinks that it became easy at 
last ...." 

 The proverb of "getting tired in quest of rest" is in English. It is the proverb which has 
become also like the pronoun of a foolish way of life. Although it is the meaning "get tired 
and nothing becomes impossible after all while [ which will become easy ] it thinks that it will 
become and its best is done, when or", this proverb is unexpressed and is teaching "Don't 
carry out such a way of life." 
 For example, a child's education. Kindergarten education requires those who consider the 
preparation education for going into an elementary school. In order that an elementary 
school may go into a junior high school similarly. In order that a junior high school may go 
into a high school. In order that a high school may go into a university. And a university is 
because of becoming a good member of society. Such a child bringing-up view, i.e., the way 
of life of always making "present" into a sacrifice for "future", may call it the foolish way of 
life itself [ here ]. Children can never make their life their thing. Or since such a ways of life 
have been foundations after appearing in society, its life will be made useless after all. "Life 
was also finished when thinking that it became easy at last ...." 
 There was a movie in which Robin Williams stars of "living now." The teacher who teaches 
"Live, without deceiving about the time of calling it now." On the other hand, it is the school 
education of an entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade instruction center. These two are 
the movie that a one high school student is driven into suicide to ざ. This way of life of "
living now" is in the opposite position of the way of life of "getting tired in quest of rest." 
The person who has an objection according to my selfish interpretation may also be in this. 
However, I want you to look around your circumference now. It is actual and being reflected 
in your eyes does not have the thing called the past, future, etc. "now" anywhere. Only for 
the inside of the heart, it is to think that it is. Isn't it important to twinkle oneselves in だっ
た the best of its ability and this "now", and to just live? It is the same as that of children. 
Children have wonderful sensitivity. And it is pure and is healthy. Isn't it important for such 
childhood as childhood to just live the time with the rich heart as hard as possible? 
 Of course, I have not denied till trying hard toward future. "Living now" is not living 
pleasure-seekingly. However, although similarly tried hard, if it changes into the posture in 
which what should be made each time is done, the view of a thing will change completely. 
For example, I always say to students like this. "Let's do now what should be done. Then, it 
is good. A result follows later. Your life will become unsightly if a thing called school 
education, honor, a status, etc. is pursued first of all." 
 Similarly such a way of speaking is in English. If the child is troubled by studying for an 
examination etc., parents will say to a child like this. "-- Taegu イッツ- easy (make it 
comfortable) -- " accelerating in Japan, saying, "do your best!" -- usually -- but -- 
opposite -- "you may not do your best so much" Although it is conversation very ordinary 
every day, I feel the fundamental difference of a child bringing-up view between the West 
and Japan into such conversation. If you do not understand to the difference, the true 
meaning of "getting tired in quest of rest" will not be understood, or I will be worried with .... 

The sight of its back of "papa and thank you" and father 

 My parents' home is a declining way when the bicycle shop from ancient times but I 
become a junior high school student. Although my father was a quiet person usually, when 
alcohol was drunk, he changed the man. Every 2 or 3 days, alcohol was drunk in the 
neighboring alcohol store, and it rioted. The big voice was raised and the thing was thrown. It 
was every day when it is hard to me under those circumstances. Pride was made into ズタズ
タ. if a house approaches when coming back from a school together with a friend -- this 
way and that -- と -- if the excuse was made, it parted from the friend Father often drank 
alcohol and was walking along the passage with the hula hula. I was not able to do showing a 
friend it. 
 The I am also 52 years old. One person, two persons, and the son were seen out and the 
third son became the third-year student in a high school now. It is an easy child. No less 
than 20 persons call a friend for that taking an examination is also drawing near, and it is 
said that a party is held. It says, "It is the meeting which will do its best." In Saturday 
afternoon, I and the wife tidied up the kitchen to the sake of the third son. With clearing up, 
it was suddenly heard from the third son like this. "-- a front -- among these, it is not 
shameful, although it is alike and a friend is called -- " Then, the third son heard "It is ? why.
" To the third son, he could not understand, even if it says a reason etc. I have my 
vexations. Even if I wanted to do such a thing at the time of a high school student, I was not 
able to do. Even if it went to a friend's house, the thought always ashamed was carried out. 
When "Shall we already gather shortly in the house of し?" is said, I should just answer it as 
what. What is necessary is just to hide さん of the shoji which father broke, and the door of 
ま to attach how. 
 I blamed father. as for father, I become 30 years old -- although it died before for a while, 
the tear did not come out Even by mother, it was lively somewhere and was visible. Only 
the elder sister was merely crying bitterly. He had a feeling with strange it to me. が and its 
thought have changed with my age. When turning 40 years old and it became, he could 
understand the father's sadness and pain of those days. Father of trade べた. No, it was 
desperate also in father. the time of a large-sized supermarket being made in near -- 
father -- "there is also a thing cheaper than J store" and where -- it is -- the irrelevant 
advertisement was stuck on the glass door in front of the store The advertisement of "My 
am allowed to fix a blowout also by the bicycle bought somewhere else" has been stuck. 
And father's real younger brother, i.e., my uncle, was arranging the bicycle in the J store. 
Unlike father, the uncle was good at trade. although father did not take out just to a mouth 
-- very -- く -- probably, it carried out and cut There was also a sequela of war. Father 
was increasingly addicted to alcohol. 
 Father is solitary existence though it is the same parents. It can ask only for turning to a 
front and running. Therefore, back is not visible. Since it is not visible, children's heart is not 
known. If a certain Japanese mind sticks, back, nobody is. There are also many such things. 
About me, the solitary way of bearing is merely known. Father taught it. Always, the day in 
which a visitor is not bent the body to 火鉢 with round father, and had taken 暖. Or 
something was silently written toward the work stand which became dirty from oil. When it 
feels for father at that time, there is no loneliness which I feel anything now. 
 I and the wife made the night leave a house. For us not to be will have [ the third son ] a 
easier mind. When dress was prepared lightheartedly, the third son said like this suddenly 
from back. "Papa and thank you." Then, I am somewhere and felt that dead father laughed 
it as ニコッ. 

"A reason being already .... somehow for what" and abandonment are the fresh ground of 
spiritual enlightenment. 

 When child bringing up is carried out, there is often a time of despairing, saying "it is 
already ダメ." Natural [ be and ]. Child bringing up is such a thing. There are parents so, and 
they turn into the next parents in feeling of despair, overcoming a mountain one [ at a 
time ] with taste that is, each time. In such meaning, there is no everyday trouble etc. 
anything. an entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade problem and truancy -- when the 
mountain is overcome as for staying home, there is nothing anything Even if it makes it 
heavy neurosis and a heavy emotional disorder, there is nothing anything too. A mountain is 
such a thing. In short, say how the mountain is overcome. 
 A little, although it swerves from the talk, when a child falls and falls a mountain, one after 
another, a bad thing overlaps and (?) falls. There was a child (whole year girl) with a 自閉 
tendency. The solved thing to which the condition was becoming good at last. The child will 
undergo an operation of a hernia. Since the doctor pulled apart from parents by force, it 
serves as a big shock. The child does not have the purpose, either and has come to wander. 
The grandmother who lived together dies suddenly shortly が and immediately after it. a 
funeral -- noisily -- coming out -- condition -- again -- aggravation The mother said like 
this. "A reason does not already understand what anymore somehow." 
 When overcoming a mountain, anyone will be in the strain state of a degree very much at 
once. It is also the oppressive feeling of a fearful like. You may call it a confusion state. If a 
critical situation is exceeded rather than it will call it ...., if such a state takes a round 
although the feeling of despair raised to the beginning is it, parents will arrive at the fresh 
ground of abandonment. It is the generous and large world so that it is wonderful. The world 
of accepting all and allowing all. If it goes into the world, the problem till then seems, "Was [ 
what, ] such a thing?" I will consider it on a child's entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade 
problem which almost all men experience. 
 All Japanese are the believers of school education faith to some extent. Therefore, every 
man becomes quite sensitive to a child's entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade problem. 
The social position consciousness by the occupation since the Edo period also remains. The 
spell cannot be escaped although neither man nor work should not have the upper and 
lower sides etc. Therefore, it is not what thing except fear that it may enter for parents, 
either. Therefore, most parents make desperate efforts a child's entrance-into-a-school-of-
higher-grade problem. "cram school -- like this -- like this -- と -- an uneasy feeling which 
is saved from a step is memorized only by seeing the light carried out -- there was mother 
who called it " There was also mother who said, "Only rice porridge passes along a throat if 
a son's (inside 3) test week comes." Among those whom I know, after a son fails in high 
school taking an examination, it is also in mother aiming at suicide! 
 が and it are also finished soon. Specifically, an entrance examination is also finished and it 
finishes with the place where a child's "type" was decided. In the finished place, if parents 
do for a while, they will greet the quiet terrible world. It is just "the fresh ground of spiritual 
enlightenment." That is, parents cross a mountain and mean having arrived at the still high 
fresh ground. And when it looks back upon the past from the fresh ground, himself till then is 
[ how ] small and it turns out whether to have run about in confusion in the narrow world. 
The rest is this repetition. If troubled, a mountain is climbed, and a mountain is climbed if 
troubled. Parents turn into true parents, repeating it. 

Kazuma in whom I died of "it having been pleasant" and the brain tumor 

 The boy of one person called Mr. 1 磨 (ずま) died of the brain tumor in summer of 1998. it 
comes out after the struggle against disease for about three years A certain Japanese 見舞
う and he said the him like this. "Can a teacher use an evil spirit method?" Then, when I am 
improvisatorial and show some magic, it is [ "I want you to take me out with the evil spirit 
method from here", and ]. I repented of having carried out and shown magic. 
 No, I did not think that he died. Although it thought that it was sick, I thought "it should 
not die", when [ serious ] those modernistic medical facilities were seen. Therefore, when a 
letter like a mountain was made [ having made children fracture one thousand paper cranes 
and ] to write, somewhere were deified and there was a place like feeling. Also for ワイワイ, 
れば, then him, mind is in まぎれる at everybody. However, while it came to repeat an 
operation and relapse for one year and also two years had passed, it came to have feeling 
of despair gradually. It was ashamed of its feeling whenever it saw the face drawn with his 
pain. [ original ] I was sorry in fact and his face was not able to be seen. It felt as if I had 
worsened his illness. 
 Kazuma's father said like this at the time of a funeral. "-- if you ask what he wants to 
become when I am again born shortly in 1 磨 -- 1 磨 -- " -- even if it is born again, I am 
papa's child and want to be born Favorite soccer is made and many friends can also do. 
Supposing it was not papa's child, it was called" it of becomes impossible." Though it 
becomes such unhappy illness, Kazuma says, "It was pleasant." The talk was heard and not 
only me but everybody pressed down 目頭. 
 The beginning of "a bell sounds who harder" of Hemingway starts with such poetry. "-- 
who dies -- having -- the death of ど and a man -- my breast -- it hurts self -- again -- a 
man's child -- it is -- せば and conceding anything to avoid trouble so asked -- " I prayed "
since I also go there at the next moment" at back of the heart, seeing off Kazuma's dead 
body. If it becomes this age, the number of a friend or relatives which loses through death 
will increase more than the number which greets a new friend and a new relative. It has 
already passed over the turning up point of life. I am not surprised though it finishes while 
future life calls it あっ more than former. Therefore, the poetry is continued like this. "-- 
whom -- め -- a bell (that funeral) -- sounding . As soon as it sounds a 汝 harder." 
 Now, I am alive and am writing this sentence. And now, you are alive and are reading this 
sentence. That is, it lets this sentence pass and I and you are connected, and it knows 
about Kazuma and Kazuma's parents and the heart are connected. It is past that I wrote 
this sentence of course. And if it carries out by accident when you read this sentence, I 
may not be in this world any longer. However, when the heart is connected, I can live in 
your heart and Kazuma can also live in your heart. It is one with important it. 
 Kazuma is not in this present world. I regret. Neither intense love nor marriage nor work 
was completed. It was not able to leave even its footprint satisfactorily. It was too short at 
the moment, calling it a moment. We want to confirm that it is alive here now, sympathizing 
with such of Mr. Kazuma's heart. It becomes the mass for the dead above all to Kazuma. 

"If it is near sons more, ...." when - child will leave a nest 

 When it staggered suddenly on stairs, the third son embraces and supported me from 
back. Between when, I became such age. For arm sumo wrestling, the ancient times of とっく 
are not suited any longer. It becomes the feeling with which a joy and lonesomeness mingled, 
seeing the arm of the son who became thicker than his arm. 
 Sons exceed themselves when or the father always cares about it. When a son fishes a 
fish bigger than himself. When a son exceeds his height. When a son is asked and a necktie is 
given in total. There was such a thing at the time of the right [ that ] second son. It is a 
thing when the second son goes into a high school. The second son came to go to run every 
night. After carrying out for a while, it was taught like this that it asked a wife the talk. "It is 
accompanying for a friend. Since the friend who is going to go into the same alpine club is 
weak and he is likely to be failed." When the talk was heard, the second son knew having 
exceeded me. No, after it, it came to see the second son as equal human being rather than 
it calls it a child. 
 The child bringing up which はs and sometimes does not progress as slow. It is irritated in 
many cases. However, an occurrence after also finishing the child bringing up, while calling it 
あっ. It is driven away at far ancient times so that it thinks, "Was there also any such thing?
" It may be "what was necessary's having been "what was necessary was just to have 
been near sons more", and just to have listened to sons' talk more" regretful. Right [ that ] 
and the flow at the time are like a wind. There are no somewhere, and are blown and it goes 
away to somewhere. And between when, children go away and, finally my life also 
 After the second son leaves for the United States, it will be in several days. The thing I 
and the wife were cleaning the second son's room for and to solve. One worn-out 
photograph of a baby came out. As for me, it did not know whose photograph it was at first. 
が -- when seen for a while, the eye was wet and the photograph disappeared Back to a 
wife is "S.... When " and voice were applied, simultaneously, the large tear was transmitted 
to ほお and fell. 
 Child bringing up which is not anything. When it gets up in the morning, children are there 
and I am there. Each is doing the selfish thing. In コタツ, the third son was always carrying 
out ウンチ. If I say ふとん of コタツ "is [ it stinks and ] stinking", I dust it in the middle of 
the room. A wife wipes オシリ of the third son. The eldest son and the second son tease 
such of the third son from width. Such recollections apply the inside of mind one after 
another, and travel it. I do not understand then. the inside of the thing "which nothing is 
anything" -- this much -- until -- being worthy  Child bringing up may be such a thing. If it 
passes by the parent-and-child companion in a town, I will think involuntarily "it is good." 
and the next moment considered so and " -- please do your best -- よ -- I want to come 
to apply " and voice Even if it saw the child who makes noise in a restaurant or the 
Shinkansen, it stopped being worrisome recently. "Inner sons were also such." 
 There is no satisfactory child. Therefore, there is also no easy child bringing up. While each 
all carries a certain problem on the back, child bringing up is carried out. However, after also 
finishing it, it knows that the time will shine in life. Now, if you are suffering troubles by child 
bringing up, you should just place a viewpoint with future [ to which it comes soon ]. The 
heart should become light much.  

"it is good only by being alive", and the useful origin -- viewpoint   
 It usually comes out and there is wonderful value in a certain thing. A wise person notices 
the value, before losing, and those who are not so notice, after losing. Youth is carried out, it 
borrows, health is carried out, and it borrows, and a child's merit is also carried out again, 
and it is a loan. 
 I am careless, very nearly, am not Hamana Ko and have devised two sons. It is just a 
miracle in a miracle that the two sons were saved. A man called the former swimmer of 
National Athletic Meet is doing fishing by chance in near, and one of sons was helped. Since 
then, whenever the bad son who can do is displayed to me, I am made to rethink "it is good 
only by being alive." が -- if it considers so, since all problems are solved, it is wonderful 
Especially the second son had severe pollinosis, and it decided that he became at the 
beginning of spring, and he repeated truancy every year. Or the studying for an examination 
itself has been abandoned at the time of junior high school three years. I and the wife were 
confused not a little, and, also then, it was able to overcome by thinking "it is good only by 
being alive." 
 My mother always says, "It sees a top, and he sees limits nothing and the bottom, and has 
as [ no ]." Although it is the meaning that difficulties and an anxious kind are what is not 
exhausted, without a man being always satisfied if a top is seen, if it comes in child bringing 
up to a deadlock, a child will see from the bottom. It does not say, "See the bottom." It 
sees from the bottom. A child is regazed at from the starting point "the child is alive." When 
it gets up in the morning, a child is there and, also as for himself, there is there. A child is a 
child, and does a selfish thing and he is doing the selfish thing personally .... Apparently, 
although it may be the life which is not anything, wonderful value is hidden in the life which is 
not anything. That is, things are seen from the bottom. All problems are solved when it is 
 It continues that he will allow at the time " and will forget child bringing up if it is got 
blocked." As written to somewhere in this book, フォ ギブ (it allows) can be translated into "
- sake to give." Moreover, フォ get (he forgets) can be translated into "- sake to obtain." 
That is, "allowing and forgetting" will say, "He forgets in order to allow in order to give a 
child love, and to obtain love from a child." There is the word "mercy" also in Buddhism. 
There was an American who translated this language into "as you like" and English. "-- 
although it is the meaning [ be / good / you ] ", I think that it is a wonderful translation This 
language passes for "allowing and forgetting" somewhere. 
 Although a man is bearing a child and becomes parents, it is difficult to trust a child and to 
love a child. Furthermore, it is more difficult to become true parents. A great portion of 
parents follow and take the post of the true parents, following the way which was long and 
wound. There is no easy child bringing up. Almost all parents struggle through one hardship 
after another, cross a mountain, and cross a valley. And whenever it crosses one mountain, 
himself till then notices that it was small. が and young parents do not understand it. The 
body is burned if it worries about trifles. There was mother who has also held such a 
consultation the other day. " 1 Although the son of years old and a half was put into 
lithograph ミック, he cannot catch up with a lesson. Although it is a reader living in Tokyo 
This point and the future are very anxious. What should it carry out?" Whenever it receives 
such consultations, I will bury my head in my hands. 

True joy of - family "which more than it and what desires"

  Only names are with parent and child. There is no conversation, and there is no exchange. 
Even if it passes in a passage, its face of each other is turned away. A partner is my child 
even if he wants to get angry. The more でき is bad, the more parents memorize deep 
frustration. While thinking "I am ダメ parents", I come to think "I am ダメ human being." It is 
pleased with the man of が and the neighborhood in "It went into the good university by 
favor", and shows him. Now, such parents and children are increasing in number. No, such a 
parents are the still more fortunate ones. "if a dream and hope are crushed entirely -- 
parents -- it is good only by" being alive -- or "it being good if even trouble is not made to 
other people" -- it comes to wish 
 having connected the hand and having passed to the piano classroom as a "child, -- a 
dream -- there was father who called it " There was also father who said, "It only said that 
it went at that time to a day ズニー land, and clings to my body." The gear goes mad by が 
and somewhere. By being out of order, although it is a crack small at first, it becomes large 
soon, and mutual between is severed. When it becomes so, a great portion of parents will 
shut their mouth, saying, "It is ? why." 
 Such a talk has been in 法句経. A one man comes to a certain day Gautama Buddha's 
place, and it asks like this. "-- Gautama Buddha -- I already die immediately Dying is 
fearful. If it carries out, how can fear of this death be escaped?" Responding to it, Gautama 
Buddha says like this. "Don't be sad about that there is no tomorrow. be pleased with 
having lived till today -- appreciate -- " At once, my brain tumor is doubted and I am 
ready for death. I was saved in this Gautama Buddha's words then. Although it also regards 
applying such language to child bringing up as how it is, if the parents currently troubled by 
such ふう are seen, I say like this. life was enjoyed enough, carrying out child bringing up "
until now -- coming out -- is there nothing? More than it and what is desired?" 
 Child bringing up is also finished with leaving the nest of when and a child. However, the 
leaving the nest is not necessarily beautiful. There are hate あい and parent and child who 
separate while ののしりあing without limit. However, leaving the nest is still left. Parents 
cannot but bear it intently, though it becomes a child's step. If parents say that they can do 
at most, there is nothing only by always opening a door and cleaning the room for when or 
the child who may come back. My teacher's Mr. reason Matsushita [ Tetsuko ] * is written 
like this into the account of a hand. "A child comes back to when or a hometown. Then, 
parents may not be in this world any longer. As for a child, が and it also come back to a 
hometown. Never don't shut the way back." 
 Now, the child bringing up itself is truly confused. It is also a British philosopher and 
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) who is also the Nobel Prize for literature winner has forgotten 
to write like this. "while it is respected by children, children are respected, and although 
kicked, only such parents who know the thing to perform only for required training, and for 
which a grade is never surpassed can give true joy of a family" Are really the parent and 
child who have succeeded in such production of a home in this Japan however now? (* 
Hamamatsu green-leaves childish Sonomoto director) At the end .... 

 A fish does not go up to land. 
 A bird does not enter into water. 
 Such a thing [ dying, if things are done ], Since all are known. 
 It is common sense ってん about saying so. 

 Also in everybody, it is to its heart. Lean an ear calmly. 
 The voice of the common sense can surely be heard. 
 It must not carry out, It must carry out, It is taught. 

 Easy [ to other men ], and consideration だろ which comfortable sound carries out. 
 Betraying other men たり It teases, だろ which disagreeable sound carries out. 
 Everybody's heart already knows it. 

 The rest should just follow the common sense. 
 だって -- man It is the favor of the common sense. no less than what 100,000 years, it 
has lived -- thing 
 It is accompanied in the common sense from now on, and is a spring. Everybody relations 
are good and it can live. 
Found kana. 
 Its own [ such ] common sense, It polishes much more. And how to value it. 

It is large OFF about a reserve manuscript and the body. 

Do not load walking along the regular way and there is nothing. 
it turns one at any rate, and it suits and is life -- walk along もん and the way along which 
other men have not walked 
Others ちゃ [ carry out to it thinking what at such a thing and mind, and ] and are bad. 
it is born at any rate naked and dies naked -- もん 
Living is also nakedness. It へつらっちゃあs and is bad for authority or power. 
What follows [ status / honor, ] later in a thing. 
It is such a thing, the body was decorated and it is empty. 
Right [ that ] himself is deceived, or a man is imitated, and the futility of time is useful. It is 
the futility of life. 

But only the body is large OFF. 
I is [ the alcohol of tobacco mist or commutation ] a bicycle. 
土日 is walking in the mountain mostly. 
However, it is serious to still protect health.  
A wise person notices worth of health, when healthy, and those who are not so notice the 
value, after losing. 
You are kana how. Kana which gets used to the wise person. 


        Child bringing-up adviser Hayashi Hiroshi (ひろし) 

Hiroshi Hayashi, Hamamatsu-city, Japan