Drone Flight Performance Simulation

@DroneV 1.0


An Animation of Flight of Hybrid Drone in the Wind

<An Example of the Simulation>

Case Study-1

Title: Effect of Pay Load Weight on Flight Endurance of Hybrid Drone

Vehicle Weight:40kg  (without Pay Load and Fuel)

Pay Load:   Three Cases of 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg

Initial Fuel Amount: 2.2kg (3L Gasoline)

Flight Mode: 8m/s Level Flight

Termination of Flight: Remaining Amount of Fuel<0.22kg (10% of Initial Amount)

Simulation Result


Case Study-2

Title: Possible Maximum Acceleration Diagram

Vehicle Weight:40kg  (without Pay Load and Fuel)

Pay Load:  25kg

Climbing Angle(deg): 0(level),15,30,45,60, 75, and 90(vertical)

The diagram shows the possible maximum acceleration of the vehicle to polish a proper flight pattern (vehicle speed-time).

Case Study-3

Title: Maximum Speed Changes to the Payload Weight 

Vehicle Weight:40kg  (without Pay Load and Fuel)

Climbing Angle:  0deg(Level)

Payload Weight(kg): 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,42,43

Case Study-4

Title: Optimum Flight Speed for Battery Consumption and Motor Load in Long Distance Level Flight

Vehicle: Motor Drone w/o Hybrid System   Weight:30kg  (without Battery and Pay Load)

Battery:  Lipo15000mAh  x 6   Capacity/Weight Ratio=15Ah/kg   Battery Total Weight 6kg

                  SOC at Take Off=100%        Remaining SOC Limit=10%     Allowable Battery Consumption=81Ah

Pay Load Weight: 25kg

Flight Schedule: Flight Distance 10km in Constant Speed  10,12,14,16, and 18m/s


Product  Presentation

Technical Report:  High Power & Low Emission Engine for Next Generation Hybrid Drone

YouTube Movies

@Flight Performance Simulation of Hybrid Drone.                      @@@ AFull Power Take Off of Drone@@@@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@@ BFlying Drone in the Wind@@@@@@@@ 

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DroveV Demo Movie @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Movie_ Full Power Take-Off of Drone               @@   @@@@@Flying Drone in the Wind Varying in Velocity and Direction

CNext Generation Hybrid Drone Engine


 Presentation of Crankcase Supercharged 4-Stroke Engine for Hybrid Drone

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