Drone Flight Performance Simulation

 DroneV 1.0

       An Animation of Flight of Hybrid Drone in the Wind

<An Example of the Simulation>

Case Study-1

Title: Effect of Pay Load Weight on Flight Endurance of Hybrid Drone

Vehicle Weight:40kg  (without Pay Load and Fuel)

Pay Load:   Three Cases of 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg

Initial Fuel Amount: 2.2kg (3L Gasoline)

Flight Mode: 8m/s Level Flight

Termination of Flight: Remaining Amount of Fuel<0.22kg (10% of Initial Amount)

Simulation Result


Case Study-2

Title: Possible Maximum Acceleration Diagram

Vehicle Weight:40kg  (without Pay Load and Fuel)

Pay Load:  25kg

Climbing Angle(deg): 0(level),15,30,45,60, 75, and 90(vertical)

The diagram shows the possible maximum acceleration of the vehicle to polish a proper flight pattern (vehicle speed-time).

Case Study-3

Title: Maximum Speed Changes to the Payload Weight 

Vehicle Weight:40kg  (without Pay Load and Fuel)

Climbing Angle:  0deg(Level)

Payload Weight(kg): 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,42,43

Case Study-4

Title: Optimum Flight Speed for Battery Consumption and Motor Load in Long Distance Level Flight

Vehicle: Motor Drone w/o Hybrid System   Weight:30kg  (without Battery and Pay Load)

Battery:  Lipo15000mAh  x 6   Capacity/Weight Ratio=15Ah/kg   Battery Total Weight 6kg

                  SOC at Take Off=100%        Remaining SOC Limit=10%     Allowable Battery Consumption=81Ah

Pay Load Weight: 25kg

Flight Schedule: Flight Distance 10km in Constant Speed  10,12,14,16, and 18m/s

Case Study-5

    1) 風速とホバリング時間


  ・風下に機体が流されないよう機体を風上側に傾斜させる必要があるのでPitch Angleは風速Vとともに大きくなる。




  2) 高度とホバリング時間




研究レポート: ハイブリッドドローンの飛行シミュレーション−送電線鉄塔点検用用途に利用可能なドローンコンセプト検討−

Product  Presentation

Technical Report:  High Power & Low Emission Engine for Next Generation Hybrid Drone

YouTube Movies

@Flight Performance Simulation of Hybrid Drone.                          AFull Power Take Off of Drone                                                 


DroveV Demo Movie                           Movie_ Full Power Take-Off of Drone        


BFlying Drone in the Wind                            CEstimation Hovering Duration                    


Flying Drone in the Wind Varying in Velocity and Direction         Simplified Estimation of Hovering Duration


DNext Generation Hybrid Drone Engine                   EFlying Drone in the Winding Wind


 Presentation of Crankcase Supercharged 4-Stroke Engine                        The wind angle that minimizes the required motor power of

 for Hybrid Drone                                                                                     Drone flying horizontally

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