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Hiroshi Hayashi
a writer and an essayist

Born on nct. 28th, 1947
at Mino-city, Gifu-pref. , Japan

Living in Hamamatsu-city, which is
well known as an industrial city
where we have head offices of
Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha Motor Companies.

Hiroshi Hayashi is a graduate of
Kanazawa Univ. with B.A. of Laws
and studied at Melbourne Univ. Aus.
as a post-graduate scholar in 1970.

Hiroshi Hayashi has written more than 30 books
as well as many other wrokbooks, textbooks
for young children and toys for education.

Hiroshi Hayashi is an outstanding writer whose
Japanese he writes is excellent and refined
in every way.

I introduce myself here as follows;

Hiroshi Hayashi, is a spledid wonderful gentleman who is very intelligent and wise 
as you probably guess. And I am quite sure you will agree with me soon after
you know more about me. Here is the short story of me.

Hiroshi Hayashi was born in 1947 in the middle of Honsyu Island, Japan and had been
raised up until the age of 18. Then I went to Kanazawa Univ. where I majored law and
studied hard as was an usual case for most young students of those days. We were 
always hungry and in a sense miserable for we used to be very poor in every way.

Hiroshi Hayashi was, however , able to get a whole-guaranteered scholarship from 
Japan-Australia Business Committee, Tokyo Janan and I wen to Melbourne Aus. as
a post-graduate law student. This experience in Australia changed me a lot and
I really knew what the freedom is. I could enjoy freedom there with many friends.

Hiroshi Hayashi joined Mitsui & Co. Ltd, one of the most leading business companies
in Japan. In Japan it was (and even now) a kind of social status for men to what sort
of companies he belonged to. Mitusi & Co. Ltd. is the kind of a business cooperation
which fulfis the ambition of young people like me. As a matter of fact I was always
proud of mysself who was going to join the company when I got back to Japan.

But I lost the ambition! During these days when I was working for the company in
Osaka, Jaoan, I felt in the midst of depression. So it was quite natural for me to lose
hope and desire to work for the company. Or I found all people were chasing up money
all the time and they only seemed to be interested in getting more and more money.
This dicouraged me a lot and I decided to leave Mitsu &Co. Ltd, but this was a very
unusual decision for a young man like me. Some people around me said "Hiroshi has got
mad and lost sense". But I did and went to Tokyo to join a business with my friends.
It was 1971.

You think my ability in English is not good enough. I know this. But please remember that
I am writing this part of my website without any help of dictionary and any translation
computer soft. This is the exactly reflects my ability in English. If you think English I am
writing here is good enough, my English may be OK. But if not, my English is not good
enough. I can make myself understood just fairly enough and has no problems to make
comunications with other people in English. Anyway as you see here is showing exactly
how much I can write and speak English. Please forgive me if I write bad and wrong
English here in the website. I don't like to decorate myself in any way. Hiroshi Hayashi
is Hiroshi Hayashi as you see here.

Back again to my short history, we however failed in our new venture business in Tokyo 
and I came to Hamamatsu-city at the end of 1971 and started working very hard, 
only in order to get money to support me. I did translation jobs, writing and teaching.
During these days when I was working for a medical doctor, he asked me to write a book
on young children. So I went to one of the kindergarten in the city to make an interview
with the master of the kindergarten. She liked me and she nearly ordered me to work 
for the kindergarten as an English instractor. In those days only few could speak even 
in this city, Hamamatsu. So I did a very good job. But the salary I received from the
kindergarten was not enough so I asked the master to let me be free after 12:00 pm.
Beside I was teaching children at the kindergarten I did everything I could to get money.
Before I started working for the kindergarten I met Akiko, my wife of now and we started
living together. It was the most wonderful time for us in my life.


I was interested in education but I hated to work for any kind of organaizations. Of
course I hated to join schools to work for them. I wanted to teach children as a free
teacher, (this English is not apropriate or I don't know the proper English word fo this
case.) I mean I did not to be restrained by anybody. So I chose a job as a teached in a
free club where I could teach children freely. This is the beginning of my life as an
field educationist. Nothing restrained me whatever I did and whatever I wished to do.
I was a wild horse which could run freely as I wised in the wild field, which I enjoyed.

The reason why I started writing books is very simple. I wanted to be admitted by more
people and I wanted to be understood what I was doing. So I kept writing and writing
all the time. Some people hate to write and think, but as for me I felt happy and
fulfilled only when I am writing. Thinking is one of the most gifted talent given to human-
beings. I like thinking. When I am thinking about something I feel like stepping forward
in the jungle which brings me some kind of thrilling. I can enjoy it. You see, when you
are writing, you always find something new in the ahead of you. In this sense I am
an adventurer who adventures in the brain. I really think so.

Thank you for reading my short history in my poor English.
I will write more in the next.

Bye for now!

Hiroshi Hayashi, Hamamatsu-city, Japan